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Terms of Service
of Alacrity-sim.com

The following rules are to be followed with no exception. Violation of these rules will result in a possible fine, ban, or freeze. If at any time, you no longer agree with the following, you must immediately stop interacting with the site.

All content, graphics, and coding are property of Alacrity. You may not copy, edit, redistribute or sell any of the contents, graphics, or coding of the site. Graphics uploaded to Alacrity become the sole property of the site once uploaded. Again, you may not redistribute these graphics as long as Alacrity is running.

Images posted by our players are protected by Alacrity and we do not stand for the theft, editing, or redistribution of ANY of the art created and posted by our players. Art theft of any kind will be dealt with quickly and accordingly. The world of Alacrity is purely fictional, although we attempt to recreate the world of agility dog showing as best we can.

Alacrity is free to play. Donations made to Alacrity are made at the discretion of the player and at no point will any of Alacrity’s members expect players to donate real currency in order to play the game. That said, donations made to the game cannot and will not be refunded unless the circumstances are VERY particular.

Each player is allowed only TWO accounts. Ownership of an account is classed as having the login information to that account. This means that activities such as account sitting are prohibited. Anyone in possession of the account details of more than two accounts is in direct violation of the rules and risks having all accounts frozen, without warning.

Alacrity is a friendly site for players of all ages / for players from the age of 13 and above without parental permission (player's under 13 are allowed on the site with express parental consent), and we would like to remind our players to show courtesy and respect to their peers at all times. Profanity, harassment, sexism, racism, cheating, or any other form of inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated and will be dealt with severely by Alacrity staff members.

For security reasons, Alacrity collects and stores the IP addresses of all its players in the database and reserves all rights to the holding of that information. Alacrity will not give out personal information to any other parties unless legal action is required. The staff members are in place to make your experience safer and fairer. Please show them the same respect you would show any other player and alert them to any issues you may have throughout your time on Alacrity. Staff will always be happy to help solve your problems as quickly and as efficiently as they possibly can.

The many features of Alacrity are privileges and not rights. Abuse of any of the given privileges will result in severe punishment. Cheating, hacking, and abuse of power are all very serious issues and any player found to be exercising any of these traits will be banned from Alacrity. Alacrity reserves the right to shut down, close, or go offline, at any point, without consent of the members, in any circumstances. Violation of any rules will result in punishment. The punishment will always depend on the extent of the players’ rule breaking. Alacrity and its staff members reserve the right to fine, warn, ban, or otherwise exert authority over players who attempt to violate the rules.

The texting featurette: if you use the texting feature on Alacrity you are accepting all incurred charges. NOTE: we DO NOT charge a fee for this feature, hence, it is NOT a "premium sms/text", which is where a company charges you through your phone bill for a fee. The only charges that will be incurred are if you are not on a texting plan, and if YOUR phone company charges YOU for the text messages. Alacrity and staff are not responsible.

(added on 7-27-2010) Concerning multiple family/house members playing via same IP address (internet service connection from the same router) - we welcome all players to play Alacrity, and you are still allowed two accounts. The only rule we maintain is that there are to be NO transfers of money, bones, or items in any way, shape, or form (giving, selling, trading, etc.) between sibling accounts (i.e. Mark may trade his own things between his two accounts, but may not transfer anything to either of his sister Mary's two accounts). We realize it is unfortunate you cannot team up with your brother or sister, but since we have no way of determing who is behind the computer you are playing, this rule will stay in place. To make this easier, we have created "Account Linking" on IP addresses. You may link your main and side accounts together, and only those two accounts on the same IP address will be able to send things between each other. Any additional accounts on the IP address will not be able to send or receive items from the linked accounts. This will keep "accidental" transfers from occurring by new players. *Intentionally changing your IP address to get "around" this TOS will be in violation, and will result in immediate and permanent banning from Alacrity.*

(added on 7-27-2010) Creating accounts just for the purposes of using training sessions for another player or to send another player the initial startup money or items is against the rules, and will result in the "extra" account being permanently frozen and the other player being fined.

(added on 7-05-2011) Player privacy must be maintained when punishments are being handed out. This means that what happens between a Staff member and a player is private. Please do not ask what punishment someone else has received, it is no ones business to know other than Staff and the player.

(added on 1-30-2013) If your account is frozen as a result of disciplinary action, Alacrity reserves the rights to all dogs, items, and currency accumulated on the account. You will not, under any circumstances, have these items returned to you, with the exception of faulty freezing. If you feel an account was frozen unfairly or due to a misunderstanding, you must report this to the issue hub to contest the decision made by staff. If you do not do so and/or the reasons are not found to be faulty, rights to the account and everything on it will remain with Alacrity administration. In the event that you wish to voluntarily have your account frozen, it is your responsibility to move all your belongings to another account before you request the freezing.

The rules and Terms of Service are subject to change at any point, but updates will always be made clear. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@alacritysim.com. We hope you enjoy your gaming experience at Alacritysim.com!


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