Alacrity's Official Guide to Dogs

Welcome to Alacrity, a challenging agility sim! Although parts of it may seem confusing at first, you'll quickly come to know and easily navigate around the site, raising your champion dogs.
If you've already gotten basically familiar with the site layout, then congrats. That's the first step. In our little tour we will be flying all around the universe of Alacrity.

Let's talk dogs. Doubtless they are the first thing that comes to mind when you're playing and they're the main object of the game. Dogs on Alacrity mirror real life. They have weight, hunger, mood, and other stats that must be properly balanced for their well being.
Go to Earthly Goods > Foundation Auctions. There is an auction system that allows one random breed of five (5) puppies to appear in auction for six (6) hours. These dog's are foundation, meaning they have no parents, and no lineage on Alacrity. They are brand new line's. Try buying a dog from another player via Earthly Goods > Auctions > Dog Auctions instead.

Time to swoop over to your dog's page and look at stats. Let's familiarize ourselves with these so that we know how to care for the dog properly. As you can see, your puppy's basic stats are located right under his picture. Your puppy will come from the breeder at the age of 3 months.
Wait! Has it been a couple days and are you wondering why your dog is not aging? No problem. Your dogs only age when you've logged into Alacrity. They can only become sick and have random events happen to them while you're logged in as well.

Check your dog's health and energy. They should both be at a fairly good level. Since you just bought your pup, it's a good idea to get him vaccinated as soon as possible. You can do this at the bottom of the page, under "Actions." Once there you will also see that you have "Spay/Neuter" and "Put Down" options. If you choose to spay/neuter your dog, this means that your dog cannot be bred. Putting a dog to sleep is likewise irreversible. Do so wisely!
Alright. Let's go back to the top of the page and continue making our way down.

See the option to the left of "Name"? This is your dog's tag. It's basically like a brand--you can't take it off, but by searching by your brand, you can always find all dogs tagged with that. You can set your dog tag via your profile page. Note that this is irreversible as well. If you've already set your tag and want to tag your dog, just go back to his page and choose that option.
Once we've scrolled past "Physical Characteristics" (ooh, ahh, look at those markings!), we're onto "Stats." I bet your dog is hungry--look at his hunger stats. Need some kibble? Let's fly over to "Earthly Goods" > "Store" > "Gnashers." Choose some food for your dog; the more expensive it is, the more likely it'll have a bigger stat and health boosting effect on your dog. You can feed your dog from your inventory.
Going back to your dog... these "Stats" will change over time, and you'll want to keep an eye on the weight of your dog (an out of shape dog can't go very fast over an agility course!). Be careful not to feed him too much food and treats.
Onwards, Alacrity-ites, to "Skill." This will be completely blank; no, your dog is not a messed up inbred clone or anything, it just means he needs to develop agility skills. "Basic Training" followed by a 0.00% will be listed at the top. You can click on the 0% to increase your dog's basic training. Your dog must have completed basic training to be entered in the lowest level of agility trial, which is called Dogbert. After basic training is completed (it'll take a couple of days) you can move on to specialized training in other sets of your dog's skills.

We have successfully navigated the dog page, hooray! If you're looking for something else to do with your dog, you can always go and pamper him with some more goodies from the store. At the different stores, you can buy things such as grooming supplies, toys, and other entertaining things--such as dead toads (a guaranteed doggy hit!).
While navigating the wonderful little town of Alacrity in search of dead frogs, oops, your dog gets injured! Not to worry. Click on the link to take him to the vet as soon as possible so he can start healing up. Your dog will be out of commission for a few days in terms of training and showing, but he'll soon be as good as new.

Off into the great world with you! Thanks for joining us on this tour--you'll be on your way to producing champion dogs in no time. Welcome, once again, to the world of Alacrity!

Written by RiPtide #106



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