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Privacy Statement
of Alacrity-sim.com

Alacrity both recognizes and respects your personal privacy. Therefore, information that is needed is only collected. First and last names, addresses, or phone numbers will not be collected and/or stored in our database, nor will any staff member ever ask you for them. The following information is collected and stored in our database to ensure that the site runs smoothly and efficiently:

Usernames, passwords, email addresses, and IP [internet protocol] addresses are collected and stored in our database for future reference. If in any case, a member decides to violate the Terms of Service, Alacrity-sim.com reserves the right to exclude the member using the information collected. None of the information collected will ever be used to contact you in any way, shape, or form, except through email.

The information that is collected and stored in our databases will not be passed on to third parties without the member's consent. If at any time legal action must be taken against a member, Alacrity-sim.com also reserves the right to give that information to the proper authorities.

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