This dog is immortal.
Luca (#112342) (TP: 11716.57), the male German Shepherd

Featuring the Zen Rock Garden.
Featuring the Chestnut Brumby.

Accessories Wearing:

Lucky Horseshoe Toy
Dragon`s Hoard
Blue Hydrangea
Blue Roses
Lovestruck Fireflies
Snow Flurries
Aviator Cap
Time Rewinder

Dog Tagangel NameLuca
Age159.41 months Sexmale
Health92.00/100 Energy90/100
OwnerChestnutBrumby Previous Owner#20665
Bitch©Fantasia StudGin Von WorkingGSD
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Not so little anymore, growing into big paws and fluffy black fur. Still my boy though - each and every day.

My little Luca... for now you are bouncy and carefree, but once you are big and strong you will stand, the Shadow Guardian of the Borders.

10% Trained - 8-1-12

Adult image - 9-1-12

20% Trained 20-1-12

30% Trained 29-1-12!

40% Trained - 4-2-12

50% Trained - 9-2-12 :D

60% Trained - 13-2-12

70% Trained - 16-2-12 :D

80% Trained - 19-2-12 - so close!

90% Trained - 21-2-12 :D

100% Trained - 23-2-12
We did it Lucaboy!Trialtime now!

10-4-12: Luca Achieved 10081.72 TP tonight, bringing him to Top Dawg #8, the third German Shepherd onsite to ever break 10K TP! Guess we are following in his father\'s pawsteps :D

22-5-12 - Luca is the third ever GSD ingame with 11K TP! Current sitting at Top Dawg #6 *beams*

6-8-12 - Luca is the third ever GSD (and the sixth ever dog) ingame with 12K TP! Current sitting at Top Dawg #6

Conversation with me and my latenight chat buddies, Dar and Ash

Dar: I like Luca, but his tp @_@ You need a magic food bowl.

Me: Luca is my Ala heartdog... but yes his TP is daunting, but I knew that when I brought him :) too late for MFB now... it\'s pretty much be wasting the 20% he\'s at now. Besides, the achievement of being able to train him, fully \'by hand\' - it\'ll be very sweet when we get there in the end!

Ash: I agree with that! :D

So many wonderful friends have helped out with Luca with training and items for him. We love you guys always ‚ô•

Physical Characteristics
White MarkingsnoneTan Markingsnone
Secondary #1100% white fullSecondary #2
Secondary #3100% white underpartsSecondary #4
Secondary #5Secondary #6
Secondary #7100% black dark sableSecondary #8
Secondary #9Secondary #10
Weight62.80 lbs. Height26.00 in.
Hunger9.94/10 Mood100/100
Socialityoutgoing Self confidenceconfident
Attention spanfocused Breeder#3623
Firsts: 1254 | Seconds: 187 | Thirds: 65
Beauty Show Wins: 1
Skill (completed: 236.77%)
Click on the skill amount to train this dog.
Weave pole skill3432.24 A-frame skill3891.72
Teeter totter skill2642.21 Tunnel skill2840.51
Chute skill3071.77 Jumps skill2718.62
Tire skill2986.52 Dog walk skill2388.68
Pause table skill
Stud Fee$Sale Price$
Bone Price$
($0 means not for sale or stud!)
Daily Log
nothing here for now
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