Perfects a dog's personality and it's temporal stats, and even cures accidents instantly!
Magical Rubber Ball
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An amazingly colorful confection, from the Spring 2011 bake sale. (Add, change opacity, or remove one Secondary Marking)
Rainbow Cupcake
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Takes a dogs training to 50% complete. (Does not train over 50% total)
Magical Food Bowl
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Welcome to JazzyNBluez (#13065)'s profile.
currently: Playing Alacrity! :)

Last Seen: 7:48 PM on 12-27-2013, played for 461 days

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(04-30-2015 at 6:11 PM)
miss you

(04-30-2015 at 6:10 PM)
miss you

(11-22-2014 at 12:19 AM)
Any chance you can breed me a Papillon with a blue rose?

Agility Trials Hosted By This Handler
no trials here yet!

Drawn for me by Lizzy Sweet Skitatoes

Thanks to Shunky aka Shunkadunk
for this list :)

First 20 Catahoula Cur's ever Made

1-First Cata?
2-Urban Legand
4-Bandit's Sensation
6-Golden Boy
7-P's Azaro
8-Chatanooga / 334 C M (My boy!)
11-©Crevan's Secret Oath
14-Kentucky Bluez / 334 C (My girl!)
15-Control Freak
17-¤ Beautiful Mud ©, 334 Tp

How to figure out if your dog is a mood dog

by illusions of dreaming

First of all, I'm sure you know how to breed a mood dog right? An invi crossed with a glitched dog.
Some times, pretty rare, a mood dog would pop out C8

It's pretty easy to identify a mood dog and a ghost dog. Ghost dogs are dogs with a see-through pelt. Which means they are much like invisible dogs but there's a lineart, and sometimes tan markings. But there are spots where you can directly see through them and see the background. If the background is still perfectly normal and not glitched colored then it's a ghost dog.

Mood dogs can be easily identified... Let's take two dogs as an example.

Color of Charm



Mood Reflections


(Actually, Essence of Colors, Essence of Charm and Charming Essence are mood dogs too)

Color of Charm is different from Mood Reflections. Yes, Color of Charm is see through, but if you pay close attention to it's pelt, you see that even though it's see through, there are parts where the background is glitched, and it's glitched in a way that resembles one of the huskie's coat markings! merle and more i suppose.

To make 100% sure it's a mood dog, it's pretty easy. Since the coat marking is hidden I can't really show you but you can check yourself.
It is a mood dog if...
1. It is part see through
2. Check the coat marking, if there is a glitch in the coat marking, then it'll create the mood dog effect! BUT! If the glitch (ex. brown merle -110%) is on a tanned area or white marking, and not on the see through part then it IS NOT a mood dog! the glitch must be on the see through! Then the dog would have a glitchy pelt that would change with background.

The mood dog's glitch pelt would make it so that the background ON the dog is DIFFERENT coloured from the ORIGINAL background!

Thanks go to illusions of dreaming writing all this up for me about mood dogs. :) huggles illusion :)

Moodie GSDs??? Is is possible?

Ok, do to some confusion about the possibility of moodie GSDs, I have consulted with illusion on this subject. There did used to be ghost GSDs but that glitch was fixed awhile back.

Here is what illusion told me about moodie GSDs...

hmn.. lets see... I have 2 ways of seeing this.

1. the very very very reasonable way. there're no moodie GSDs on ALA that I know of. Ghost GSDS are extremely rare since there are only a few and they've stopped producing Ghosties already. I own one and I can tell you, ghost GSDs when bred does not produce more ghosts. The glitch was fixed already. So even if you breed it with a glitched GSD, there should be no possible way that a moodie should be born when the glitch of ghosties on GSDs was removed long time ago. From what i know, only huskies are the only one that can breed moodies.

2. Black bgs will obviously make lineart glitches 'seem' to disappear. From personal observations I've noticed that when equipping bgs on dogs they always have a low opacity layer on top that'll change the dog's colour slightly.

ex. equipping on the halloween 'Haunted Hill Background' you'll see the significant orange hue over top of your dogs

Most people usually skip over this minor detail so it's hard to see, but if you compare the dog on different bgs (switching it several times) you'll see that some bgs have a darker hue than others.

Here's the thing though, these bg 'hues' WILL NOT affect your dog's original markings. It just makes your dogs look darker or lighter or a tad bit of another color.

So, it could also be affected by the backgrounds they equip. Black backgrounds sometimes makes black glitches disappear and etc.

oh look there's a third argument :B

3. Looking back at what I've told you about moodies (thankfully you kept them at your profile page xD) the glitches of dogs HAS to be in visible areas in the see through dog to be classified as a moodie. There are lots of glitches that affect the outlines of dogs but they always stay static or black. Unless an outline is clearly invisible on a blank bg or is a different color other than black and white, it does not count.

hope that helps~

Thanks yet again, illusion! <3 huggles :)

Possible new Custom, just for looks :)


This awesome tag was made for me by a special friend... Ancient Oaks (#2436)


In Honor of Our Troops

Heroes Tribute


If I have dogs for sale & you have a question about prices, just message me. :)

If you buy one of my dogs, yes it's yours, but if you buy it just to resell for profit, you will go on my No Sell list & I wont sell to you again.


I've fallen in love with Glitches. They are so neat!

Here is my sweetie pie kitty. His name is Sunshine. :)


Predicted Puppy TP = Add stud's total training + bitch's total training ; divided by 2 ; add 5 for every maxed stat from the parents (add 90 if both are maxed).

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 4 | Training Sessions: 480
Dogs in "JazZy"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Akaya / 479 M (#223382) American Pit Bull Terrier 47.70 months female
Capt`n GrapeCreamcicle / 2G 404 M (#233698) American Pit Bull Terrier 18.42 months male
Adobe / 326 C M (#115844) Australian Shepherd 165.21 months male
Anastasia / 423 2G M (#123766) Australian Shepherd 144.12 months female
Adelaide / 125 M (#124126) Australian Shepherd 145.37 months female
Smoky Knight / 324 3G (#124499) Australian Shepherd 5.73 months male
Dreame Weaver (#128388) Australian Shepherd 120.03 months female
Mystic Ghost / 169 F M (#93613) Border Collie 137.79 months male
Knight of the Mist / 502 2G (#125960) Border Collie 100.02 months male
Silver Duchess / 491 4G M (#127238) Border Collie 135.57 months female
Grey Ghost / 558 (#131400) Border Collie 107.75 months female
Golden Emerald / 4G 775 M (#232542) Border Collie 28.05 months female
My Blue Heaven / 584 M (#66146) Borzoi 230.36 months female
Silken Sapphire / 312 C M (#121819) Borzoi 154.20 months female
Sky Flying Bluez / 1987 (#121230) Borzoi 1.26 months male
Strawberry Velvet Cream / 312 C M (#121617) Borzoi 135.84 months female
Ocean Bluez / 312 C M (#126202) Borzoi 141.54 months male
Wynde Song / 610 (#128569) Borzoi 0.09 months female
Ocean Paradise / 478 2G (#136730) Borzoi 2.82 months male
Keeping Sapphire Puppy 4 (#141826) Borzoi 0.48 months female
Rose (#109394) Catahoula Cur 148.77 months female
Emerald King / 606 2/3G (#122117) Catahoula Cur 157.08 months male
Bubbles / 541 M (#125515) Catahoula Cur 146.10 months male
Illusions of Dreaming :) (#128682) Catahoula Cur 122.37 months female
Jester 393 M T (#43860) German Shepherd 297.27 months male
Rosalee / 1178 T (#83251) German Shepherd 232.38 months female
Dark Mystique / 513 2G M (#94428) German Shepherd 243.48 months female
Bluez Cluez / 376 M (#94694) German Shepherd 209.51 months male
Mystical Rainbow / 724 2/3G M (#99135) German Shepherd 221.70 months male
Nakaya (#111634) German Shepherd 181.65 months female
Shadowed Enigma / 651 2G (#118066) German Shepherd 170.50 months male
Heavenly Bluez / 318 2G M (#120506) German Shepherd 167.58 months female
Spark of Rebellion / 551 (#124345) German Shepherd 153.04 months male
Morning Glory Bluez / 523 (#126484) German Shepherd 0.39 months female
JazzNBluez / 513 3G (#131224) German Shepherd 0.99 months male
Golden Girl / 1380 (#131852) German Shepherd 113.82 months female
Pretty Girl (#134589) German Shepherd 97.56 months female
Jingles / 308 C M (#91532) Jack Russell Terrier 266.79 months male
Christmas Snow / 1785 M (#95057) Jack Russell Terrier 231.93 months male
Sparky / 679 M (#96356) Jack Russell Terrier 234.48 months male
Christmas Love / 1348 M (#108215) Jack Russell Terrier 198.75 months female
Christmas Joy / 2587 (#114402) Jack Russell Terrier 0.21 months male
Jelly Bean Dreams / 304 C M (#127801) Jack Russell Terrier 132.36 months male
Tootie Fruitie / 535 (#130047) Jack Russell Terrier 121.56 months female
Silver Topaz / 304 C M (#64708) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 114.06 months female
Syrena / 304 C M (#65085) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 361.44 months female
Royal Blue / 744 T (#79482) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 253.92 months male
Rufus / 168 TN (#104412) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 170.02 months male
PeekABoo / 233 M (#107081) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 204.57 months female
Aqua Bluez / 555 (#110026) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 15.21 months male
Tropical Delite / 531 2G (#114375) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 0.03 months female
Specter Magoo (#116761) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 129.15 months male
Bubblicious / 477 2G (#124738) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 131.07 months male
Pretty in Pink / 473 2G (#123716) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 2.07 months female
Boo Boo I See You / 427 (#126357) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 142.23 months female
I Dream of Jeannie / 868 M (#126914) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 125.58 months female
PeekABluez / 198 M (#125951) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 144.24 months female
EekABoo / 429 M (#126358) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 142.13 months male
Splish Splash / 436 (#126355) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 142.26 months female
The Masked Ghost / 432 (#126356) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 142.26 months male
Tuxedo Bluez / 1182 (#128698) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 127.89 months male
Sunset Shadows / 610 4G M (#127575) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 131.76 months male
Cookies n Creame / 174 (#128071) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 130.42 months female
Copper Myst / 168 (#128073) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 131.04 months male
Serendipity / 1185 (#128697) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 15.54 months female
Peeker Bluez / 560 (#130990) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 114.12 months male
Sunset Bluez / 725 (#131058) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 5.31 months male
Wizard of Oz / 1290 (#132793) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 108.99 months male
~Jazzy~ (#134595) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 96.45 months female
Mardi Gras / 540 T (#91637) Shetland Sheepdog 258.54 months female
Phantom / 1736 (#92533) Shetland Sheepdog 1.80 months male
Midnight Enigma / 563 3G (#121273) Shetland Sheepdog 0.30 months male
Midnight Jazzy Bluez / 555 3G (#121274) Shetland Sheepdog 0.51 months female
Midnight Jazzin / 813 3/4G (#122338) Shetland Sheepdog 2.19 months male
Midnight Dancer / 804 3/4G (#122866) Shetland Sheepdog 4.46 months female
Aquinnelle / 5G 435 (#211530) Shiba Inu 18.72 months female
Alindiel / 2G 411 (#227417) Shiba Inu 44.43 months female
Tenzin / 2G 506 - NOTE (#229775) Shiba Inu 65.13 months female
NorthernLights / 4G 705 M (#231399) Shiba Inu 23.58 months male
Alaeriel / 2G 500 M (#233534) Shiba Inu 63.63 months female
Aleiawen / 3G 588 (#233636) Shiba Inu 0.75 months female
Penderhin / 2G 496 (#234690) Shiba Inu 55.92 months male
Belloruus / 2G 411 M (#239075) Shiba Inu 5.70 months male
Galawen / 5G 1069 (#246940) Shiba Inu 4.32 months female
Other Training:
A Rose by Any Color:
Monsters :):
Silver GSDs:
Ladies Breeding:
JazZy's Studs:

Account Type: upgraded
Upgrade Ends: forever upgraded

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01-19-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-19-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-18-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-18-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-17-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-17-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-16-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-16-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-15-2017 11:59 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-15-2017 11:59 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!
01-15-2017 11:57 PM : Your dog Azure Borealis / 732 M was visited by Santa`s Sleigh and has brought you a(n) Bathing White Cat.
01-15-2017 11:57 PM : Your dog Anastasia / 423 2G M and its companion the Confused Stork brought you a(n) Winter Sweater.
01-15-2017 11:57 PM : Your dog Wizard of Oz / 1290 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Chicken Kibble.
01-15-2017 11:57 PM : Your dog PeekABoo / 233 M and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Yellow Star Collar.
01-14-2017 11:58 PM : Earned 2 training sessions with the help of your underwater companion!

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