Pushes a bitch into heat on the next 30 minute interval and keeps her there until you remove the Cookie. Infinite uses!
Heat Cookie
you own: 0.
A symbol of fertility, this cute little fox cub eliminates the rebreedable restrictions on female dogs while equipped.
Fox Cub
you own: 0.
A beautiful hybrid to keep your dog company! Gain +2 health and +2 energy every half hour.
you own: 0.

Welcome to Zombie Wolf(SilverLeaf) (#11646)'s profile.
currently: i'll be fine i swear, i'm just gone beyond repair.

Last Seen: 5:10 AM on 04-28-2016, played for 878 days

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Side account:
DarkMoon(SilverLeaf's Mate)
Profile Scribbles! [ x view all ]
(01-11-2015 at 7:19 AM)
Thank you! is $1600 good?

(12-17-2014 at 12:22 PM)
XanderFiles {Neverland Rescue Center}
Thanks hun :)

(12-15-2014 at 11:43 AM)
XanderFiles {Neverland Rescue Center}
Howliday Wolf Kennel (#20669) would like to adopt Mack :) Please send him over as soon as you can.

Agility Trials Hosted By This Handler
no trials here yet!


If you love horses please join this game. I am on the Cremello server and my user is OneChanceTooLate. If you see me on I will help get you started.

Poem Written by one of my best friends on Horse Isle.
*In the night, you hear her call,*
*flying through the tree's so tall.*
*But in the morning you look around,*
*and she is nowhere to be found.*
*But as the darkness falls,*
*again you hear her lonesome calls.*
*You rush outside, your quickest pace,*
*just in time to see her face.*
*Her long slender muzzle, her furry perked ears,*
*her blazing eyes, they show no fears.*
*You stare at her, completely amazed,*
*she watches you, not even fazed.*
*You look into those amber eyes,*
*and see a spirit that never dies.*
*It lasts a second, then she's gone,*
*and then she sings her lonesome song.*
*A song of freedom, spirit, and night,*
*a song triggered only by full moons light.*
*Her beautiful howl flows over the land,*
*as all the wolves take their stand.*
*Then they sing, all as one,*
*abruptly it ends, the sun has come.*
*You wake up then, still safe in bed,*
*under your blanket of soft warm thread.*
*You sit there, you look around,*
*everything seems completely sound.*
*You sigh sadly, for it seemed,*
*that none of it could've possibly been dreamed.*
*Then you listen, you may have been wrong,*
*now to your ears comes her song.*
*You smile and wipe and away the tears,*
*climb into bed and drop all fears.*
*You fall asleep, prepared to fly,*
*on the wings of natures lullaby.*

SilverLeaf the White Wolf by Tigerlil
In the woods, dark as night,
There shines a coat of full pure white.
The lone white wolf, friend only to young,
with eyes of ice, she's quite high strung.
Her heart is hers, it belongs to no other,
She loves pups, but wants no lover.
Her heart is pure as full moons light,
yet sometimes dark and cold as night.
She will not budge, she'll take her stand,
If friends are in need, she'll lend a hand.
A lone white wolf in such pure form,
will never give up,
and take her world by storm.

Pup Predicts

Link: I sell CS pets mail me for prices

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 24 | Training Sessions: 110
Dogs in ""
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Companion Dog (#309796) American Pit Bull Terrier 37.50 months male
Foundation Pembroke Welsh Corgi (#314831) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 29.46 months male
Kamana (#285796) Catahoula Cur 87.87 months female
Koda (#103211) Catahoula Cur 188.81 months male
Need Trained (#296304) Shiba Inu 24.36 months male
Newborn Puppy (#282062) Great Dane 98.91 months female
Newborn Puppy (#295166) Great Dane 63.96 months male
Newborn Puppy (#296296) Shiba Inu 61.41 months female
Newborn Puppy (#315648) Catahoula Cur 24.93 months male
Newborn Puppy (#315649) Catahoula Cur 24.93 months male
Fosters(Mail me if interested):
Memorial for Taz:
Maxed Males:
Maxed Females:

Account Type: upgraded
Upgrade Ends: 2016-05-25

User Records - [ x view more ]
04-28-2016 11:31 PM : Earned $500 with the help of your Medieval Fantasy companion!
04-28-2016 5:09 AM : Vaccinated all my dogs for $.
04-28-2016 5:08 AM : Payne scares you into losing $200!
04-28-2016 5:06 AM : Removed 1 Brown Rat from my usershop.
04-25-2016 11:34 PM : Earned $500 with the help of your Medieval Fantasy companion!
04-22-2016 11:30 PM : Earned $500 with the help of your Medieval Fantasy companion!
04-20-2016 11:30 PM : Earned $500 with the help of your Medieval Fantasy companion!
04-20-2016 5:00 AM : Cured Izzy for $30.
04-18-2016 11:30 PM : Earned $500 with the help of your Medieval Fantasy companion!
04-18-2016 2:12 PM : Dog Izzy is infested with fleas.
04-18-2016 5:48 AM : Vaccinated all my dogs for $.
04-18-2016 5:48 AM : Crea relieved themselves in the park, uh oh! Look who forgot to bring the pooper-scooper. You paid $75 in fines.
04-15-2016 11:57 PM : Your dog Izzy and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Jingle Bell Anklets.
04-15-2016 11:57 PM : Your dog Tilt Gravity and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Strange Jack-o-Lantern.
04-14-2016 11:30 PM : Earned $500 with the help of your Medieval Fantasy companion!

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