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Alacrity Dictionary
Abbreviation Word Meaning
Ala Alacrity This site.
Admin Administrator A member of staff that assists in fixing site bugs, coding, adding new features, and overseeing problems alongside a list of other tasks.
Aussie Australian Shepherd A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
BC Border Collie A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
BG Background A background image for your dog.
BoM Bandana of Maturity An accessory on Alacrity that turns dogs into adult form when equipped.
BoY Bandana of Youth An accessory on Alacrity that turns dogs into puppy form when equipped.
CA Custom Accessory An accessory made by a user.
CAM Custom Accessory Maker The item used to create Custom Accessories.
Capped, TP Capped Total Potential Capped The highest total potential achievable through breeding at 8999.91 total.
Cata, Cur Catahoula Cur A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
CC Custom Companion A custom companion made special order by site artists at user's request.
CT Custom Tool The place where you can create custom dogs, for bones, that are immortal. HERE
Foundie Foundation Dog A first generation dog with no parents listed.
Ghost Ghost Dog A glitch dog without a base coat.
Glitch Glitch A % under 0 or above 100 in a secondary marking. Can occur through custom or breeding.
Glitch Breeder Glitch Breeder A person who breeds dogs with secondary markings above 100%, or below 0%. Often owning more than one type of glitch.
GSD German Shepherd Dog A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
Heat Female Heat Cycle A Bitch begins her heat cycle at 12 months old, and will go into heat every 6 months for 1 month. (12 months, 18 months, 24 months, etc.)
Hub Issue Hub The place to send questions, site issues and problems with other players to be handled by Moderators and Administrators. Can be found HERE.
IM Instant Message An individual chat you can use to talk to one person.
Invisible Invisible Dog A husky glitch in which no lines or base coat exists. Some secondary markings can exist but are not seen.
JRT, Jacks Jack Russell Terrier A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
K Thousand One thousand of something, usually money. $1,000
Lineless Lineless Dog A glitch dog without lines.
Maxed Maxed Fully trained to the extent of a dog's Total Potential.
MDB Magical Dog Biscuit A magical item that changes a dog's gender and makes fixed dogs able to breed again.
MDW Magical Dog Whistle A magical item that allows you to bring back a dog from the Retirement Home, but will not resurrect dead dogs.
MFB Magical Food Bowl A magical item that maxes a dog's ability in each trial object by half.
MLL Magical Lifelong Locket A magical item that makes a dog immortal.
MRB Magical Rubber Ball A magical item that perfects a dog's personality stats and its temporal stats (immediately maxing their total potential); it also cures injuries instantly.
MWB Magical Water Bowl Maxes out a dog's ability in each trial object.
Mod Moderator A member of the staff that helps in ensuring rules are being followed on Alacrity.
Mood Dog Mood Dog A ghost dog whose coat changes colors depending on the background/items behind it.
NH Newbie Helper A part of the staff on Alacrity that is dedicated to helping members with site questions, both old and new.
Pap Papillon A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
Perk Breeder or Trainer Perk A specialization bought with bones to enhance an aspect of an account.
Breeder Perk: increases bred TPs by 10% per account that has it (so if you breed between two accounts that both have the perk, you'll get a 20% TP increase) and guarantees you a max litter of 4 every successful breeding.
Trainer Perk: doubles your training amounts for in-kennel and out-kennel training, and gives you 20 extra training sessions per day.
Phalene Phalene A Papillon with floppy ears.
Pibble, Pitties, APBT American Pit Bull Terrier A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
PM Personal Message A message between two people on the site, kind of like e-mail.
PWC, Pemmie, Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
RE Random Event An event that appears randomly at the top of your page as you move through the site. This can give you items, money, or even training sessions, but also can cause accidents to your dogs and make you lose money. It is truly random.
Rollover Rollover When the date changes on Alacrity at 12:00am. Daily things are done then, new training sessions, daily allowance, etc.
SC Scholar Collar An accessory that doubles the amount raised each time you click a skill.
Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
Sibe, Husky Siberian Husky A breed of dog available on Alacrity.
Sleeper Sleeper Glitch A glitch dog that does not look like a glitch.
Stud Breeding Age Male A Stud can start breeding at 8 months old, and can breed as many times, and as often as he has the mood, health, and energy.
SWAG Bag Monthly Ultimate Bag The gift bag available in the monthly store with the words "SWAG" written on it.
Tag Tag May stand for either "dog tag" or "user tag".
Dog Tag: Available only to upgraded accounts, this is a feature that allows users to custom brand a dog in their kennel that does not already have a tag. It will be with a dog for life and can be traced back to its owner. The feature is irreversible once done, likewise a user's chosen tag cannot be changed unless under special circumstances.
User Tag: The picture displayed above, under, or with the account number. Only available for use by upgraded members. It has a size limit of 100 pixels high and 175 pixels wide only.
TP Total Potential The maximum amount that a dog can be trained in all skills.
TS Training Sessions The sessions that you get to train your dogs (2 per each dog slot you have).
Zoi Borzoi A breed of dog available on Alacrity.

If you wish to add anything to the above list, please post on the Alacrity Dictionary thread.


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