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Welcome to LexyWright454 (#24428)'s profile.
currently: No longer actively online; pop in every few months. Please see profile! |||| "In this I am nothing, but I may be everything." John Adams ||| Et tu Brutus

Last Seen: 2:40 PM on 12-10-2016, played for 1095 days

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Side account:
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(06-27-2016 at 11:14 AM)
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
Missing her little lex!</3

(11-12-2015 at 9:30 PM)
Teegeetiger {❦Zoi Breeder❦}
Sending it now~ ^^

(11-11-2015 at 9:39 PM)
Teegeetiger {❦Zoi Breeder❦}
I could do 16. :3

I'm in university and I have many other things going on as of late. Therein I have not been active on Ala for several months. Thanks to everyone for the well-messages! You can find me on FooPets... I'm LexyWright454 there as well, ID number 20777862. You can also find me on email. FaceBook at Alexis Wright, in PA. Please send a message there so I know not to delete your friend request.

"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." - Ernest Hemingway (The Garden of Eden)

Table of Contents

ஓ Advertisements
ஓ Kennel Introductions
ஓ Trialing Team
ஓ About Me
ஓ Breeding and Purchasing
ஓ Training Sessions Policies
ஓ Trailing Mathematics (Useful info!)
ஓ Random Extras
ஓ LX Pit-bulls (Look if you buy a ✔ or capped Pit puppy)


Buying: Magical Food Bowl for 700,000 cash and 5 bones!

I'm looking to trade a CAM for a Magical Food Bowl! Message me if interested.

NEW Monthly Shop backgrounds in my shop for 2 bones each!

Bones for sale for 175,000 cash here

Buying training sessions for 100 cash each (must message me amount to receive payment) for the below dog!
**** Please see *TS Policies* section on my page for questions.

Insta-Pups in my shop for just 1 bone each! Scholar Collar for sale for 3 bones!

text here

Kennel Introductions

Welcome to American Strong Bully Breed Kennels! Here you shall find a mixture of the bully breeds Alacrity has that I like: Pit-bulls, German Shepherds, and Great Danes. I specialize in a lot of smooth glitch varieties in these breeds, with a large inclination towards brindle and sables. You can also find a curious selection of smooth glitch 8,999.91+ TP dogs at my disposal, as well as a healthy Trailing Team, and batch of customs and immortals. I've got a lot more to come!

Trialing Team

Click each icon to visit the depicted Trial Team dog. NOT in any particular order, other than the order in which they were maxed. Listed only if maxed.

Click each icon to visit the depicted future Trial Team dog. These dogs are un-maxed.

My Personal Trialing Records

Most cash made in a day at trials: aprox. 1.2 Million (7.10.14)
Most trials entered in a day: 188 trials so far! (7.11.14)

About Me

Online, I enjoy obsessing over capped dogs and Cupcaking new coats. Offline, I am a high school honors student and avid martial artist. The majority of my days are spent studying, training, reading, or writing. Offhand, I am a realistic traditional artist, working primarily with the graphite medium.

Visit me on Deviant Art at "lexywright454.deviantart.com"

Breeding and Purchasing

Purchasing and Buying Policies:
I do not care what you do with my puppies after you’ve bought them from me. You have paid a fair price and it isn’t within my rights to dictate what you may do with your purchase. I hope that you respect that the same is true in reverse for things that I buy. The only exception, of course, is if the dog was not purchased but given as a gift. In that case, I hope that your sense of morality wouldn’t make you feel comfortable with selling something for profit that was received for free.

Studding and Leasing Policies:
Studs are available as priced to maxed dogs. Females are priced on a largely singular basis to maxed dogs, but most fees are based on this chart (****CLICK HERE **** (Please note that my bone rates are half the cash rate (so for 800,000 cash, it's 4 bones) and I round up for odd numbers. Anything else is a typo)). I DO NOT lease or stud certain dogs, including, but not limited to, the following:
- LEASE: Vernais, Elizabeth, Artemis, Amesthyst, Ianthe, Brandy.
- STUD: Elijah, George, Cabrellis, Norm, F. Delano, Asia.
As for leasing customs, I start fees at $150,000.

Personal Notations:
- Sedit Qui and Ipsa create glitchy purples in adult images: Omnis and Ipsa make smooth glitches.
- 6,200 TP x 8,999.91 w/ Breeder's perk gives capped puppies.
- Non-inbred close-cut lineage: the proof.

How I Price Caps:
Caps are priced according to three factors: 1) how much I had to pay to make the parents, 2) what I would value/pay for the dog myself, 3) how much it's worth based on quantity, availability, coat, and stats. If you pay a top-notch price, I can guarantee that I paid a lot more to make that sale price possible. I can also say that top price = top quality dog. No inbred warnings, smooth and unique glitches with HIGH TP. I breed for all three aims in my kennel: TP, Coat/Quality, and Quantity.

Training Sessions Policies

I frequently buy out-of-kennel TS. To clear up some recent confusion, I'd like to introduce these policies:

- You do NOT have to contact me before using sessions if you have reached me through an advertisement asking for sessions. Please send me a message with how many sessions you have used. I do NOT send payment unless I have received a message/scribble with the AMOUNT of sessions used!

- By training my dogs, you thereby agree to be paid by the advertised method/amount, or yours of lesser value if you have your own system. If I advertise 100 cash a session, I will not pay 125 a session, regardless of the fact that you've already trained.

- If you train a dog that is NOT specified in my adverts, I am not responsible for paying for that training. Please be sure to train the correct, advertised dog.

- If I have told you that you can train everyday, feel free to train and message me for payment everyday on the dog I have specified. If you are interested in training on a daily basis, feel free to contact me so that we can set something up.

- My "Advertisements" profile section is in place so that I can copy and paste adverts easily. It DOES NOT mean that those are my current advertisements. Requests for training in these sections cannot be taken literally if the adverts aren't running on Alacrity.

- If I have advertised a dog to be trained, and you have trained the appropriate dog, you are guaranteed the stated payment. I am good for all transactions.

Trialing Mathematics

This is also a personal note section. I recently began to track and record my trial results for my capped dogs, looking at how much they made in each trial level, and how much they would make over a prolonged period of time. The cash figures seen below are the real results I got at trials using my own capped dogs. I have not calculated average income per trial into these levels, so understand that the cash reward for a trial might not be the number that you see consistently over time.

Cash Reward Per Single Trial by Level

The following is the amount that a capped dog made in any of the trialing levels I've so far been able to track, as well as what they scored in that trial, and how they placed. These figures are for a SINGLE trial win for a SINGLE trial dog. The term "DP" stands for Data Pending, meaning that I don't currently have any dogs in that level and therefore have no data to report yet.

Dogbert - {score 5004/1st} - $3753.
Scooby - {score 5004/1st] - $5004.
Odie - {score 5015/1st} - $6269.
Toto - {score 5018/2nd} - $10036.
Marley - {score 5029/2nd} - $12573.
Otis - {score 5057/1st} - $15171
Gromit - {score 5187/1st} - $18155
Snoopy - DP

Multiplyed Gross Income Per Trialing Level for a Capped Dog

The next set of data is the gross income for a single (one, 1) capped and maxed trialing dog per trial level. These figures were calculated taking the numbers above and multiplying them by the amount of trials a dog can enter in a single trialing level (Dogbert gets 5, Scooby gets 10, etc.). The "sum" at the end of the throng of figures is the amount a dog will have made in its entire career after having done all of the trialing levels listed.

Dogbert - $18,765.
Scooby - $45,036.
Odie - $369,871.
Toto - $752,700.
Marley - $1,885,950.
Otis - $6,068,400
Gromit - $14,524,000

Sum - $23,364,722.

Estimated Trialing Team Worth

Each number of capped Trialers is calculated to the end of Otis (where most dogs should be able to reach) and the end of Gromit.

#Dogs......... Otis........................ Gromit
1 Dogs........ $9,140,722............. $23,364,722
5 Dogs........ $45,703,610........... $116,823,610
10 Dogs...... $91,407,220........... $233,647,220
15 Dogs...... $137,110,830......... $350,470,830
20 Dogs...... $182,814,440......... $467,294,440
25 Dogs...... $228,518,050......... $584,118,050
30 Dogs...... $274,221,660......... $700,941,660
40 Dogs...... $365,628,880......... $934,588,880
50 Dogs...... $457,036,100......... $1,168,236,100
100 Dogs.... $914,072,200......... $2,336,472,200

Random Extras

Dulce bellum inexpertis - War is sweet to those who have never fought.
Et tu Brutus - "And you, Brutus?" (Julius Caesar)
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi
dictum factum - what is said is done
non ducor duco – I am not led; I lead
semper ad meliora – always towards better things
sic itur ad astra – thus you shall go to the stars
temet nosce – know thyself
veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered
carpe noctem – seize the night
luctor et emergo – I struggle and emerge

Important Link: http://alacrity.wikia.com/wiki/Creating_A_Custom_From_A_Pup_Predictor_Result
Dog Links: http://www.alacritysim.com/dog.php?id=41070

LX Pit-bulls

After realizing that capped Pit-bulls need to be more available, I started my LX Pit-bulls project (with similarly named kennel to host these Pits). After running an experimental litter between In Vino (capped Pit-bull) and Trellis (8000 TP Pit-bull), it was revealed to me that you can get as close as two dogs back (grandparents) with the same lineage and be fine (the proof).

As a result, I started scheming. I came up with a goal: to quickly bring two new “lines” to the cap (started 2/25/2015 and first litter of caps born 8/20/2015). Here’s how the first group of LX Pit-bulls is going to happen:

This project has two main purposes: breeding capped Pit-bulls, and breeding capped Pit-bulls that are safely breedable to In Vino Veritas and her direct offspring. Dogs in the purple slots will be able to yield puppies that accomplish both of these main goals. Dogs in the black slot will be available to anyone and sold. This will make it possible for others to also breed capped Pit-bulls. As an added bonus, puppies will be glitches without cupcaking by the consumer!

NOTICE! NOTICE! Fully CAPPED LX Pit-bulls are now being bred! These puppies will have a "✔" in their name slot, and will sometimes have an explanation in their notes section. NOTE that ✔ marked dogs are breedable to direct descendants of In Vino Veritas. If they have a lineage such as this (where In Vino is at least the great grandmother of your pup), then you are good to breed with In Vino or her children.


Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 59 | Training Sessions: 460
Dogs in "American Strong Bully Breed Kennels"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Smooth Yellow/Blue Glitch CAPPED (#312641) German Shepherd 1.11 months female
Keep (#312645) German Shepherd 1.11 months male
Heaven {F} TP: 479.65 (#314232) German Shepherd 3.66 months female
Pending {M} TP: 8999.91 (#317787) German Shepherd 0.45 months male
LX Pit-bulls II:
LX German Shepherds:
LX Pit-bulls:
False Immortals:
Main Trial Dogs:
Un-maxed Residents:
Customs and Immortals:
Maxed Dogs:
Training & To be Trained:

Account Type: basic

User Records - [ x view more ]
12-3-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Anchor Cookie.
12-1-2021 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
11-26-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Seashell Cookie.
11-19-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Doubloon Cookie.
11-15-2021 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
11-12-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Anchor Cookie.
11-9-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Starfish Cookie.
11-5-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Doubloon Cookie.
11-1-2021 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
10-29-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Doubloon Cookie.
10-22-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Doubloon Cookie.
10-15-2021 11:58 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Anchor Cookie.
10-15-2021 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
10-9-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Doubloon Cookie.
10-8-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog and its PirateParrot companion brought you a(n) Anchor Cookie.

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