custom by #5484: The Cane Corso, also known as Italian Mastiff, is an Italian breed valued for it\'s hunting, guarding and personal protection skills. They are commonly used as bandogs or hogdogs.
Cane Corso
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In such a rough environment such as the apocalypse, your dog's collar is gonna see some wear and tear.
Torn Leather Collar
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A slick jacket for every dog who's got a cool cat side.
Black Leather Jacket
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Jay Black (#36798)'s profile.
currently: When I was a young gay// My father took me into the city// to see a pride parade #TryingToBeEmoAndGayatTheSameTime

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(12-7-2017 at 5:01 PM)
Old Saint Pirrup
So, how everything going for you? It's been too long

(12-7-2017 at 4:41 PM)
Old Saint Pirrup
Yeah. We start exams tomorrow and goes on until the 19th which is our half day. Then we go back the 3(which sucks) but the rest of the months will go fast.

This year gone to slow honestly but hey we are getting there. I still haven't told everyone yet because they are trying to get me to stay but I really can't stay here. To many bad memories and I would rather start fresh with my dad.

Also it's good to go up since my grandfather is having a rough time. He 'okay' but I want to spend time with him in case something does happen.

(12-7-2017 at 2:31 PM)
Old Saint Pirrup
Dude, I really miss you so much! I really can't wait for May become that's when I would have enough time to chat before anything else happens. Still no wifi, school is still busy and I'll try to go to my grandma's and get SC again so we can talk until I go home Sunday

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Hello! I'm J!. I am a transgender (FTM), Scottish (Glaswegian) teenager trying to get somewhere in life, but not exactly getting very far :P My dream job would be a Police Dog Handler, as I would love to work with the big dog breeds such as German Shepherds. I enjoy reading the Deadpool comics, and used to read The Walking Dead comics beforehand. I also love the Deadpool movie, and I love Ryan Reynolds. My idol is Andy Biersack. Not only is he just beautiful, he is the lead singer in the amazing Rock band, 'Black Veil Brides'. He also has a solo project called 'Andy Black'.br>
-One of the things I enjoy to do, is play my guitar. I can play 3 different types of guitar; Acoustic, Electric and Bass.
-I enjoy walking my dog, especially when accompanied by my friends. My favorite time to walk her is at night, and my favorite place to walk her is through the woods.
-I enjoying doing art, my favorite thing to draw being wolves, hyenas.. and, strangely, eyes.
As you can probably tell, i'm a huge fan of music. The genre of music I enjoy listening to most is, of course, Rock music. My favorite band is, as mentioned before, 'Black Veil Brides'. Aside from BVB, I listen to lots more bands, such as:
-I Prevail
-My Chemical Romance
-Andy Black
-Linkin Park
-Bring Me The Horizon
-Pierce The Veil
-30 Seconds To mars
-Falling In Reverse
-Escape The Fate and

Don't be afraid to shoot me a PM or scribble me, I love to chat!!

Contacts (outside ala)
Email: SharedLeto6277@gmail.com-- Not frequently checked, better off using the following contacts:
Snapchat: MistahJoker1099
Instagram: MistahJoker1099
Twitter: MistahJoker1099


I am the proud emo child to 1 dog, 2 cats and 2 hamsters, but here I will include the familes pets too ^^
Pixie is my 7 year old chihuahua who loves to bark! She enjoys our nightly walks and could walk forever as she never seems to tire, despite her tiny size.

Harley and Cali the Kittens:
We got these two amazing kitties on the 11 November 2016. They live at my dads house, so every time I see them they've grown a lot. Cali is the black male, and he is much bigger than his sister Harley.
Kittie's Instagram

Mars and Luna the hamsters:
Mars and Luna are our two Roborovski hamsters that we got on the 25th March 2017. They are absolutley tiny and will stay that way their entire life! Pixie is very interested in them, but only sees them on occasion and is never allowed near them without them being in the cage/ball and her on a leash.

Bam is my papas cat and he is getting really old. We have estimated that he is around 14 years old. He is diabetic, and requires medication every day. He is a really sweet cat and we all love him very much.

Charlie passed away on the 2nd March 2015 after 14 long, happy years. He was my Grans dog but the entire family were utterly heartbroken. He was very special to me, because he was there my entire life, and I saw him as my own dog. I will remember him for the rest of my days and beyond, and look forward to reuniting with him when my time comes.


I'm doing free art commissions for anyone who wants something, just send me a PM with the pic you want drawn and i'll do it if I feel like it will be possible. The rules are simple:
-It must be an animal. I cannot do people at all.
-You must provide me with the image you want drawn.

You can find more examples on my Deviant Art


That "gay boy" you punched in the hall today? He just committed suicide.
The girl you laughed at because she had no hair? She survived cancer and will always be stronger than you.
That boy you called lame? He has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the stairs? She's abused enough at home.
The old man you made fun of because of the ugly scars? He fought for his country.
The girl you called fat? She's starving herself.
The boy you made fun of for crying? His mother just died.
The girl you called ugly? She hopes beyond hope that people will like her.
You think you know these people, but you freaking don't.

This is to everyone.
If you ever need to talk about anything, no matter the subject, you can message me. I will never ignore a message from someone that needs my help. I understand how tough life can be, and I know how easy it is to let yourself slip away. I will do everything in my power to make you feel even remotely better, it doesn't matter who you are or what you've done to me, or to anyone, I will be here to talk to. If you can't talk to me, talk to someone you trust. Believe me, there's one thing everyone must know.. and that's no matter who you are, or what you've done in the past, you're never alone. There's always someone to listen to you, always someone who cares, and always someone who understands.


El Diablo (#31652)- Well.. there's so much I can thank this amazing friend for, but i'll only list a few things. there hasn't been a day that's gone by since we began talking that we haven't spoke, they are always there for me, and have been through the thick and thin.

Mx. Mirridiot (#34234)- Another one of my really good friends, and the creator of this fantastic layout! They are a fantastic artist, and I absolutely love their work :) I owe a lot to them, and i'm glad to call them my friend.

Faw (#23136)- Faw is another absolutely amazing friend. She's my trolling buddy (On facebook, haha) as well as my 'Dog Senpai'.

Winterlin (#36767)- We don't chat as often as we used to, but Winter is a great friend who I love to chat to! Our conversations normally are absolutley hilarious, making them a fantastic person to be around.

Quackit (#37465)- Quackit is a fantastic person who I love to chat to! I talk to them almost every day, as they're the only friend I can actually text offline, as they also live in the UK. They are awesome to talk to!

Vet Tech Mummy (#14978)- A great person all-round! Mama adopts dogs from the pound and trains them to give them away for free! Mama is a great person, one I thoroughly enjoy chatting to.

Markimoo (#41176)- Quite possibly one of the biggest fans of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, they are constanly informing me of hilarious vidoes that I didn't know even existed! They are a very happy person, and are great to chat to!

Jeager (#41234)- A very smart and strong person that deserves a lot of love! Very kind, and a nice person to chat to :)

'Shadows Die'

Tear down the cross,
Splinters and shards.
Remembered this Trojan horse
Rode to the land we enter.

We'll burn away
And free our fallen brothers
From shackles made
Of steel and bones of soldiers.


Let shadows die
So I can feel alive.
A church of lies
Can't tell me what is right.

Our little victories and desires won't live on
Let shadows die
So I can feel alive, feel alive

I feel alive, yeah

In fear and faith
The candles light our freedom.
By tainted night we live this war of wisdom.

The streets are stained
With blood that ran their kingdom
And feed the beast that lies beneath our treason.

Let shadows die
So I can feel alive.
A church of lies
Can't tell me what is right.

Our little victories and desires won't live on.
Let shadows die
So I can feel alive, feel alive

F.E.A.R. round up these rebels
These deviants, these so-called Wild Ones
We will litter the streets with their bones
And annihilate the dangerous and obtuse ideas poisoning your children,
Endangering your freedom, giving rise to the destruction of the benevolent future we have prepared for you.
You belong to the shadows, and the shadows are where you will remain safe.
Do not disobey.

Let shadows die
So I can feel alive.
A church of lies
Can't tell me what is right.

Our little victories and desires won't live on.
Let shadows die
So I can feel alive, feel alive

(I feel alive)

'Youth and Whisky'

These words are burning inside of me
Spent years in liquid harmony
This dream is who I wanna be
Youth and Whisky

I grew from those who hate me
Stead fast to a razor-blade symphony
Cigarettes and lyrics made me
Youth and Whisky

Can you see
Can you see me
I'm strong from what they made me
These Angels who carry me
They taught me
Youth and Whisky

Baptized in smoke and misery
A loaded gun and a bastard's history
My temple's for the crazy
Youth and Whisky

No sorrow left inside me
Celebrate the moments behind me
This shot is Holy Mary
Youth and Whisky

Can you see
Can you see me
I'm strong from what they made me
These Angels who carry me
They taught me
Youth and Whisky

(Hey, hey) Brothers
(Hey, hey) Fighters
(Hey, hey) Bottles living for another round
(Hey, hey) Lovers
(Hey, hey) Liars
(Hey, hey) Throttle speeding towards a blackout


[Jake Pitts guitar solo]

Can you see
Can you see me
I'm strong from what they made me
These Angels who carry me
They taught me
Youth and Whisky

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12-9-2017 2:16 PM : Cured Harley Quinn © for $175.
12-9-2017 9:22 AM : Dog Harley Quinn © has mange.
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