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Alacrity is an agility dog sim focused on breeding dogs with specific markings and coats while excelling in agility at the same time. Targeted on agility dog breeds. Focus training on specific agility objects and enter trials that feature items your dog excels in. Accessorize your dog with unlimited items, and put them inside a living room with backgrounds or give them a companion to keep them company! Your dogs only live each day you login. So don't worry if you miss a day!

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The Monthly Shop is Back in Business!

Hey everyone!
Bear with me here... Kit's busy today, so I'm making my very first news post!
But more exciting than that is what I'm posting about -- yes, you read that title right. After a very long wait, the Monthly Shop is finally back in business! We're still working on getting those pesky stray items updated for the Danes, but in the meantime we're super excited to be presenting everyone with a brand new set of items:

A pretty preview of just a few of this month's items!

Out with the old and in with the new!
All the items that have been sitting in the Monthly Shop have finally been shipped out, and thirteen (including the upgrade item) shiny new beauties have taken their place, PLUS two new dyes over at Dyes 4 Dogs, a new Random Event companion and a new special donation only companion! You'll find them all listed below, along with the artists who created them:

Random Event
• Young Coyote Pup Rixon (#16934)

Donation Companion
• Cougar Cub Rixon (#16934)

Monthly Shop
Upgrade Item
• Lilypads Nyctra (#288)
• Camping Dogo Puppy Rixon (#16934)
• Camping German Shepherd Puppy Rixon (#16934)
• Creekside Background innali (#34554)
• Lakeside Fishing Dock Background innali (#34554)
• Camping Tent Foreground innali (#34554)
• Tree Stumps Foreground innali (#34554)
• Fish Cooler Ehm (#93)
• Fishing Rod Nyctra (#288)
• Hurricane Lantern Ehm (#93)
• Rabies Foam Nyctra (#288)
• Tackle Box Nyctra (#288)
• Vintage Camping Vest Ehm (#93)

• Cougar Dye Nyctra (#288)
• Rainbow Trout Dye Ehm (#93)

Happy shopping, everyone!
Posted by Ehm(pty chairs at empty tables) (#93) on May 01, 2015

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awesome :D
Posted on 05-1-2015 at 8:49 AM
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
Absoutly stunning! Wonderful job, artists! Keep up the amazing work.

Posted on 05-1-2015 at 3:46 AM

Dog Aging and Growing Pains

Hi, Alacrity!

First, just a reminder that the monthly shop turns over tomorrow, so if you want one last crack at the items in there for April 2015, better get in there now.

You guys might've noticed today that your dogs weren't aging.
This was because Larth put a parenthesis in the wrong place... or forgot to put one in the right place... or something. :P It's all fixed now, but it does bring me to something I've wanted to talk to you guys about.
While Carni still remains Site Manager and will continue to champion our needs with our parent company, Larth and I have been handed the reigns to Alacrity - given full access to all major aspects of the site.

We have been pushing for this change for a long time, because, as you might've noticed - the old way *really* wasn't working. Larth and I have been on staff for years. We are here every day. we take pride in our work and strive to do it well - but I'm gonna be honest with you. We're still really new at this.
I promise you. We are going to break things. We are going to forget where the parenthesis goes. But that's okay, because I also promise we will never stop trying to figure it out. Then, as time goes on, we'll break fewer things.

Right now, its going to be a little slow. We have inherited a website that has been neglected for a long time. However, we are getting our feet under us, and the updates are coming. If you want to keep up with some of the great stuff we're doing, Larth has started up a thread for us to keep everyone up to date on the little day-to-day fixes and improvements that maybe don't get their own news posts.

So, that's it, really. I'd just like to thank you guys for sticking with us, and invite you all to weigh in on the changes to come.

Happy Trialing!

Posted by Kit.Astrophe (#7244) on Apr 30, 2015

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Alaya future Timelord
You two are doing a great job at keeping things together :) We're all only human right? :)
Posted on 05-1-2015 at 12:19 AM
Great Dane Breeder
Sounds awesome,good job guys!
Posted on 04-30-2015 at 7:00 PM
Posted on 04-30-2015 at 1:52 PM

The Spring Fling Thing


Hey, lovelies. As promised, Alacrity’s staff is kicking our Big Spring into high gear! All this week we will be hosting all sorts of events, big and small, to celebrate just - the fun place that Alacrity is!

Keep an eye out for chat for trivia and giveaways, $1 bone auctions, free custom contests, raffles, forum games, beauty contests, art contests, and other fun stuff! Keep your eyes on this post for updates on what’s happening where and with whom.

What's going on right now?

this fling's been flung!


::Staff Applications::

The staff as a whole is really excited about this little carnival we’ve got going on this week, and all the great things we have planned for the coming months - in fact, we’re looking to invite a few more people to this particular party. If you’re interested in filling out an application for the Moderation and Site Assistance teams, submit an issue to the Admin Hub with your ID#s, age and time zone, saying for which staff team you would like to fill out an application. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks and have a great week, you guys!


Posted by Kit.Astrophe (#7244) on Apr 19, 2015

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Nanuk (Iridescent)
So excited for all of these changes :) It's going to be a great spring!
Posted on 04-20-2015 at 6:11 PM
Shortii JJ
Awesome News Update!
Posted on 04-20-2015 at 12:19 AM

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