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Larthan (#8598)
(04-28-2015 at 1:34 PM)

Hi there! We recently realized that you might not really know what all has been going on in the background.

We've been hard at work updating artwork and fixing broken art and bugs, and are pretty sure you guys would like to hear about it! So, in light of that, this post is for us to keep you up to date on what has been fixed and when.

Please do not comment on this thread. All comments that are not by admins will be deleted. If you have found an issue that needs to be addressed, please use the issue hub to let us know!
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Posted By
Kit.Astrophe (#7244)

(newbie helper)

(08-17-2015 at 9:41 PM)

An issue has been discovered with the Topiary companions. It is a known, but not yet remedied issue.

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(08-1-2015 at 1:15 AM)

Panda Dye added for Great Dane
Tie Dye now works on all breeds and has gotten an art update.
Aviator Caps have received an art update as well.

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(07-3-2015 at 10:31 PM)

Most dyes work on Great Danes now. If you find one that does not, please submit an issue hub ticket to bugs.

The following items have been added for Great Danes:
autumn hunting vest
Black Chappeux
bornean pearoosterpheasant wings
candy corn dye ultra
canine gas mask
crocodile hunter belt
crocodile hunter hat
crocodile hunter vest
dapper tophat
designer bag
easter bandana
fancy black chappeux
fancy white chappeux
loki’s helmet
paint splatters
Paisley Bandanas (all)
princess hat
rope halter
royal crown
rusty spiked harness
safety hunting vest
thor’s helmet
white chappeux
winter hunting vest
sled harness

The following item has been added for American Pit Bull Terriers:
Canine Gas Mask

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-4-2015 at 6:11 AM)

Great Danes now have art for the following items:

mummified cat plush
mummy wraps
mutant calf
mutant cat
mutant raccoon
mutant rat
nature spirit
nibbling mice
nuzzling black cat
old boot
orchid bracelet
orchid crown
orchid necklace
panda pendant
panda plush
pearl and sapphire necklace
pearl birthstone necklace
pensive bat eared fox
pirate cutlass
pirate eyepatch
pirate hat
pirate earring
pink angel wings
pink bunny plushy
plague doctor mask and hat
plastic bead necklace
pocket watch
polar bear cub
pouncing calico fox
pouncing red fox
pouncing sunglow fox
pouncing whitemark fox
przewalskis wild horse
pumpkin bucket
puppy plush toy
purple bows
red bows
red bowtie
red plaid collar
red plaid leash
robyn’s bridal veil
robyn’s flower tiara
red knee tarantula
red roan foal
ringbearer pillow
robyn’s baby
robyn’s ringbearer pillow
ruby rose barrette
running coyote
running panda shepherd
sand castle
santa cape
shamed puppy
shamrock necklace
shed antler
short faced bear cub
silver earrings
sitting saint bernard
skull and crossbones necklace
slavic cuff
small stray dog
sparkling red grape juice
sparkling white grape juice
spider pendant
spring hare plush
steam powered jellyfish
steampunk exo outfit
stop sign
stray piebald cat
stray tabby cat
sun conure
sun hat
supply dog
survivor’s martingale collar
tajikistanian flag
tasty trout
topaz earing
toxic waste barrels
toy sled dog
trotting basset hound
unfinished clay doggie
viking cloak
viking helmet
viking shield
wanted poster
western dog bridle
western mustang tack
white dragon
white knight armor
willow grouse
witch cape
wooden bead necklace
yellow bows
zeppelin balloon
zip line
zmey gorynych
zombie eye gore
zombie slit throat

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-3-2015 at 6:39 AM)

Great Danes now have images for the following items:

A.L.A.C. vest
bone collar
bone leash
bone spine
bottled mayflower
box of puppies and kittens
broken glass bottles
candy necklace
capuchin monkey
caribou calf
celestial horse
celestial tiger cub
cherub wings
chimera cub
circus regalia
clockwork stag
confused stork
coral ocean necklace
cowboy hat
crocodile hunter necklace
curious dhole
dark night armour
death worm plush
demon wings
devil horns
diamond ring
diamond studded collar
diamond studded leash
dashing dodo
drifting cherry blossoms
fall collar
fall leash
fancy copper dog bowl
fancy gold dog bowl
fancy silver dog bowl
fancy ruby necklace
fancy sapphire necklace
fawn plush
feather necklace
flying charcoal, india, jade, purple, white peacocks
garnet icicle necklace
giant panda
goat horns
gold earrings
gold ring
silver studded harness
gold studded harness
gold tinsel
silver tinsel
golden eagle
golden heart necklace
golden tiara
silver tiara
green bows
groom collar
robyn’s groom collar
halloween cat
headless dog
headless horsemans steed
hellhound mask
heraldry banner
hospital i v
hot dogs costume
huginn and muninn
ibex horns
icicle necklace
irish elk antlers
ivory beaded necklace
jack o’ lantern balloons
jersey devil
king penguin
kirin plush
kitten plush toy
labrador puppies
lace garter
robyn’s lace garter
large stray dog
lounging snow leopard
mangled mp3 player
melanistic zebra foal
mistletoe earrings
moon collar
moon leash
mosquito in amber pendant
mother nile crocodile
muddy puppy

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-2-2015 at 4:30 AM)

Fixed Earthday layout for real this time.
Also, our professional coder has the patience of a saint. Just letting you guys know.

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-2-2015 at 2:36 AM)

Rebroke the names, but there's no longer any text poking out the top of the page, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-2-2015 at 1:38 AM)

Fixed it so that dog names don't highlight in blue on Earth Day layout.

Unfortunately, some text still does, and there is now a little bit of code poking out of the top of the page.

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-1-2015 at 11:25 AM)

Creekside Background, Lakeside Fishing Dock Background, and Autumn Valley Background now work in the item previewer.

Posted By
Larthan (#8598)
(05-1-2015 at 7:47 AM)

Black Scarf added for Great Danes, fixed for Papillons.
Black Spikes fixed for Great Danes.
Black Wolf Plush added for Great Danes.
Brown Wolf Plush added for Great Danes.
Silver Wolf Plush added for Great Danes.
White Wolf Plush added for Great Danes.
Bloodhound added for Great Danes.
Blue Bows fixed for Great Danes.
Blue Plaid Collar added for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.
Green Plaid Collar fixed for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.
Red Plaid Collar added for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.
Blue Plaid Leash added for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.
Green Plaid Leash fixed for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.
Red Plaid Leash added for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.
Bone Bandana added for Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.

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