Sheesh, this stuff is so expensive! You could probably find it cheaper in user shops.
Perhaps you are looking for the Junkyard to get rid of some broken down items?.

Squeeky Cleen

Keep your dog's fur beautiful!

Bathe your dog in this tub of pink suds. +10 Energy, +10 Mood, +7 Health
Soapy Bath Tub
Price: $500
Amount In Stock: 14

Amount To Buy:
Only for dogs with wiry coats. +3 Energy, +5 Mood, +5 Health
Wire Brush
Price: $26
Amount In Stock: 6

Amount To Buy:
Only for soft dog coat types. +3 Energy, +5 Mood, +5 Health
Bristle Brush
Price: $22
Amount In Stock: 7

Amount To Buy:
This formula reaches deep down into the roots and pulls out any unwanted colors from bad dye jobs!
Cl33n Slate
Price: $46
Amount In Stock: 23

Amount To Buy:
Get rid of that bad dog breath! +10 mood
Breathe Fresh
Price: $10
Amount In Stock: 17

Amount To Buy:
Clean those ears! +3 mood, +5 energy.
Q Tips
Price: $15
Amount In Stock: 15

Amount To Buy:
Spray away that wet dog smell! +10 mood, +5 energy
Odor Renewal
Price: $25
Amount In Stock: 18

Amount To Buy:
Those nails are getting long, clip 'em down! +5 mood, +5 energy, +10 health.
Nail Clippers
Price: $100
Amount In Stock: 13

Amount To Buy:
Healthy teeth are important! +5 mood, +5 energy, +10 health.
Price: $200
Amount In Stock: 19

Amount To Buy:
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