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Change a dog's gender and make a desexed dog able to breed again with this magical biscuit.
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A gorgeous mated pair of birds, snuggled close together; all is right with the world! While equipped, no dog in your kennel will suffer from accidents.
Raggiana Birds of Paradise
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custom by #95: designed by #16934- Bleu Adores Belly Scratches <3
Tilted Scene`s Bleu
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Welcome to

Tilted Scene (#8317)'s profile.

currently: Selling ALL Danes, sales kennel

Last Seen: 5:37 PM on 03-28-2015, played for 1052 days

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Side account:
Tilted Scene
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(03-28-2015 at 4:26 PM)
☤ ®∆Ʈʑ ❷✪❶❺ ☤
The Aussies are up in the Foundation Auctions! C:

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Welcome to Tilt-a-wirl Kennels

The girl behind the screen..

Hi, I am Tilted Scene.  I have two golden retrievers. One at my parents and one with me. Brody and Gilgamesh. Boscoe was put down last month, Feb. 2015… after 14 years of him being a part of our lives. I still miss him.. I enjoy all animals... except I am not a fan of cats. I have been a member of alacrity for about 5 years or so. In that time I was a newbie helper and then a Mod, but I went on an unexpectant break which lead to me thinking I would quit (I then sold my old account 55) but nope. Here I am, I returned the last week of May 2012. Took another break and now I am back as of Feb 2015


The string around my finger

BckwdsBeaut (#34857) has Blackened Lies and Tainted Redemption

Allie has a few danes to max

Breeding Pairs

Custom Line Pairs

1. Stained Decore and Timid Truth

2. Tragic Misery and Lucid Dream

3. Scorned Legacy and Splattered Ink

4. Framed Sorrow and Complex Distance

5. Still Temper and Destined Guilt

6. Faded Memoir and Mere Ending

7. Deadly Fault and Limited Respect

Then in 2nd generation: Rebellious Thought will be included in pairings.

Foundation Pairings

1. Into the Ocean and Destined Loss

2. Damned Fury and Missed Memory

3. Saturated Lies and Blackened Desire - Bred

4. Tainted Law and Found Redemption - Bred

5. True Meaning and Forgotten Ignorance- Bred

6. Regretful Song and Heavenly Bliss -Bred

Then in 2nd generation Elegant Ebony and Enchanted Ambition will be added as a breeding pair.

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from any of the pairs above, shot me a message. I sell puppies for 10-15k.

The Awesomesauce Danes

I recently began Danes. Since I joined ala 5 years back, I have always bred Aussies. And I mean I literally always had a huge project going. March 1st 2015, I have begun danes. It is an assortment of my own nd danes I have purchased off of other players. I have a foundation line going and a custom line. And once each produces a 5th gen pup, I will combine the lines. I do offer public lease and stud. All for 5k once they are maxed.

They are as follows:

All are 2nd generation:

Lost Lux

Broken Vow

Forseen Complication

Forgotten Power

Grand Refusal

Star Legacy

Muddled Machine

Disaster Key

Your male or female must be maxed as well.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 105 | Training Sessions: 497
Dogs in "Tilt-a-wirl Kennels"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
scarletskulz (#34451) (#292808) Great Dane 7.29 months female
2nd gen female Partial train (#292805) Great Dane 7.29 months female
Foundation Australian Shepherd (#293323) Australian Shepherd 3.81 months female
Foundation Australian Shepherd (#293325) Australian Shepherd 3.81 months male
Foundation Australian Shepherd (#293327) Australian Shepherd 3.81 months male
Foundation Australian Shepherd (#293326) Australian Shepherd 3.81 months male
Foundation Australian Shepherd (#293324) Australian Shepherd 3.81 months male
Hell Hounds (#293444) German Shepherd 0.27 months male
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