Offspring of CM[328] : Jacki
Dog Tag Name Breed Age Owner
Nyc Ƭσɢ (TP: 496.84) Siberian Husky 118.81 months n/a
Nyc Spruce(M) Siberian Husky 113.01 months n/a
Nyc Newborn Puppy Siberian Husky 0.15 months n/a
Nyc Lanree ✤ Siberian Husky 255.36 months Hlaorith
Nyc Newborn Puppy Siberian Husky 1.26 months n/a
Nyc Dawn Siberian Husky 117.81 months Freyja Wolf
Nyc - Siberian Husky 86.67 months n/a
Nyc Noru Siberian Husky 219.21 months TheWolfsgirl90
Nyc [2C](M) Loving\'s Dream Eater Siberian Husky 336.71 months Loving Hearts
Nyc Jack Frost 506.55 [ℳ] Siberian Husky 362.16 months Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
Nyc {M} Brigadier Siberian Husky 278.49 months Welshie
Nyc Gen2 MAXED $5k Siberian Husky 120.84 months n/a
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