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dogs breeding all done...

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Feb 02, 2023
except for the actual baby maker button.

QUICK LINKfor new dogs script.

general improvements across the board,

whats made it in

Breeding is now integrated into 1 page.
if you are not the owner,
any dog's page you visit now shows offers you made to breed with this dog.

if you are the owner,
shows you breeding requests received by this dog,
shows you any breeding offers you have made to OTHER dogs.

requests and offers now link to dog and the owner.
a thumbnail of the dog requesting the pairing is also shown.

glitch dogs can now be requested/declined by the lessee with a checkbox, with final approval by the lessor.

what didnt make it in...

there are a few cosmetic issues still lingering through the whole dog section. I'd like to get mission critical things like breeding up, and custom dogs / pup predictor 2.0

I was gonna give the requester (lessee) the ability to edit comments for breeding requests. but I decided against it, since then I would have to log the change.

whats coming next.
( behind the scenes ...)
libraries have been constructed for management of breeding, dogs, system messages , dog logs etc
(this is a major improvement. its basically what prevents alacrity adding features in a timely fashion, changing designs, upgrading etc)

integrated most of the dog functionality, allowing for upgrades, near total rewrite. 20k lines of code scrubbed was no easy feat.

breeding requests is in particular a disaster of epic proportions. after dog is set live, I'll have to then go back and finalize new breeding system design. for now, these are the improvements I can make to it.

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some progress

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Feb 01, 2023
(update: that was embarrassing... I ran out of drive space~!)

heres the progress on alacrity breeding.

starting to look good, cleaning up very nicely into an integrated page

most of the interface work should be done today, if not all.

afterwards, only the actual breeding will be required

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I'm amazed by all the progress you made :O gj!
Posted on 02-2-2023 at 1:41 AM

fixing breeding

Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jan 31, 2023
the last section I need to fix in dogs is breeding.

then I can move onto cleaning auctions and setting the new image rendering live.

I'm coding out all the functions now, breeding interface will be done today, probably not the actual breeding.

that should be over next 1-3 days (its 3000 lines of ugly code)

after breeding done, I'll probably need to do auctions first, and that will be all the locations of 'machine generated' dogs, and then I can start re working / fixing dog images, put up the new custom tool, etc

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Sin Vraal
revised breeding page is MUCH better .

shows a lot more info, and is better for managing your dog breeding requests.
1. breeding cancels
2. the actual breeding.
3. clean up template
Posted on 01-31-2023 at 11:18 AM



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