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Bobbie's Halloween Spook in Hold A Contest!
🐌Bobbie🐌 (#29063)


(09-12-2017 at 4:21 PM)

It's time for another of my contests. This time I am doing a Halloween Contest. You can enter in 1 of 3 ways.

1st Way: Draw a snail in a halloween costume.
2nd Way: Design a Spooky Custom in the Custom Tool.
3rd Way: Write a Spooky Story.

All entries must be your own. If caught stealing you will be banned from all following contests and reported.
All entries are due on October 31st.
One entry per person not per account.
All site rules apply.
Please message me any questions.

Depending on the number of entries there may be prizes for each category or all of them grouped together.

Prize Pups

All winning entries will receive a spooky pup. Will be maxed and decorated. Prizes may change later I just can't decide. If there are a lot of entries I will add more prizes too.

1st Prize:Scholar Collar and Energy Companion and 2 Bones
2nd Prize:4 Bones
3rd Prize:2 Bones
4th Prize:100000

1st:MoonWolf (#33626)
2nd:Haku (#28004)
3rd:Grumpelstiltskin (#30801)
4th:Makki (#43354)

Bones, Alacash and Item Prizes have been sent out. Pups will be sent out once winners make their choices.
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Stiles (#43801)
(10-31-2017 at 6:40 AM)

(My spooky story)

Title: Spirits of Halloween
Word count: 1.2k

“Oliver come one, it’s Halloween! Stop being such a kill-joy!” Oliver’s loud friend, Talui, whines as he barges into Oliver’s room. The taller boy searches around for the shorter friend, finally finding him sitting in the corner of the room on his laptop.
“No,” Oliver says dryly, clicking away on his laptop, “I’ve got to get this Halloween special and if I don’t beat the boss-“
“Those are pixels…on a screen!” Talui grumbles and sits in front of Oliver, slowly pushing the lid on the laptop close, “why look at pixels when there are real ones right outside?!”
“Those are fake and the digital ones look better than the makeup on people” Oliver huffs, agitation clean in his eyes as he glares at Talui who pouts, defeated.
“I’ll buy you new headphones,” Talui says slowly, luring Oliver. Oliver raises an eyebrow and slowly grins before finally nodding in agreement, the headphones buying him into agreeing with Talui.
“Alright fine, I’m doing it for the headphones.” Oliver grumbles, putting a hand over Talui’s mouth quickly as he lets out a victorious screech and throws his fists in the air proudly.
An hour and a half later they step outside Oliver’s home, dressed in their costumes. Oliver was dressed as a warlock and Talui was dressed as Thor. “This is going to be fun! I promise!” Talui beams, pulling an embarrassed Oliver forward.
“It better be,” Oliver huffs, looking up to see the lane of houses forward, he hated having to knock on doors and ask for candy, he was nearly an adult; why is he doing this. “There aren’t much houses anyway so this will probably be quick.” He adds as an afterthought.
Talui grins and nods, dragging Oliver forward to one of the houses, decorated with rubber spiders, skeletons and fake webs. The two walk to the door slowly, lifting their hands and knocking on the door, “Trick-or-Treat!” Talui calls excitedly, the phrase was echoed with Oliver’s monotone voice.
A lady dressed as a zombie opens the door, giving them a small smile, “Hello!” she says, “Your costumes are quite cute!” her green eyes seem to be glowing as she drops a couple pieces of candy into their candy bags.
Talui beams, his own green eyes showing happiness and excitement, he hasn’t done trick-or-treating for a really long time. In fact, Oliver swore he heard Talui say that he hated going trick-or-treating before but apparently that wasn’t the case anymore. He wonders what changed.
“Thank you ma’am!” Talui chuckles, they both give a polite bow of their heads before walking away from the house and towards the other houses. The wind howls softly and Oliver shivers, the silence was creepy.
Oliver widens his eyes in realization and looks around, the silence was creepy? Why would it be silent on the day of Halloween? There would normally be children walking around, screaming happily from all the candy they managed to get but this was not the case. Aside from Talui’s yapping, they were completely alone.
“Hey Ollie, we’re here.” Talui chuckles, knocking on the door of the other house, “Trick-or-Treat!” He shouts. Oliver doesn’t echo him this time as the door opens to reveal a guy dressed as a mummy, the only thing they can see that belonged to the guy were green eyes, green eyes that appeared to be a tad too bright to be normal.
Oliver shivers, his voice stuck in his throat as the man grins, dropping a couple pieces of candy into their candy bags, “have a good night boys” the guy raps softly, eyes staring right at Oliver.
Talui beams and nods, calm and cheerful, “We will! Thank you!”
Oliver on the other hand, wasn’t so sure. This night started out weird, the darkness came too early, Talui wanted to go trick-or-treating, both the houses they went to so far had people with glowing green eyes greet them. This was far from normal and as far as Oliver was concerned, far from good.
“Hey Talui?” Oliver stutters slowly as they begin to walk towards the other house, Talui had his arm on Oliver’s elbow, excitedly tugging him towards the house. Oliver swore he saw a pair of glowing green eyes glance at them from inside the house.
“Yeah?” Talui hums, oblivious to the shaking in Oliver’s voice.
“Maybe we should head back to mine already? It’s getting…” Oliver exaggerates looking at his watch and he frowns, 10:45? He swore it was 10:45 when they left Oliver’s gate, was his watch broken? It was brand new!
“It’s getting what?” Talui asks, lifting his wrists to knock at the door.
“I..well, I thought it was getting late..” Oliver clears his throat. No, he was sure his watch wasn’t broken, it was new and he hadn’t dunked it in water or anything of the sort. “Maybe we should head home? The air feels weird and it’s silent, dark and cold. I’d rather not be here any longer…”
“But Oliver,” Talui pouts, “The spirits are lonely on Halloween, won’t you stay with us a bit longer?”
Oliver snots in mild amusement and shakes his head, “Spirits?” he begins before a sudden realization has him feeling cold all over, Talui had said ‘us’, not ‘them’. Oliver wasn’t the top of his English class for nothing.
Oliver slowly looks up, dreading what he would be seeing when he looks at Talui’s face. Glowing green eyes greeted him on Talui’s pouting face. He used to think Talui’s pouting face was cute, but now, now it was the farthest thing from cute.
“Sp-Spirits?” Oliver stutters, shaking his head, “No, I ah, I can’t keep yo-them, I can’t keep them company” Oliver stutters, trying to pull away from Talui’s grip on his arm.
“Why not?” Talui frowns, annoyance starting to appear in his glowing eyes, “you’re already here!”
“Why don’t you stay a bit longer and have fun?” A new voice says, Oliver jerks his head towards the voice to see that it belonged to the elderly woman that owned the house they were standing in front of. Her glowing green eyes seemed to stare into his soul, “We could always have another soul friend, it will be fun!” Talui grins in agreement.
No. Oliver shakes his head, this isn’t Talui. This is a spirit. “No” Oliver says sternly, “I’m going home and play my games”
“That’s too bad…” Talui hums softly, releasing his hold on Oliver. “I guess we’re just going to have to make you one of us then” he raises a hand, reaching towards Oliver’s face.
Oliver gasps and steps back quickly, turning around with the intent to run back to his home but he freezes in his tracks as multiple glowing green eyes stare back at him. they belonged to those that owned the houses, he could see the zombie lady from the first house and the mummy guy from the second house. He feels a chill travel up his spine as they step closer, all with grins on their faces.
“No..” Oliver whispers softly, dread pooling in his stomach as he realizes he’s trapped. He turns around to look at Talui again, “Talui ple-“ he begins.
‘Talui’ rests his hand on Oliver’s face, his glowing eyes boring into Oliver’s own orbs. “I’m sorry Oliver, Talui is gone…and you will be too” he smirks. Oliver whimpers as he slowly feels a cold feeling travel up his body, starting from his feet and slowly traveling higher, consuming more of his body.
“Wh-Who-“ Oliver grits out, barely able to move his mouth.
“Who am I?” ‘Talui’ grins, “I’m Apate, also known,” he tightens his grip on Oliver’s face, a shiver running through his body,” also known, as deceit.”

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Grumpelstiltskin (#30801)
(10-28-2017 at 4:37 PM)

My entry:
You should be able to click the image to get a better view. I didn't want to stretch out the page anymore than it is now.

Edit: Fixed an error on the image.

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RavenWolf1997 (#9633)
(10-25-2017 at 2:02 PM)

I decided to give this a try! So here's my entry!

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🐾Wolf Moon🐺 (#42603)
(10-20-2017 at 7:18 AM)

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Calf2905 (#43661)
(10-8-2017 at 8:48 AM)

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EmmersBoogins (#42694)
(09-28-2017 at 12:35 PM)

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Haku (#28004)
(09-26-2017 at 6:44 PM)

My entry:

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.:Kurokawa:. (#10071)
(09-22-2017 at 5:52 PM)

My Entry :)

Posted By
MoonWolf (#33626)
(09-19-2017 at 6:04 PM)

Here's my entry /

Posted By
Jazz (#36016)
(09-19-2017 at 4:44 PM)

My Entry:

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