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Time Online
Azelf-Mesprit-Uxie (#9633) Just defeated Teen Titans for GameBoy. Booyah!
20 minutes
Kate (#13420) All you need is your imagination.
9 hours
violet51 (#20207) playing Alacrity!
51 minutes

(newbie helper)
Heaven Sent (#20480) First group of 5th gen pits now in training, 6th gen coming soon
5 days
♫Naxa♫ (#20591) Maybe Papyrus needs a little more...Cheek //bone//
1 month
Allie {Mrs. Winchester} (#26840) Currently needing Speed Unlmtd. Chow, Revitalizers and chocolate bunnies. If you have any extra that you don't need, I would be more than grateful if they are gifted to me. :)
2 hours

Bobbie (#29063) Working on getting more CAs
5 days
~*~Crown Knight Kennel~*~ (#33059) playing Alacrity!
4 days
Mirridiot (nope) (#34234) I don't even know, honestly... but I kinda like it that way.
9 hours
Kohana (#35841)
5 days
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