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Here, have a Triple Bone Special until midnight, 11-29-2015.
Offspring of H1C Ahane
Dog Tag Name Breed Age Owner
♥RKC♥ Rayne Siberian Husky 18.12 months n/a
♥RKC♥ Hachiko (M) Siberian Husky 124.20 months Ollie
♥RKC♥ Rainier Siberian Husky 89.28 months THE Ladybug.
♥RKC♥ Doggy Siberian Husky 40.68 months TheHappyDaydreamer
Jaded Nimo Siberian Husky 56.85 months Sunii
Jaded Skittles Siberian Husky 79.32 months n/a
Jaded † My Dying Day Siberian Husky 288.51 months MissSchattenbraut
Jaded TP: 670.77 Siberian Husky 26.13 months n/a
Odd^^ Sekketsu(T) Siberian Husky 36.21 months n/a
Rera ~M~ Siberian Husky 85.08 months Sentry
swift Siberian Husky 29.13 months n/a
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