A very special companion that arrived on Alacrity's 1st birthday. Every other week provides a free random gift to the owner.
Baby Griffin
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Oh my! This stork seems to be confused about its job! Instead of bringing babies, it keeps bringing you random items every other week.
Confused Stork
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A beautiful endangered animal. +10 energy every 30 minutes.
Lounging Snow Leopard
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Welcome to Vampire Fairy (#24987)'s profile.
currently: Buying Shibas

Last Seen: 7:52 PM on 07-28-2013, played for 269 days

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(04-30-2014 at 4:57 AM)
P o l a r ∞
hello :)

(12-29-2013 at 9:27 AM)
♥Digit♥ - the dogs who change it all
Send me a message about it?

(05-9-2013 at 7:11 PM)
The Shadow
Thank you for buying my dogs, please take good care of them and if you are not happy with them I will be happy to take them back.


I am new and bought this account from someone so if you want to say hi go ahead i am a very friendly person.
I love the Shiba Inus, Siberians and German Shepherds if you have any for sale let me know and i might buy them :))
Right now I have Puppies for sale Siberians and Shibas they are all gen 2s if you like one let me know and tell me how much you are going to buy it for and if you want training sessions i am selling them too $125 per session or you can pay in items if you want and since i am new i am trying to find some scholar collars and energy companions for my dogs i am training thanks for reading and have a great day.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 1 | Training Sessions: 722
Dogs in "Mythology Kennels"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Apollo (Maxed) (#216521) Shiba Inu 16.71 months male
Black and Brown Maxed (#228292) Papillon 20.13 months female
Clotho- (Maxed) (#215301) Siberian Husky 19.03 months female
Isis- (Maxed) (#216024) Shiba Inu 31.95 months female
Siberian Huskies:
German Shepherds:
Shiba Inus:

Account Type: basic

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06-1-2018 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
05-15-2018 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
05-1-2018 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.

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