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Wolfkai [Formerly Wolfen] (#55) Is an anime.
1 month

Ehm(pty chairs at empty tables) (#93) I should have been a pair of ragged claws Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.
4 hours
Guest (#100) playing Alacrity!
32 minutes
elysa118 (#4302) Lovin Life! Got my best friend, my horse , my new boyfriend and my truck. I feel complete.
1 day

(newbie helper)
Vision (#9146) вы правда думаете што я красивая?
13 hours
Sir FLUuFFFFEH Pah the Unlucky (#13503) It is pretty funny, yet understandable when people find out I'm a dude.
1 day
Alaya future Doctor Companion (#15204) Starting to get why Dr. Who is popular... It's addicting! ^^;
57 minutes
Kattington (#17130) i miss you
6 days

(newbie helper)
Heaven Sent (#20480) Ok, everyone hand over all your guinea pigs...and no one will get hurt
1 week
Allie {Mrs. Winchester} (#26840) Items for sale in my shop!
40 minutes
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