This dog is immortal.
Gin Von WorkingGSD (#100477) (TP: 13773.78), the male German Shepherd

Featuring the Cemetery Lights Background.
Featuring the Spring Fawn.

Accessories Wearing:

Hellhound Glow Eyes
Devil Horns
Vampire Fangs
Space Shuttle Plush
Helldog Fire
Aviator Cap
Ankh Collar
Demon Wings

Dog TagWGSDK NameGin Von WorkingGSD
Age231.11 months Sexmale
Health100.00/100 Energy100/100
OwnerTaylor Previous Ownerunknown
BitchDestrada StudKaiser Von WorkingGSD [7]
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First 100% Clean lined Capped GSD!
First 100% Clean lined Capped 10K GSD!
First 100% Clean lined Capped 11K GSD!
Absolutely no inbreeding or line breeding this line comes out of 100% custom stock lines of which over 35 are owned and created by WorkingGSDKennels. You will not find a single duplicate parent in this line which makes it a much harder and more time consuming to accomplish.

WorkingGSDKennels is the first breeder to bring 100% natural coated, 100% clean lined GSDs to the TP CAP in only 8 generations!

Owner has coat information hidden.
Weight99.99 lbs. Height26.00 in.
Hunger0.00/10 Mood100/100
Socialityoutgoing Self confidenceconfident
Attention spanfocused Breeder#7595
Firsts: 191 | Seconds: 0 | Thirds: 0
Beauty Show Wins: 0
Skill (completed: 110.02%)
Click on the skill amount to train this dog.
Weave pole skill1872.86 A-frame skill1649.46
Teeter totter skill1663.60 Tunnel skill1519.74
Chute skill2228.85 Jumps skill2046.77
Tire skill1408.25 Dog walk skill1298.37
Pause table skill
Stud Fee$Sale Price$
Bone Price$
($0 means not for sale or stud!)
Daily Log
(4:18:24 PM) Dog earned .2 in the weave_pole_skill skill with its Aviator Cap!
(12:18:24 PM) Dog earned .2 in the a_frame_skill skill with its Aviator Cap!
(8:18:23 AM) Dog earned .2 in the a_frame_skill skill with its Aviator Cap!
(4:18:22 AM) Dog earned .2 in the chute_skill skill with its Aviator Cap!
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