Player #43801's Auctions
Name Breed Age SexHighest Bid TypeAction
Ghost Glitch (5664)Siberian Husky141.42 monthsfemalen/adog
2nd Gen blue/brown American Pit Bull Terrier22.08 monthsfemalen/adog
Near Cap Ghost Glitch (8992)Siberian Husky186.66 monthsfemalen/adog
Magic Colours Border Collie41.19 monthsfemalen/adog
Kazue {Mascot}German Shepherd19.71 monthsfemalen/adog
AtlasSiberian Husky24.42 monthsmalen/adog
[T/Cap] TideGerman Shepherd37.11 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Light Pink Glitch CapGerman Shepherd125.19 monthsmalen/adog
(2G) Jazzy\'s Dirt RoadGerman Shepherd0.84 monthsfemalen/adog
Emerald {M}Shiba Inu89.80 monthsfemalen/adog
TP: 798.02Great Dane27.45 monthsfemalen/adog
for saleGerman Shepherd2.46 monthsmalen/adog
CallieJack Russell Terrier21.72 monthsfemalen/adog
4th Gen, Smooth Green GlitchAmerican Pit Bull Terrier72.63 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - tp: 959.64Catahoula Cur4.41 monthsfemalen/adog
Teal Glitch CapAmerican Pit Bull Terrier63.69 monthsfemalen/adog
Snow American Pit Bull Terrier17.25 monthsfemalen/adog
Only Eyes TP: 776.15Siberian Husky7.32 monthsmalen/adog
For SaleJack Russell Terrier16.29 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth purple glitch American Pit Bull Terrier13.11 monthsfemalen/adog
PatchesAustralian Shepherd18.51 monthsmalen/adog
Invisible TP: 4586.02Siberian Husky2.91 monthsmalen/adog
Invisible TP: 607.33Siberian Husky1.71 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier7.08 monthsfemalen/adog
Natural HuskySiberian Husky2.73 monthsmalen/adog
Sкєℓєтση Ƈяσѕѕιηg ℱ ℳ 𝟙 Siberian Husky98.46 monthsfemalen/adog
HurricanCatahoula Cur15.84 monthsfemalen/adog
Kalub (M)German Shepherd51.45 monthsmalen/adog
~2nd Gen Green Glitch~Shiba Inu11.88 monthsfemalen/adog
★ GDBs Tess {M} ★Great Dane33.97 monthsfemalen/adog
Natural TP: 609.33Siberian Husky1.71 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyGerman Shepherd4.26 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyCatahoula Cur1.62 monthsfemalen/adog
♂Zamira 5792Australian Shepherd140.55 monthsmalen/adog
for sale - tp: 953.04Catahoula Cur3.36 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - tp: 933.18Catahoula Cur8.13 monthsmalen/adog
HollyCatahoula Cur11.07 monthsfemalen/adog
My Line CappedAustralian Shepherd103.32 monthsfemalen/adog
*rusty brown female Siberian Husky22.35 monthsfemalen/adog
Maxed TP:712Catahoula Cur49.59 monthsmalen/adog
for sale - tp: 970.68Catahoula Cur4.41 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Purple Glitch (5844)Siberian Husky88.35 monthsfemalen/adog
Faint Ghost Glitch Near Cap (8992)Siberian Husky127.14 monthsfemalen/adog
HeptaSiberian Husky1.77 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Lineless Cap GlitchSiberian Husky45.21 monthsmalen/adog
2nd Gen blue/brown American Pit Bull Terrier22.08 monthsfemalen/adog
TP: 2597.63 InvisibleSiberian Husky9.03 monthsfemalen/adog
My Line CappedAustralian Shepherd103.32 monthsfemalen/adog
For SaleJack Russell Terrier57.84 monthsmalen/adog
HavenGerman Shepherd10.08 monthsfemalen/adog
guacamolenibbatoiletGerman Shepherd4.84 monthsmalen/adog
JackShetland Sheepdog83.82 monthsmalen/adog
Maxed TP: 722Catahoula Cur78.87 monthsmalen/adog
Lineless Glitch (5682)Siberian Husky62.82 monthsmalen/adog
Invisible TP: 4592.02Siberian Husky2.91 monthsmalen/adog
for sale - tp: 901.80Catahoula Cur9.30 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - tp: 949.68Catahoula Cur4.95 monthsfemalen/adog
MAXED - 4G Smooth Glitch (Lilac), 925 TPGerman Shepherd67.38 monthsmalen/adog
(2G) Jazzy\'s SandManGerman Shepherd0.84 monthsmalen/adog
MidnightGerman Shepherd145.02 monthsmalen/adog
Uncropped Green/Orange GlitchAmerican Pit Bull Terrier86.91 monthsfemalen/adog
Natural TP: 596.33Siberian Husky1.71 monthsfemalen/adog
Lineless Glitch 2 (5978)Siberian Husky160.14 monthsfemalen/adog
2nd Gen brown/greenAmerican Pit Bull Terrier21.94 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier76.17 monthsfemalen/adog
All See Through Glitch (5849)Siberian Husky88.35 monthsfemalen/adog
3G 712.80 Purple w/ Blue MaskSiberian Husky37.95 monthsmalen/adog
Smooth Glitch Perfect PersonalityAmerican Pit Bull Terrier110.31 monthsfemalen/adog
Thalia TP: 2472.30Australian Shepherd16.05 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - tp: 952.44Catahoula Cur4.41 monthsmalen/adog
2nd Gen MAXED red/brownShiba Inu72.87 monthsfemalen/adog
My Line CappedAustralian Shepherd104.25 monthsfemalen/adog
Only Eyes TP: 788.15Siberian Husky7.32 monthsmalen/adog
INSANE RED PURPLE GLITCH!Siberian Husky10.47 monthsmalen/adog
Spayed Female Brown EyedGreat Dane29.64 monthsfemalen/adog
RainGreat Dane20.10 monthsmalen/adog
for sale - tp: 924.78Catahoula Cur8.13 monthsfemalen/adog
Gorgeous Ghost Glitch (5674)Siberian Husky62.82 monthsfemalen/adog
3G 714 Purple w/Blue under layerSiberian Husky37.95 monthsmalen/adog
Really Pretty Glitch Sibe (Green, blue)Siberian Husky25.44 monthsfemalen/adog
TP: 2590.63 invisibleSiberian Husky9.03 monthsmalen/adog
DutchieAustralian Shepherd73.32 monthsfemalen/adog
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