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Welcome to ❤Ätkä *taking a break* (#19811)'s profile.

Last Seen: 8:59 AM on 10-4-2015, played for 941 days

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-- Python Ink Kennels; --

Here at Python Ink Kennels, we carry Multiple Breeds. Every pair we carry are maxed before breeding, and any puppies bred are sold for profit. Once I get a good stable breeding system going, I may begin to focus only on one breed. Until then, you can obtain almost any breed of puppy or dog from my kennel :)

-- About Atka; --
Welcome to my kennel. A bit about me, my real name is Atka. I was born in Alaska, but im currently living in New York. I have two jobs and I live with my two dogs, and my leopard gecko. My oldest boy is Sunny, a golden retriever who will be turning 19 on December 25th. My next dog is Cisko. He's a Husky mix who will be 7 on January 20th. Want to know more? Just message me! I don't bite :)

-- Goals and Plans; --

•Make Wolfe immortal
•Create Wolfe's mate
•Get rainbow cupcakes for Wolfe (3/3)
•Get year long upgrade
•Get permanent upgrade
•Get trainer's perk
•Get breeder's perk

...more to come...

-- Breeding Services; --

My breeding services are currently Open

•Puppy Reservations:

See any dogs in my kennel you want puppies from? Message me the name of the dogs you want me to breed together and I'll let you know when they have puppies. I will add a bunny of some kind to the female(s) to insure that they'll have a litter of 4.
Were you not satisfied with the results? I'll breed them again for you!

•Studding and Leasing:

Have a dog in your kennel that you're dying to breed? See a dog in my kennel you want to breed it to? You're in luck!
None of my dogs are *openly* up for stud/lease. You'll have to message me :)
I have a few requirements that must be met:
•Your dog must have clean lines
•Your dog must be maxed
•Your dog's TP must be over 100
•Your dog must have a natural or smooth glitched coat, no static.
Once the puppies are born, I also have a few requirements:
•I get first pick
•At least half of the puppies must have my tag, if not all
•Any profit made from selling puppies must be split with me
If you're still interested, but don't agree with All of my requirements, message me and we can work something out :)
Prices can be worked out through Private message.

Layout made by Crooked Gem :)

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: -5 | Training Sessions: 78
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Account Type: upgraded
Upgrade Ends: 2016-09-06

User Records - [ x view more ]
10-4-2015 10:41 PM : Dog #301660 did not win a beauty show.
10-4-2015 8:56 AM : Entered dog #301660 into a beauty show for 10 energy and $100.
10-4-2015 8:54 AM : Vaccinated all my dogs for $.
10-4-2015 8:54 AM : Withdrew $913 from the bank.
09-23-2015 3:59 PM : Deposited $11913 from the bank.
09-17-2015 4:35 PM : Wolfe {M} placed third in the Auto Alacratious Trial trial with a score of 5030, meaning you earned $10060. Wolfe {M} got a small boost in tire skill!
09-17-2015 4:28 PM : Entered in Auto Alacratious Trial for 25 energy
09-14-2015 4:21 PM : Deposited $11000 from the bank.
09-14-2015 8:30 AM : Dog #301660 won a beauty show and won $350.
09-13-2015 5:53 PM : Dog #199679 sold for $10000.
09-12-2015 2:05 PM : Deposited $13000 from the bank.
09-12-2015 2:04 PM : Vaccinated all my dogs for $.
09-12-2015 2:03 PM : Retired $3,000.
09-12-2015 2:03 PM : Retired Newborn Puppy.
09-12-2015 2:02 PM : Retired Newborn Puppy.

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