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Custom Companions

This is the Custom Companion Commission page! Here, you can commission one of the fine artists on Alacrity's Artist Team to create you a Companion item of your very own!

Custom Companions come in two tiers: Standard, and Ultra

Standard Custom Companions won via Raffle and feature a variety of useful Temporal Stat effects, as well as Speed and Drive, and cost 10 bones per extra copy ordered.

Ultra Custom Companions are available only via $USD Auctions, and feature a variety of top-notch Temporal Stat effects, as well as Speed, Drive, Litter Size, Trial Bonus and TP Boost, and cost 20 bones per extra copy ordered.

Once you have commissioned a Custom Companion of either tier, you receive one copy of that Companion, and may purchase additional copies at the listed prices. That Companion is yours; only you may purchase additional copies, though you are welcome to resell any and all copies to other users. This, in addition to the fact that you have control over what the Companion is, makes it a very unique and special item indeed!

The artist you may commission depends on the month you won your Custom Companion Token. You can not request a different artist from those that are listed for Raffle and/or $USD Auction tiers! Finally, check the artist list for what they consider themselves to be best at, and their example images, to be sure that they are the artist best suited to your idea BEFORE you buy a raffle ticket or put in a $USD bid. You will not be able to change artists partway through, so be sure you're happy with your choice!

Available Effects
You may pick only ONE effect per companion at this time
Standard (Raffle) Ultra ($USD Auction)
+2 Health Every 30 Minutes +5 Health Every 30 Minutes
+2 Mood Every 30 Minutes +5 Mood Every 30 Minutes
+2 Energy Every 30 Minutes +5 Energy Every 30 Minutes
-0.2 Hunger Every 30 Minutes -0.5 Hunger Every 30 Minutes
+0.5 Speed Once a Day +1.0 Speed Once a Day
+0.5 Drive Once a Day +1.0 Drive Once a Day
Maximum 4 pups per litter +0.1 TP Once a Day (random stat)
+10 Points to Trial Score

To Order:
First, be sure to submit your Custom Companion Token to Carnivale (#6), and wait for confirmation of receipt. To order your Custom Companion after this step, reply with a filled out Order Form from the bottom of this page, and it will be passed on to the artist of the month.

After the Message:
You will receive contact from the artist of the month to work out details for your Custom Companion.

Work will NOT begin on your Companion until payment has been made. As work goes on, you are welcome to request updates from your artist, but please keep from spamming or harassing them! When the art is completed, it will be submitted into the site as a new companion, and the effect will be coded as soon as possible. You will receive your new friend when it is verified to be WORKING.

Artist Information

Everything, I even do airplanes.
Mainly mammals.
Primarily animals, natural or fantasy, but can do about anything except machinery.
Any animal, except birds and apes.
Scaley, feathery, rodents. Just NO felines.
All animals, including fantasy. But mostly mammals.

If you need your Companion by a specific date, please let your artist know in the 'Extra Info' section of the Order Form.
You MUST turn in your Custom Companion Token before the end of the next raffle, or your Token will be voided! This is in place to eliminate confusion over which artist was available during which month you won the token.
**Please note that Custom Companions are ONLY available through the artists listed, and previously made items are NOT viable for the effects.**

Custom Companion Order Form

User Name:
User ID #:
Standard or Ultra:
Name of Companion:
Special Markings & Colors:
Reference Image:
Desired Effect:
Extra Info, if any:


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