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Welcome to mama of 4 little alien cuties (#11855)'s profile.
currently: Light and Love to all fellow beings:) love Mama Pleidan

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Vet tech Mummy
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(11-12-2014 at 2:25 PM)
Molam (Chibi Nyanko)
Yeh Peace and happines are important to me ^^ I hate to see people sad and i i see someone sad i feel like i HAVE to make them happy even tho its like an Enemy or so, like when i was younger i was bullied ALOT so one day i saw one of my worst bully being sad cause her mom was sick and her dog was sick and so on, even tho she had beaten me everyday for 4 years i felt like i had to majke her happy no matter what, i don't think people should be sad, no matter who they are ^^
We got Lynx! ^^ the prettiest animals you can see in our forests are (this is what i think xD) Moose, Lynx, foxes, Wolves, Boars, Bears, Deers and Wolverines, we got alot of other animals in our forest aswell but these are my faves all tho you don't want to meet these animals when you're hiking xD some of them you want to meet but far away from all xD
I like opposums aswell, never seen one tho since we don't have them in Sweden :p But they are really pretty, another animal i like is Skunks, do you have skunks in America?
I am longing till Christmas aswell, right now i am listening to Last Christmas and singing with them and bothering my dad xD but i don't care i love music i love to sing and i LOVE christmas and its music x3

(11-11-2014 at 3:32 PM)
Molam (Chibi Nyanko)
Yahh i like the love arounf the Dinner table at Cristhmas and My siblings never fight at Christmas its so peaceful and lovely =D I also love Christmas because i get to see the happy faces of my siblings when they get that teddy bear they wished for, or Those pencils they wished for, i usually tries to buy something for a my siblings on christmas, but i got no job this year, but hopefully the money i get for Studying is enough ^^ My siblings means everything for me, i just want to see them happy i just want to see my whole Family happy ^^ I don't care for Gift, the best gift i can get is to se emy family and my animals happy and healthy aswell with the people around me ^^ Gifts aren't important to me, there are so many other people that need gifts more than me, The kids on the orphanage is just one example ^^ And its like you said, the stuff made from you heart is the most precious ones, i always get my little sisters plushes in Christmas gifts xD they take it back a few days later, bu it is the thought that counts :p
I only got 3 Feathers for my angels, its a proof that they are always around me, so the feathers are very dear to me ^^ that why i made a Dream catcher out of them ^^ It really helps, i had a dream that always came back well two dreams actually, and since i got the Dream catcher tose dreams have come back more than tvo times and i made the dream catcher almost 6 months ago ^^
I feel like i've met you before aswell atleast when italk to you, maybe we have been friends in our earlier lifes, i dunno ^^ its a cool feeling tho :p
I can't eat wild animals i know someone hunted, but i don't have any problems eating like Cow or pig or so but just animals we got in the wild, those are hard to eat my heart says nope!
I love the nature aswell atleast once a day i go out and Explores the forest, the Creepiest is when you meet bear tho xD or Badger or even moose :p but its really cool to see them, tho what i really which to see is the Old old old OLD deer who lives in our forest his horns are HUGE and hes old, hes not easy to trick and he have Suvived the deer hunt for all these years, i've seen him a few times on a Far Distant, but i want to see him closer, hes just so handsome! i'll see if i can get a Far distant pic of him next time i see him.
Raw honey is soo good! i tried it once, i love it so much i want mpre and more :p Especially in tea ^^ I wanted to be a vegetarian when i was around twelwe, but my parents did not allow mebut oh well it was fore my own good anyway ^^ But i wouldn't have any problems Becoming a Vegan either i love vegan food ^^
Cheese is not so expensive in Sweden so we always have cheese at home, tho i don't eat it very often its good sometimes but i think i ate to mih when i was little xD Because if i eat cheese now a days i feel really sick some of the times. We got soy and almond Milk my sister is allergiv to milk producs, so we need to bhave soy mild to her, but its really REALLY expensive onw milk is 8 sek in Sweden While Soy milk is 38 sek xD almosnd milk is like 36 sek :p, so we only get soy/slmond milk to my little sister who gets sick by milk products.
Here santa leaves a present on the table along with some Candy :p Because there is so much gifts under the tree because of out big family so the kids wouldn't find the gifts from santa if it was under the tree xD
We get pretty mnuch snow xD about two years ago we had 55cm snow xD last christmas we had barel nothing which was really odd, we have had a little snow that disappered yesterday, now i want the snow back so that i can Train the dogs again ^^
Its nice talking to you aswell! I like getting messages from you, they are interesting =D
Well now off to bed! Night!! OHHH and please tell me if my messages are to long ^^

(11-10-2014 at 9:59 AM)
Molam (Chibi Nyanko)
Nope never tasted Turkey, i havent tasted much American food at all since my parents think "Its not Swedish" xD so yeh, my parents are rather odd >-< Pretty annoying sometimes, i don't get to taste anything that isn't "SWedish" tho Pizza they want to eat all the time and pizza is something i REALLY dislike Blech to pizza :p
Fish is really good! i eat all of it tho i haven't tasted "Surströmming" because my father think it smells to bad so they wont let us Kids eat it, tho its another thing i really want to try xD There is so much things i want to try, propably because i cannot make food myself, so therefore i love tastig GOOD food ^^ and diffrent food ^^ I haven't found somewhere they Sell Turkey, just these Chicken Turkey ham slices, but i don't think thats the same so i am not interested in that, but a whole Turkey yes please let me taste :p
I think Christmas is my well WAS my fave holiday two years now it have been destroyed, so i hope this Christmas will be like its supposed to be, its so much love and Caring around the Christmas Table and The tree, and when we watch Donald duck! Same thing every year but still we always watch Donald duck xDEvery Christmas at tree right after dinner, but since i am the oldest girl in the family i have atarted to help mom take care of the dishes every yearwhile Donald duck is on, but i get to hear the music atleast ^^ We got a tree we had a Real tree one year, we will never do that again xD the dogs peed on it (tree inside the house you know xD) and the puppy we had then chewed on it and one dog was scared of it xD so not we got fake trees every year ^^ YOu got a Tree farm with real animals? :o we doesn't we go to the forest to get a tree if we want one and then done! ''/ Tho we have a Christmas market! And that between 12th and 19th december or so xD There you get to ride horses you can get PResent you can Play diffrent Christmas games and win prices and so on ^^ its in town, this year me and a friend have talk to the person who hold the Christmas Market every year and we are allowed to take mine and his reindeers to put a Harness on them and go to the Cristmas market xD we shall put a red nose on Flippy and Call him Rudolph :p and then we will take two more of His/ours Reindeers And say the Are Blitzen and Comet Rudolh is kinda young but her PERFECT infront of a sledge so it'll be fun, he will keep the other to nice and calm Flippy is good with that ^^ I think all the kids that are there will like that! ^^ And maybe the grownups aswell! And the poor little kids on the orphanage will get to Ride the Sledge, and they will get presents later on that i myself will send there since they got no Parents, i feel so sorry for them, i am often there to play with them and sing with them and just haave fun Mostly on Holidays Cristmas is the only holiday i am not there with them since my parents wont allow me.
We haven't even got a fireplace :p and in Sweden noone Hangs the stockings ''/ its kinda sad tho that it isn't like everywhere else, Christmas for us is Dec 24 also :p
The three youngest ones believes in Santa, the 10 year old one had started to loose faith in him So we have to remind him all the time that santa is real The girls belive in Santa nd always Writes GIANT wishlists to santa xD Its kinda cute ^^ I love it when kids have faith in santa, Santa doesn't come here tho we had Santa when me and my brothers were young but when i turned six i got scared of santa for some reason xD so after that santa never came ''/
My Voice is way to light xD My mom thinks i am my 6 year old sister when i answer her from my Room shes like "Wiktoria i wasn't talking to you" xD Thats kinda sad x3
I love hearing about your Traditions aswell i love how you go all out! ^^ I wish we could go all out in Sweden :o but noone does v.v
Goats are so cool i have had some many years ago they are so funny and smart and Cute!! and i also love all animals, my personal faves are Llamas, dogs and horses tho some animals scare me, Like Hares, Butterflies and Spider all the others i love i had 52 snakes once in a lifetime i sold the last one about a year ago now, she was my lovely Lily.
I don't mind if its long or not its fun to hear form you ^^

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Jack Sprat (#244071) German Shepherd 229.86 months male
Ni No Kuni (#248755) German Shepherd 208.74 months male
Silver Bell (#278859) German Shepherd 0.93 months female
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Duke MAXED (#249212) Great Dane 300.84 months male
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Brutus (#251631) Great Dane 200.34 months male
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Bleeding Rose Thorn MAXED (#123618) Papillon 569.85 months male
Ice Rose MAXED (#123638) Papillon 569.79 months female
Cutie Pot Pie (#224601) Papillon 291.03 months female
Pinky Zinky (#234080) Papillon 228.72 months male
Superpup (#241943) Papillon 243.69 months male
Trexxie (#273463) Papillon 0.99 months female
Roset (#273464) Papillon 0.99 months female
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Golden Honey (#173625) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 135.46 months female
Kyle (MAXED) (#223232) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 309.72 months male
Queen MAXED (#224383) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 325.26 months female
Extremely Good Looking (#227388) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 281.94 months male
Sir Jock (#233976) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 256.11 months male
Dragon Slayer (#239714) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 247.08 months male
Dax (#247461) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 218.46 months male
Isabelle Rose (#280417) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 2.76 months female
Miss Pink Pickle MAXED (#86989) Shetland Sheepdog 681.47 months female
James (#218706) Shetland Sheepdog 303.53 months male
Mr. Amazing (#226802) Shetland Sheepdog 270.49 months male
My Cameleon (#229873) Shetland Sheepdog 266.31 months male
Star (#235633) Shetland Sheepdog 243.63 months female
Lassie 2 (#235658) Shetland Sheepdog 252.33 months female
Satin MAXED (#243570) Shetland Sheepdog 238.02 months female
Daryl MAXED (#243572) Shetland Sheepdog 238.02 months male
Rose MAXED (#268813) Shetland Sheepdog 35.68 months female
Adelaide (#272206) Shetland Sheepdog 4.08 months female
Elsa (#277607) Shetland Sheepdog 1.32 months female
Rhett (#277846) Shetland Sheepdog 4.08 months male
Adora (#279316) Shetland Sheepdog 0.75 months female
Cecilia (#279413) Shetland Sheepdog 0.09 months female
Sir Henry (#279409) Shetland Sheepdog 0.09 months male
Sisabella (#279406) Shetland Sheepdog 0.09 months female
Sweet Carmel Candy (#279403) Shetland Sheepdog 0.09 months female
I believe in Faith (#279546) Shetland Sheepdog 0.36 months female
Hope is in me (#279545) Shetland Sheepdog 0.75 months female
Dante MAXED (#199172) Shiba Inu 356.49 months male
Faye MAXED (#201358) Shiba Inu 351.42 months female
Blue Sea (#207783) Shiba Inu 317.52 months male
Lover Boy MAXED (#202519) Shiba Inu 348.75 months male
Little Miss Heart Throb MAXED (#203195) Shiba Inu 347.10 months female
Marco MAXED (#204003) Shiba Inu 330.57 months male
Sparkle MAXED (#204824) Shiba Inu 342.36 months female
Isn't She Lovely MAXED (#205583) Shiba Inu 326.46 months female
Snow Flake MAXED (#206582) Shiba Inu 328.15 months female
Blueberry Frosty MAXED (#207398) Shiba Inu 318.98 months female
Pochahontas MAXED (#208581) Shiba Inu 325.56 months female
northern lights (#213479) Shiba Inu 319.41 months female
Pink Splash (#215895) Shiba Inu 306.51 months female
Sandy Cloud (#221873) Shiba Inu 295.58 months male
Agent Sandtomb (#223012) Shiba Inu 292.98 months male
Orchid (#223559) Shiba Inu 298.05 months female
Leah (TP: 202.95) (#228803) Shiba Inu 272.95 months female
cloud (#229757) Shiba Inu 271.62 months female
Gogii Berry (#235296) Shiba Inu 245.46 months female
Crystal Blue (#244051) Shiba Inu 230.10 months female
Selene MAXED (#49202) Siberian Husky 836.55 months female
He-man MAXED (#61908) Siberian Husky 785.60 months male
Sinful Delight (#161233) Siberian Husky 35.01 months female
Ladies Man MAXED (#161345) Siberian Husky 160.69 months male
Blues It Up (#178151) Siberian Husky 3.42 months female
Samaria (#217009) Siberian Husky 308.06 months female
Persphonie (#222060) Siberian Husky 296.55 months female
My Lovely (#222635) Siberian Husky 300.39 months female
Harold (#223049) Siberian Husky 292.74 months male
Entrance Me (#225468) Siberian Husky 290.94 months female
Serenity (#243491) Siberian Husky 236.34 months female
Blue MAXED (#255497) Siberian Husky 201.66 months male
Tiger (#272479) Siberian Husky 48.45 months female
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12-17-2014 11:00 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 11:00 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 11:00 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 11:00 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 11:00 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 11:00 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
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12-17-2014 10:28 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 10:28 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 10:28 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
12-17-2014 10:28 PM : Earned $10 from selling a peacock feather!
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