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My CA Rottweiler Lincoln - 5 Bones - Message if you would like a copy!
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~♥~Mrs-K~♥~ 's Shop

The radiant sun slides slowly down on the African horizon, and all the nocturnal hunters will soon be on the prowl.
African Sunset Background
1 uses left
The African dog with a painted coat, this is a highly social animal that lives in packs, and is an efficient hunter. While equipped, your dog will have maximum Sociality, Self Confidence, and Attention Span.
African Wild Dog
A lovely crown of flowers, with a beautiful aquamarine birthstone for March.
Aquamarine Flower Crown
1 uses left
A beautiful jungle plant.
Attenborough Pitcher Plant
custom by #63: Straight from the African Savanna.
Baby Elephant
A very special companion that arrived on Alacrity's 1st birthday. Every other week provides a free random gift to the owner.
Baby Griffin
custom by #6974: Adorable baby Kaylee with her magical butterfly pal! made by #288!
Baby Kaylee!
1 uses left
custom by #8598: Turn your beloved Shiba Inu into a intimidating Baneful Foo Dog!
Baneful Foo Shiba
A lovely feral wolf plush to get your dog in touch with their roots!
Black Wolf Plush
1 uses left
Just having one around makes the place look more classy! +$10 every 30 minutes
Blue Peacock
1 uses left
custom by #11549: Woof Woof I have a pink nose
Bull Terrier
1 uses left
Adorable little bunnies! Easter 2013.
Bunny Kits
Cute Valentine jewelry you can eat!
Candy Necklace
Never leave port without `em!
Cannons and Barrels
Brings a bitch into heat immediately, but is only a 1-use item, plus -2 hunger.
Chocolate Bunny
1 uses left
Have your dog float in a serene heaven of clouds.
Clouds Background
8 stacked

A tasty crunchy treat! -1 hunger, +5 energy
Crunchy Treats
1 uses left
An adorable valentines costume for adults and puppies alike! (Valentines 2012)
Cupid Costume
4 stacked

Big bat-like wings sprout from your dog's sides, ready to join a flight of devils to carry the dead to their final resting places! Or to just fly around the backyard...either or!
Demon Wings
custom by #9037: The first ever Dobbit on ala! Half dog Half Rabbit! Get one of your very own Guard Rabbits!
Dobbit I
A peaceful, beautiful corner of the world to forget all your worries and take in the scenery.
English Cottage Background
1 uses left

Fiǫrvi 1✰
1 uses left
custom by #63: Heres a llama, theres a llama and another little llama...
Fluffy Llama
A classic carnival treat!
Funnel Cake
Ghost Costume
An old and twisted tree that is home, it's said, to strange spirits and magical forces both dark and light.
Gnarled Tree
An eerie graveyard, perfect for late night ghost hunts.
Graveyard Background
custom by #8598: A saddle and bridle set, drawn by Larthan (#8598), that can be worn proudly by any German Shepherd!
GSD Ala-Saddle and Bridle
1 uses left
custom by #33: He looks cute now but he's evilll completely evil!  Art by Xylax 11549
1 uses left
custom by #33: CA of Evlon`s character Laughing Wolf. Art by #33.
Large Wolf
Custom companion for #33: Art by Moriarty #4059 - Gives +0.5 speed once per day.
1 uses left
custom by #5983: This large
Maned wolf
1 uses left
custom by #1395: Your dog is on the Red Planet! I wonder how they can breathe up there.
Mars Background
1 uses left
custom by #33: Part of the Flight of Fancy wing collection. For use on Catahoulas.
Mystic Hawk Wings
This seems like a nice log to take a break at.
Nurse Log
1 uses left
This kitty sure looks friendly. +.01 Speed every 5th hour
Nuzzling Tortie Manx Cat
A cute little homemade valentine card. (Valentines 2012)
Paper Valentine
6 stacked

custom by #33: Part of the Flight of Fancy wing collection. Custom recolour for Crevan.  For use on Shelties.
Phoenix Wings Crevan Style
custom by #33: Part of the Flight of Fancy wing collection. For use on Shelties.
Phoenix Wings Ice
custom by #33: Part of the Flight of Fancy wing collection.  For use on Shelties.
Phoenix Wings Toxic
1 uses left
Fine angelic feathers for your little angel. (Valentines 2012)
Pink Angel Wings
3 stacked

Some rose petals and candles can never go wrong on Valentines Day, even for canine sweethearts! (Valentines 2012)
Romantic Setting
5 stacked

custom by #33: My beautiful boy Lincoln, Art By: Larthan #8598
Rottweiler Lincoln
custom by #2054: Turn your Corgi into Serpent!
Serpent Smile Dye
1 uses left
Pull off this cover to collect all the March 2013 monthly items!
Sewer Cover
The sweet smell of love is in the air! Valentines 2011.
Single Rose
4 stacked

Study 1✰
1 uses left
In such a rough environment such as the apocalypse, your dog's collar is gonna see some wear and tear.
Torn Leather Collar
Uh oh...looks like your dog got into the toxic waste!
Toxic Green Ooze
Look at the gorgeous colors in the sky! Perfect for a smoochfest.
Valentine Sunset Background
3 stacked

Custom by #9: Art by #11549
1 uses left
A beautiful Savannah friend!
Young King Cheetah
Being undead ain't easy, and it's definitely not pretty!
Zombie Glazed Eyes
2 stacked

Being undead ain't easy, and it's definitely not pretty!
Zombie Glazed Eyes
1 uses left
Being undead ain't easy, and it's definitely not pretty!
Zombie Tint
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