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Alacrity Updates in Admin Updates


(09-14-2012 at 9:37 PM)

This thread's purpose is to discuss the changes that have been made to Alacrity tonight. If you are unfamiliar with what's happened, please visit the current news post!

Here's a brief synopsis of what is acceptable for this thread:
• Talk about the age decrease for eligible trial dogs
• Talk about the revised trial payouts
• Talk about increased beauty show payouts
• Talk about increased Frisbee Challenge payouts
• Discussion about a points shop; where it belongs and what you'd like to see.

Of course, all of the same Alacrity rules apply here. If you have criticism, please pose it in a constructive and respectful manner. We LOVE feedback!

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idleRAT (#25598)
(09-17-2012 at 11:18 AM)

" believe, it would lead to more new users leaving than staying (which is a problem as-is, because they don't feel they can do anything or afford anything without buying bones with money), and the overall userbase being more unhappy."

I keep seeing people say these changes are supposed to help newbies, but not listening to the comments from newbies saying it's not helping.

Up until the changes, I enjoyed trailing and spent a lot of time getting on to trial my dogs. Since the changes, I'm not trialing at all. As a newbie it is now not worth it to trial my dogs, I lose money by trialing and it's no fun to either. If this change is supposed to help newbies and convince them to stick around, why is it the lower trials(that newbies can actually enter and win) have been altered? I enjoyed this site before the changes and find it much less enjoyable now.

I have rl money to buy bones and with people I was going to refer here so I could get the rewards, but both of those seem pointless now. The site isn't as fun, I don't want to spend money here if these changes will stay, because I won't enjoy the site as much and am less likely to stay.

I don't see how it's helping the economy, from chat:
"I made 1.75 mil or close to yesterday, and as they seem to have lowered the payout again, it was about 1 mil "
An older user talking about frisbee payouts.

I'm just really disappointed, the game was much more fun before this :(

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Doom Shroom (#7039)
(09-17-2012 at 10:10 AM)

I'm a collector, meaning I want/need one of everything, which is, despite my many items, not yet the case. I also really really don't want to have to think about what to buy and what not. That is a RL issue I don't want on Ala. One reason why I spent so much on bones.

I was under the impression money in banks doesn't even count, just what you have on hand?

The point of the game being just breeding higher TP dogs should go out of the window. That may have been the intention, but in the end, the game is played through in that regard. The cap has been implemented. For someone with a dedication, reaching capped dogs in every breed is just a matter of a few generations, breeder perk and chances. New players have it harder and harder because their lower TP dogs aren't worth much.

Not everyone has the possibilities to train even a 5k dog. Or a 2k dog. Someone without collar and perk and no extra sessions may as well forget about even training a 1k dog. And then you spent all the long time, just to find the dog gets stuck in Toto (as it is the case for lot of my dogs, hard to find trials not overrun by even higher TP monsters already).

Trialing teams were fun because you needed to carefully think about who to place in what team when. It was also fast, even I was done in an hour or three.

It was even fun with 4 dogs, to an extend, except the endless hours waiting for someone to enter trials. This got so cumbersome I didn't want to go on Ala for days. Now? I waited all day yesterday and I hardly found a few trials to enter in (as I now have a lot fewer to pick from) and didn't even make 30k each account by the time I counted. That's the end of fun.

Frisbeeing? It's fun for a bit, but I fell asleep over it twice yesterday and not even done today thanks to lag. It takes less time to do it than to trial, in theory, because you can click all the dogs off one after the other, but it is also a lot less exciting. As much as watching paint dry after a while.

What the lack of trials did was hamper my customs and other dogs in TP gain. While this is disappointing, I am mostly breeding for color so I can simply scratch that objective.

But I believe we can expect some stability in this game, not constant band aids that in the end won't work.

Being given promises - like shop prices going down again and then later to be told that would only happen at some imaginary point in the future felt like false advertising to a lot of us. Yes, maybe a few people had been aware it meant "when you have less money" but most of us did not. And since none of us wants to have less money, I believe we won't spend more of it when there is a growing danger of things being changed around again and again and we never now what the income will be, and for how long.

I didn't hoard money before the changes to trials were made the first time. I spent most of my daily earned cash on stuff like timestops and timewarps. I stopped doing that in favor to saving up to be on the safe side. So did others. I think there will be even more hesitation now to spend money.

As far as items in user stores getting more expensive - can't it be done so that nothing is allowed to cost more than twice the amount it was bought for? This would mean fixed list prices for everything but it would put a stop to crazy ideas about how much things can cost. I believe a lot of the overpriced items are so because the seller has no idea about its worth or unrealistic hopes

Please excuse any typos or slightly confused wordings, migraine strikes again.

Posted By

мσℓℓу ωσℓƒ

(09-17-2012 at 9:02 AM)

"I would not be in favor of punishing those with lots of money through bank limits. I made my money through trialing and saving. I rarely buy anything or any dogs. I train and trial, that's it.

EDIT: Bank interest is a reward for saving money, that's the purpose of it. Why would we want to punish users for doing something that they should do in the first place?"

No one was saying that people with bank interest should be punished? Unless I missed something. We were saying this in response to Larth saying the approximately 2 billion needs to be cut; the 2 billion is owned in large part by a few people mostly, so chances are it's not going to get cut. No matter how much trial payouts or whatever are diminished, the people with the large amounts are not getting hurt by the changes. More so, for me at least, I'll just be saving more due to these changes so the total currency is just going to rise more from these new changes if I'm not the only one planning to do such.

My guess is around 10-20 people are making up at least 50% of the total currency right now. (this is a guess, so don't hold my word for that) So, the point here is, while the economy LOOKS like it's terrible, really, that is a few people doing that. And as far as bone prices, these people with more ala cash than they know what to do with are the ones probably driving bone prices up.. I personally don't buy bones but my guess is it's one of the really rich players buying them out. I could be wrong there, too, but who knows. I would be more in favor of targeting these players spending their massive amounts of money as opposed to trying to cut their money down and in turn hurt players who don't have money.

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If you're lost and alone, or you're sinking like a stone, carry on~ Carry on by Fun
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(09-17-2012 at 3:05 AM)

"Well that couple of hundred thousand people made a week"
More like a couple hundred thousand a day :/

Reducing the amount of money coming in from trialing is different than totally cutting off trialing, which would be just like if we were to cut off interest.

EDIT: I trialed a couple dogs a few times this morning and made $55,000. I don't see anything bad with the change; I'm not even trialing capped dogs, my dogs I'm trialing are around 5000TP or so. It's not impossible to make money trialing, you just have to play Alacrity like it was intended to be played: Train dogs, breed dogs with higher-TP dogs, train puppies, breed dogs with higher-TP dogs, train puppies, breed dogs with higher-TP dogs, etc.
It's common sense that higher TP = more money, it's absolutely ridiculous to think that you can make a killing trialing custom dogs and can have them hold their own with the "big dogs".
What has really happened is that trialing has been cut a bit, frisbee has been jacked up, but still below what would be made before. People are acting as if the trialing has been cut and that's it. :S

Moral of the story: Want to make money? Breed and train higher-TP dogs.

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< (#584)
(09-17-2012 at 2:16 AM)

Well that couple of hundred thousand people made a week for trialling high TP dogs was a reward yet we still seem to getting punished for that by having it lowered and constant limits added to trials.

I'd say it's only fair really. If you're trying to fix the economy by lowering trial payouts then you should be looking at everything else that generates money on this site including the bank.

Just seems pointless to me to lower trial payouts yet encourage users to hoard their money and make a fortune from bank interest which in it's own time will just further ruin the economy. I've never been a fan of any interest system really just seems to ruin any site that has one implemented.

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(09-17-2012 at 12:47 AM)

I would not be in favor of punishing those with lots of money through bank limits. I made my money through trialing and saving. I rarely buy anything or any dogs. I train and trial, that's it.

EDIT: Bank interest is a reward for saving money, that's the purpose of it. Why would we want to punish users for doing something that they should do in the first place?

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ѕтєη ωσℓƒ

(09-16-2012 at 11:00 PM)

Personally I would be in favor of implementing other economy controls other than attacking trialing (which makes it harder for new players to get into the game, and frankly new players are the life blood of any web game). Right now implementing what seems to be several "solutions" seems more like a shotgun blast seems like it's just going to cause more upset than help. Frankly I've been seeing more than a few people selling off their things and leaving before Ala gets too bad to rescue (and I really don't want to see that happen either)

I would say that since it seems to be a large portion of the active money is likely coming from a select few rich persons on Ala (I actually fit there too, I'ma money hoarder since it's the most reliable way to make money now) that perhaps a bank limit should be implemented? For example, if you have 500mil in the bank, you now earn 10mil a week for doing absolutely nothing. Now say at least a few people take this method, well there is going to be a lot of cash floating around. And money hoarders see news like this and guess what? Gather up MORE, making the economy look worse than before. Personally I hardly trial, it's too much of a hassle and I know at the end of the week I'm going to get payout from the bank.

Average players on Ala don't have that cash pool to draw the big interest and sustain themselves, so they rely on trialing which is often difficult and seemingly getting harder. Personally I really only used capped dogs anymore, and don't worry about it when I do show, but again not everyone has that kinda resource.

It just seems to me the largest goal of this game keeps getting "attacked" for lack of better way to say how this keeps coming off to me, while other things which are equally treating to a failing economy are completely ignored. (I didn't list any solutions since I've stated them numerous time in past debates, and this topic is for trailing)

Posted By

мσℓℓу ωσℓƒ

(09-16-2012 at 10:38 PM)

"When users are making less money at a regular pace and the almost two billion dollar active money on site has dissipated to a reasonable amount in relation to the number of active users"

You have to keep in mind some users, a very few, are making up a HUGE portion of this active currency, and they certainly aren't hurting from these changes in the least. I am one of them; I simply am choosing to just not trial, it's not worth my time anymore and I just won't do it *shrugs* I had a hard time remembering to trial as it was. In fact now I will end up hoarding my money more when previously I was spending a lot of it on rather useless things that I was just doing for fun (such as insta pupping tons of litters I am making no money off).

There are few users "making a killing" on here and having tons and tons of money.

I am completely in favor of the lower trial payouts if the cost to enter also goes down. As I have suggested before, a flat entry fee for each different level, or one overall, would be nice. It would need to be a decently low cost, though, so people will enter just to enter for TP increases rather than for sure winning.

If you're lost and alone, or you're sinking like a stone, carry on~ Carry on by Fun
Posted By
(09-16-2012 at 9:48 PM)

after running trials and seeing the Frisbee change it's really not to bad...

but i would LOVE to see some new game especially some flash games(is really hopeful we can get some) and i'm excited about the point shop

but i still don't think the age degrease without compensation is fair

Posted By
MizzMalfoy *Birthday Countdown: 9 Days* (#11754)
(09-16-2012 at 7:34 PM)

Well... all I can say is that I'm so glad I have 12 mil saved up my bank. I shall be making a nice income off on interest until the economy is fixed.

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