A gift to all Alacrites who survived and stuck with us during a huge server move that caused tons of bugs and sadly caused some dogs to die. So long as they wear this collar, your dog will receive +5 health every 4 hours!
Survivor`s Martingale Collar
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custom by #16934: A beautiful albino deer that use to inhabit my neighborhood. For invisible huskies only.
Albino Deer
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Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
German Shepherd Puppies
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Welcome to Jully [GSD Breeder] (#16068)'s profile.
currently: Back from a long break.

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(05-7-2015 at 12:15 AM)
Balcoin Kennel
Beautiful GSD pups nice coats

(10-5-2013 at 11:47 AM)
♛ Ɔσяяʋρтισи, тɛн ƨℓɛи∂ʏ σғ αℓαcяιтʏ
No sorry, Snivy bought them :P

(09-29-2013 at 7:09 AM)
♛ Ɔσяяʋρтισи, тɛн ƨℓɛи∂ʏ σғ αℓαcяιтʏ
Yes of course! I'll put them up now and very sorry for being so late at replying! I've been real busy!

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Welcome To Brookside Shepherds

Brookside Shepherds is a breeding kennel with a love and passion for the German Shepherd breed, our mission is to provide healthy shepherds with amazing and correct temperament, orginial and beautiful coats and structure. We our devoted to this goal and will continue to bring the best out of the German Shepherd breed. Our shepherds are bred for quality an agility dog, beauty show dog, or a regular family dog. Our shepherds are 100% GSD bloodlines and we will continue to live up to that word. We will not stop until our goal is achieved to produce the perfect German Shepherd.


Our standards follow the CKC standards, they should have a "direct but fearless, but not hostile expression and a self-confidence and a certain aloofness which does not lead itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships" - CKC

Coat Color: A strong rich color, Rich bi-colored, Rich colors preffered. White dogs are not accepted. Pale or washed-out colors or livers and blues are faults. We allow Liver coats.

Our main colors are Black and Tan, Sable (A dark gray), also Black and Red. Also Black and Silver.

Bitch and Stud: Your bitch or Stud must follow my standards, I will not breed with any unmaxed dogs or any dog that is over Generation 6.

If none of the puppies followed my standards they will be sprayed and ether put up for adoption or retired. If you are still interested in the puppy I will give him or her to you for a a small fee of $500 (s)he will still be sprayed. You may do whatever you like with your side of the puppies.

Eye colors: Must be brown, albino eyes are accepted. Yellows, blues, and greens are not accepted, any glitched eyes are also not accepted.

Upcoming Litters & Prices & Promises

We promise that once a puppy is born we guaranteed and promise that your puppy will have:
- First vaccinations
- A collar
- Our standards

Studs and Bitches

All of our studs and bitches are available for breeding, our stud and lease fees are $1,200

If you are going to stud or lease I would like to know when the puppies are born as I may be interested in a puppy

We do not breed with glitch dogs or any dogs with a glitch in the linage, sorry!

Your dog must be maxed, I will not accept any stud requests or bitch leases if your dog is unmaxed, we do not breed unmaxed dogs, all of our dogs must be maxed before being bred, if you would like to breed with one of our dogs your stud/bitch must be maxed.

Our Rules

Please read these rules before you purchase a puppy.

If you buy one of my puppies please remember that you are now the owner and responsible of maxing and training and keeping your new puppy healthy. If any of my puppies that you have bought from me are inbred by you or unmaxed and was bred, I will no longer sell you a puppy (no sell list) as you have broken my rules and broken what I strive for, so please do not breed unmaxed dogs you bought from me or inbreed.

We will not refund any puppy, unless they were not guaranteed our promises meaning they did not get their vaccines and collar & our standards. I will only refund half of what you half payed for the puppy & I will take the puppy back, you will get the first pick of the litter.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 16 | Training Sessions: 70
Dogs in "•---Brookside Shepherds----•"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
[BSS] Allie 3rd Gen (#296952) German Shepherd 34.83 months female
[BSS] Bonnie {CUSTOM} (#296681) German Shepherd 39.81 months female
[BSS] Bullet 1st Gen {M} (#240938) German Shepherd 53.28 months male
[BSS] Flower 3rd Gen {F} (#239106) German Shepherd 54.03 months female
[BSS] Gem 2nd Gen {F} (#238720) German Shepherd 51.84 months female
[BSS] Hawk 3rd Gen {M} (#239266) German Shepherd 53.43 months male
[BSS] Klaroline 1st Gen {F} (#240934) German Shepherd 53.28 months female
[BSS] Socks 1st Gen {M} (#240937) German Shepherd 53.28 months male
[BSS] Storm 3rd Gen {M} (#239107) German Shepherd 54.03 months male
Mrs.O'leary (#187327) Siberian Husky 155.05 months female
[BSS] German Shepherds:

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