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Amur Leopard
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This magical collar doubles the effectiveness of each training session used when equipped to your dog. Unlimited uses, but effects do not stack even if you equip 20!
Scholar Collar
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A fluffy white friend for your dog. +5 Energy every 30 minutes
Arctic Fox
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Welcome to Remedy {Professional Borzoi Breeder} (#11937)'s profile.
currently: Needing a Triple bone Special

Last Seen: 11:40 AM on 07-25-2012, played for 175 days

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Side account:
Darian {Borzoi Breeder}
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(04-16-2013 at 4:17 PM)
Big Boy Kennels
may i please have my 18k back? i accedentally purchased a dog when attemting to reply to a message

(07-2-2012 at 12:32 AM)
Wow, Nevermind, I can get them for $200 each from another user. Would you be willing to negotiate your price?

(07-2-2012 at 12:17 AM)
I only breed to maxed dogs. Please re-request when your girl is maxed, she looks beautiful. :)

.:About Hidden Haven Kennels:.

At Hidden Haven Kennels we are changing our main focus breed to Pitbulls. We are going to strive and raise some of the best Pitbulls. Hidden Haven Kennels was founded on April 08, 2011.

.:About Me:.

Hey everyone! My name is Darian known to most Alacrity members as remedy. Most people call me Darian, Dar, Nair, Remedy, Rem, really I will answer to anything. Im sixteen years old and was referred to this game by Blix (ID: #63), bless her soul. Im a 16 year old girl who lives in the city, I have a few animals which consist of a Chihuahua named Zeke and two papered Netherland Dwarf rabbits that I show named Venture and Kiwi. I also have my Junior Handlers card for dog showing but sadly I wasn't able to participate in the sport because of family issues and having to sell my champion lined Boxer dogs. Now lets move on to sales and breeding requirements for Hidden Haven Kennels.


Dogs for sale will most likely be put on my side account Darian (#11945). Sometimes we store our breeding dogs on that account. But mostly on that account will be dogs that we no longer have use for or pups from litters that I no longer want to keep and will be open for sale to the public, these dogs will have $. These puppies will have full pedigrees. Prices of the dogs will be based off of color and Tp, these prices can always be negotiated through Ala cash, items, or pick of the litter puppy in return once the dog you have purchased is maxed and bred again.

Also be sure to check out our user shop

.:Breeding Requirements:.

Requirements for breeding to dogs in Hidden Haven Kennels is that your bitch or stud have to be maxed. Prices on our studs are usually Non – negotiable but i'm willing to negotiate in form of exchanging a puppy from the litter that is whelped if really needed. If I have declined that offer of payment thats tough luck, we don't have unlimited amount of space in our kennel. The stud fee's are pretty low for now so they should be very reasonable. Dogs at the Hidden Haven Kennels WILL NOT breed unless they are fully maxed. We do lease bitches from our kennel to others for a price of $7,000, there are requirements though. The male you request from the female must be maxed and must be in the same generation to keep a clean line going. If the stud is out-of-kennel then the stud fee is not included in that bill of $7,000.

* = Maxed dog
- = Unmaxed dog
{#} = Pedigree Generation
$ = For Sale

.:TP Calculations:.

Predicted Puppy TP = Add stud's total training + bitch's total training ; dived by 2 ; add 5 for every maxed stat from the parents (add 90 if both are maxed).

.:Custom Dogs I've Created:.

Layout designed by Darian Conley code generated at howrseinfo.com

Pet's name: Amira
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 1 | Training Sessions: 86
Dogs in ".:Hidden Haven Kennels:."
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
- angel : TP: 993.33 {3} (#83608) American Pit Bull Terrier 31.02 months female
- scooter : Tp 806.41 {3} (#89646) American Pit Bull Terrier 12.57 months male
* Bandit : Tp 157.00 {1} (#77678) American Pit Bull Terrier 46.20 months male
* Desire : TP - 649.12 {2} (#75474) American Pit Bull Terrier 34.98 months female
* gadget : Tp - TP: 729.75 {3} (#83208) American Pit Bull Terrier 25.23 months male
* holland : Tp 629.16 {2} (#75888) American Pit Bull Terrier 40.29 months female
* Jewel : TP - 412.82 {2} (#78838) American Pit Bull Terrier 40.32 months female
* Junior : Tp 157.00 {1} (#77675) American Pit Bull Terrier 46.20 months male
* Lady : TP: 157.00 {1} (#78237) American Pit Bull Terrier 44.46 months female
* Radio : Tp 157.00 {1} (#77667) American Pit Bull Terrier 46.20 months male
* Sass : Tp 157.00 {1} (#77670) American Pit Bull Terrier 47.28 months female
* ty : Tp - 375.30 {2} (#79736) American Pit Bull Terrier 38.04 months male
* Uno : TP: 417.45 {2} (#75051) American Pit Bull Terrier 46.98 months male

Account Type: basic

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