Give this item to one of your dogs, to help you create your custom accessory! Your CA must be your own art, or art that you have commissioned and are using with permission. NO PHOTOS OR TRACED IMAGES!
Custom Accessory Maker
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custom by #7183: A cute, cuddly wolf puppy, drawn by #7183 for #50
Wolf Puppy
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A lovely feral wolf plush to get your dog in touch with their roots!
Silver Wolf Plush
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Welcome to DarkMoon(SilverLeaf's Mate) (#11649)'s profile.
currently: Arooo! SilverLeaf & DarkMoon forever

Last Seen: 6:26 AM on 10-23-2017, played for 142 days

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Zombie Wolf(SilverLeaf)
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(04-7-2012 at 3:38 PM)
Qimmiq Kennels - Husky Breeders
Please save this one for me! <3

(04-7-2012 at 12:35 AM)
Your blue German shepherds x3 If you do breed them then I'd be interested in a pup if your selling ^_^

(04-7-2012 at 12:32 AM)
Your send dogs are amazing!!

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Filly [TP:592] (#262195) Great Dane 18.09 months female

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10-23-2017 6:26 AM : You gave a Rainbow Cupcake to player #11646.
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10-22-2017 11:57 PM : Happy Birthday DarkMoon(SilverLeaf's Mate) from Alacrity! You have received a Birthday Cake, which is now in your inventory!

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