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Welcome to

Tilted Scene (#8317)'s profile.

currently: I've been made a proud aunt again! :) a baby boy arrived!

Last Seen: 6:38 PM on 04-18-2015, played for 1073 days

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(04-8-2015 at 12:52 PM)
It's Blackened Lies

(04-8-2015 at 12:46 PM)
I have one of your Great Danes!!! My BDay has officially come early!

(04-7-2015 at 5:13 PM)
☤ ®∆Ʈʑ ❷✪❶❺ ☤
Posted on your thread (:

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Welcome to Tilt-a-wirl Kennels

The girl behind the screen..

Hi, I am Tilted Scene. I have two golden retrievers. One at my parents and one with me. Brody and Gilgamesh. Boscoe was put down last month, Feb. 2015… after 14 years of him being a part of our lives. I still miss him.. I enjoy all animals... except I am not a fan of cats. I have been a member of alacrity for about 5 years or so. In that time I was a newbie helper and then a Mod, but I went on an unexpectant break which lead to me thinking I would quit (I then sold my old account 55) but nope. Here I am, I returned the last week of May 2012. Took another break and now I am back as of Feb 2015. Recently, I have been remodded :). I am pretty stoked.


The string around my finger

Awesomesauce Aussies

Welcome to the crazy


Tilt-a-whirl Designs

Okies, so here is the deal! I am going to set this up like I originally did when I first began offering these back in July of 2010.
They are 1 bone a piece.
Alright. Four versions!

Version One:
The header image along with scroll box.

Version Two:
The header image as well as a footer image

Version Three:
The Header as well as snippets of either the header image OR different images
One: Different Images
Two: Different Images
Two: From Header image

Version Four:
This is like the ultimate package so to say that I offer. It include header image, foot image as well as snippets.

Also, I have other options available. They include "fading" as well as "cutout"

Cutout One
You can see in the above example that it includes snippets, a footer but no background other than the ground the dog walks on.
Cutout Two

Note: Cutout and fading option is no additional charge when you add it to whatever version you choose
Now that all examples and prices have been listed, I will now list the order form:

Your player name you wish on the layout:
Any additional text on the layout:
Specific dog breed on the layout:
NATURAL background suggestion(unless you wish for the cutout type layout in which case you leave this blank):
Cutout or Fading?:
Which version? 1-4:
Email address to where I can send the layout to (Ala messages do not work for this):
Any additional suggestions:

Note: I will make minor adjustments to the layout but I will not remake it. You still pay for the layout because it took my own time and effort. Also, please be specific on things, if you just put field for background, aussie for the dog breed and version one and then complain about details you didn't specify about.. well I can't do anything about it. As an artist I have my own outlook on things, so be specific ;)

I will have three slots available:

Slot One: Closed

Slot Two: Open

Slot Three: Open

Please message me before ordering about whether a slot is closed or available as I may not have had a chance to update what is available and what isn't.

Thank you,
Tilted Scene.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 105 | Training Sessions: 652
Dogs in "Tilt-a-wirl Kennels"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Tilteds Lost Lies [2G/✔] (#294475) Australian Shepherd 8.13 months female
Tilteds Cursed Despair [2G/] (#294483) Australian Shepherd 9.18 months male
Tilteds Innocent Doubt [2G/✔] (#294494) Australian Shepherd 9.18 months male
Tilteds Fond Deception [2G/T] (#294492) Australian Shepherd 9.18 months male
Tilteds Careless Promise [2G/T] (#294493) Australian Shepherd 9.18 months female
Tilteds Shattered Soul [2G/T] (#294467) Australian Shepherd 9.27 months female
Tilteds Tainted Nightmare [2G/T] (#294457) Australian Shepherd 9.33 months male
Tilteds Scarce Pity [2G/T] (#294438) Australian Shepherd 9.39 months male
Tilteds Dark Awe [2G/T] (#294431) Australian Shepherd 9.42 months male
Tilteds Faded Ocean (#294220) Australian Shepherd 11.25 months female
Tilteds Lucid Dream [2G/T] (#294316) Australian Shepherd 11.52 months female
Tilteds Crowning Comfort [2G/T] (#294311) Australian Shepherd 11.67 months male
Tilteds Sunday Intentions [2G/T] (#294312) Australian Shepherd 11.67 months female
Tilteds Broken Rejections [2G/T] (#294314) Australian Shepherd 11.67 months female
Tilteds Mindless Doubt [2G/ ] (#294288) Australian Shepherd 11.76 months female
Tilteds Hidden Obsession [2G/T] (#294146) Australian Shepherd 13.56 months male
Tilteds Scarce Affair (#293940) Australian Shepherd 17.25 months male
Tilteds Deadly Awe M (#293877) Australian Shepherd 18.42 months male
Hell Hounds M (#293444) German Shepherd 21.90 months male
Tilted's Tainted Law M (#293454) Australian Shepherd 22.41 months male
Tilted's Nameless 4 [© /] (#292902) Great Dane 23.19 months female
Tilted's Faded Memoir M (#293321) Australian Shepherd 23.34 months male
Tilted's Lost Sight M (#293325) Australian Shepherd 23.55 months male
Tilted's Dimmed Memory M (#293327) Australian Shepherd 23.55 months male
Tilted's Found Redemption M (#293326) Australian Shepherd 23.55 months male
Tilted's Drowned Despair M (#293324) Australian Shepherd 23.55 months male
Tilted's Rising Rejection M (#293368) Australian Shepherd 23.67 months male
Tilted's Whimsical Nightmare M (#293452) Australian Shepherd 24.39 months female
Tilted's Respected Lies M (#293453) Australian Shepherd 24.39 months female
Tilted's Shattered Soul M (#293450) Australian Shepherd 24.42 months female
Tilted's Splattered Ink M (#293451) Australian Shepherd 24.42 months female
Take (#292639) Great Dane 24.66 months female
take (#292634) Great Dane 24.69 months female
Take (#292629) Great Dane 24.81 months female
Tilted's Cursed Longing M (#293323) Australian Shepherd 25.44 months female
Tilted's Into the Ocean M (#293322) Australian Shepherd 25.95 months female
Tilted's Broken Memory M (#293320) Australian Shepherd 25.98 months female
Tilted's Sunday Rain M (#293251) Australian Shepherd 26.79 months female
Tilted's Destined Doubt M (#293092) Australian Shepherd 27.33 months male
Tilted's Promised Alibi M (#293093) Australian Shepherd 27.33 months male
Tilted's Innocent Appeal M (#293089) Australian Shepherd 29.22 months female
Tilted's Careless Abandon M (#293090) Australian Shepherd 29.22 months female
Tilted's Lavender Dream M (#293103) Australian Shepherd 29.31 months female
Tilteds Empty Pity (#293939) Australian Shepherd 32.25 months female
Tilteds Dark Beyond M (#293876) Australian Shepherd 33.12 months female
Tilted's Trusted Curse [© / ✔] (#291441) Great Dane 37.47 months male
SCL's Enchanted Ambitions [2G// ✔ ] (#291148) Great Dane 42.21 months male
SCL's Disaster Key [2G / ✔ ] (#290931) Great Dane 43.65 months male
SCL's Dazzlin Ego [2G/✔] (#289701) Great Dane 43.71 months male
SC's Queen of Hearts [© / ✔ ] (#274459) Great Dane 45.03 months female
Tilted's Crushed Defeat [© / ✔] (#291470) Great Dane 54.75 months female
Tilted's Hot Mess © 1 (#288950) Australian Shepherd 70.86 months female
Tilted's Gilgamesh © 1M (#288355) Australian Shepherd 72.81 months male
Tilted's Brody © 1M (#288353) Australian Shepherd 72.81 months male
SCL's Lyrical Tribute [2G / T ] (#273220) Great Dane 113.76 months male
Tilteds Sandy (#12710) Australian Shepherd 208.23 months female
SB's Shining Fantasy [©/✔ ] (#249230) Great Dane 237.06 months female
SCL's Shattered Disaster [© / ✔ ] (#252853) Great Dane 245.34 months male
SCL's The Hearts Key [© / ✔ ] (#252854) Great Dane 245.37 months female
SCL's Secret Ambitions [© / ✔ ] (#249310) Great Dane 259.02 months male
Tilted's Standing Survivor [© / ✔] (#249038) Great Dane 272.91 months female
SB's Passionate Spell [© / ✔ ] (#249312) Great Dane 303.84 months female
Vixen's Crowning Glory [© / ✔ ] (#239942) Australian Shepherd 336.18 months female
Southern Comfort's Journey [© / ✔ ] (#239287) Australian Shepherd 341.03 months male
Tilted's Elegant Obsession M (#31001) Australian Shepherd 380.94 months female
Tilted's Hidden Rain M (#20851) Australian Shepherd 407.67 months male
SCL's Enchanted Lullaby [© / ✔ ] (#249139) Great Dane 442.02 months female
Tilted's Cruel Intentions M (#113474) Australian Shepherd 819.32 months male
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