This dog is immortal.
Foo's Roulette (#87600) (TP: 9105.91), the male German Shepherd

Featuring the Catacombs Background.

Accessories Wearing:

Zombie Eye Gore
Zombie Skull
Chain-mail Armor
Devil Horns
Hellhound Teeth
Dark overlay
Zombie Ribs
Komodo Dragon Claws
Zombie Glazed Eyes
Blazing Eyes
Dark Demon Mask
Vampire Bite
Demon Wings
Zombie Gore
Vampire Fangs
Zombie Gore
Chilly Wind
Ground Fog

Dog TagSW2 Name Foo\'s Roulette
Age261.42 months Sexmale
Health92.00/100 Energy92/100
OwnerFoo-Friends Previous Owner#16175
BitchMischa (3424.47) StudUke
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My full name is Roulette Ronald Shepherd

My show name is Round

About Roulette, well he\'s known as the imfamous zombie knight. There is a story about him, but in case you don\'t know I\'ll tell you. When Roulette was a young puppy, a knight found him. He had been dumped by the castle, which rested by Hollows Hill. With no female dog in sight, the knight took the pup inside. He was a big hit with all the other knights, and even the king. The king named him Roulette, for that was his favorite game, and this pup played an awful lot of games. From messing with the horses to tackling the knights, this pup always seemed to be messing around. Eventually he matured enough, so the knights took him training. They strengthened him up, and one of the knights even fashioned him a suit of chain-mail. They would play train in mini fights, to teach Roulette where to go and what to do. The king got word of a party of nights from the neighboring realm planning to take over the land of Hollow. The king sent his best knights, and Roulette to fight them. The knights mounted their horses, and one of them put Roulette in his chain-mail. The group galloped out to Hollows Hill, and met the party head on. Roulette had managed to topple many horses so his knights could easily attack the others. He was heading for a horse when something caught his eye, and he stopped. A groundhog was waddling around the hill. Roulette gave chase, and didn\'t see a horsemen come up behind him. The horsemen thrust his saber into poor Roulette. He was dead instantly. The people from Hollow lost, the king was slain, and so were most of the people. It turned into a wasteland with dead trees, and gray skies. The only color that came through was the orange sky on the anniversary of the battle each year. It is said that if you are on that hill the night of the battle\'s anniversary the sky will turn a brilliant orange, and Roulette will appear. You will see him going after that groundhog, but he is completely destroyed. Bloodied all over, a rib sticking out of the ruined chain-mail, and half a face. He will turn back and look at you, then howl and slump to the ground. That is how he claims the lives of many people, whatever you do, do not visit Hollow Hill, or now known as Haunted Hill.
Owner has coat information hidden.
Weight-14.91 lbs. Height26.00 in.
Hunger9.94/10 Mood100/100
Socialityoutgoing Self confidenceconfident
Attention spanfocused Breeder#91
Firsts: 903 | Seconds: 127 | Thirds: 104
Beauty Show Wins: 8
Skill (completed: 108.76%)
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Weave pole skill1127.48 A-frame skill1166.27
Teeter totter skill1060.46 Tunnel skill1144.08
Chute skill1081.41 Jumps skill1099.47
Tire skill1061.45 Dog walk skill1082.41
Pause table skill
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Bone Price$
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