This dog is immortal.
sh. © ☼Echo ♥ (TP: 328.00) (#59388) (TP: 328.00), the female Siberian Husky

Featuring the Riverside Twilight.
Featuring the Baby Griffin.

Accessories Wearing:

Mosquito in Amber Pendant
Natural Beehive
Green Bandana
Clouded Yellow Butterflies
Golden Falling Leaves
Meaty Bone
Bumble Bee Plush
Survivor`s Martingale Collar

Dog TagSEAL Namesh. © ☼Echo ♥ (TP: 328.00)
Age639.15 months Sexfemale
Health100.00/100 Energy100/100
OwnerƧαℓʋиα Previous Owner#11833
\"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn\'t merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.\"
- Edward Hoagland
Owner has coat information hidden.
Weight68.70 lbs. Height15.58 in.
Hunger5.55/10 Mood100/100
Socialityoutgoing Self confidenceconfident
Attention spanfocused Breederunknown
Firsts: 4 | Seconds: 8 | Thirds: 6
Beauty Show Wins: 2
Skill (completed: 102.33%)
Click on the skill amount to train this dog.
Weave pole skill36.00 A-frame skill36.00
Teeter totter skill32.00 Tunnel skill38.00
Chute skill42.00 Jumps skill36.00
Tire skill36.00 Dog walk skill40.00
Pause table skill
Lease Fee$Sale Price$
Bone Price$
($0 means not for sale or lease!)
Daily Log
(6:40:03 PM) Entered into a beauty show for 10 energy.
(1:17:29 PM) Moved to kennel Frisbee/Beauty Dogs.
(1:17:16 PM) Moved to kennel Frisbee/Beauty Dogs.
(5:23:17 AM) Your dog, sh. © ☼Echo ♥ (TP: 328.00), missed the disc! Awwww..
(5:23:15 AM) Your dog, sh. © ☼Echo ♥ (TP: 328.00), missed the disc! Awwww..
(5:23:13 AM) Your dog, sh. © ☼Echo ♥ (TP: 328.00), missed the disc! Awwww..
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