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Alacrity Updates in Admin Updates


(09-14-2012 at 9:37 PM)

This thread's purpose is to discuss the changes that have been made to Alacrity tonight. If you are unfamiliar with what's happened, please visit the current news post!

Here's a brief synopsis of what is acceptable for this thread:
• Talk about the age decrease for eligible trial dogs
• Talk about the revised trial payouts
• Talk about increased beauty show payouts
• Talk about increased Frisbee Challenge payouts
• Discussion about a points shop; where it belongs and what you'd like to see.

Of course, all of the same Alacrity rules apply here. If you have criticism, please pose it in a constructive and respectful manner. We LOVE feedback!

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idleRAT (#25598)
(09-14-2012 at 10:53 PM)

Not too happy about the lowered trial payouts to be honest, I've been scraping a few k from them daily with my 4 trialing dogs(3 now) and just about breaking even now that they've hit toto and are competing against much better dogs. With the changes, I'll be making a loss on even my best dog :(

If the changes to payouts are kept, then I think there needs to be some changes to the way trials are run. For lower TP dogs, it's already pretty hard to get anywhere with all the TP monsters. Even if there were TP limits on each category so lower TP dogs stay in the lower competitions it'd be fairer. For anyone starting from the beginning on this game, trials just became a bit pointless and low TP dogs worth less than they were before.

The frisbee payout increase is nice and I like the extra money, but I think the payouts are too high, especially compared to trials. One of my dogs made me 12k from 5 games of frisbee, the same dog trialing might make me that in uh...five days? Probably longer now the trial payouts have been reduced-actually think she's become completely unprofitable in trials now, which is a shame because she's been my champ with her 700TP(I'm sure that's seems low to non-newbies, but she's my best trial dog).

The points shop sounds nifty, the trial age decrease seems sensible and the beauty show payout change doesn't seem too high.

Posted By

(09-14-2012 at 10:02 PM)

"selling them for immense profit and thus escalate the inflation as everyone who liked the items was rushing even more to make money to buy them"

This doesn't escalate inflation. Transferring money from one user to the next doesn't add money to the economy.

Posted By
Doom Shroom (#7039)
(09-14-2012 at 9:55 PM)

I like the age limit, although it means training up capped dogs is even more of a hassle as they don't always pay out considering how long some people need for their training. Something needs to be done to balance this. Faster training somehow. Otherwise, anyone unable to afford trainers, lots of sessions, scholar collars, trainer perks, and the bowls will be in a big disadvantage.

I dislike the lesser payout. It is, for me at least, hard enough to trial.

Today I was pretty much frustrated - if the payout is already lower, it is no wonder I didn't reach my daily goal and spent hours to find trials to make it fit when I could have gone to bed. Please please announce such changes in advance. And give us the numbers please. How much less is in the wins? I fear more people will stop trialing now and it will get even harder to trial.

Now if you'd lower the entry fees to fixed numbers per level, that would work better - because if we are talking any form of reality, no one would ever be asked to pay more than a few 100 entry fee for a dog, and that only at high levels.

I don't play the frisbee game, I don't do beauty shows anymore with the last changes, so can't comment there.

I'm unsure about the points shop for one reason only. The other site I've seen this on got big issues with the race heavy people buying these things, selling them for immense profit and thus escalate the inflation as everyone who liked the items was rushing even more to make money to buy them.

I'd rather like to see items you can win when trialing. Even those who trial little have a chance at them then.

Edited to add - with the lower payout, I seem to have made losses in some trials instead of wins. Could we please finally get the info about how much the entry fee was on the dog's page so we can compare it to their winnings to see if they still make sense in trials?

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edited on 2012-09-14 21:58:59 by #7039

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ღSilas the Jinxღ


(09-14-2012 at 9:41 PM)

The point shop sounds awesome. Maybe every two months or so the items change in the point shop to make those items people purchase somewhat rare but then again that might put a lot of artists go into art-overload XP

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