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J's Joker.
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This is all the Joker's stuff. When I'm in RPs these things will be used frequently, so I decided to make a reference page for all the things I will use.


The Joker:

Close Up:


Full Body:


Bio: The Joker is a phsycopath, a crazy supervillan that wants nothing more than to make the Batman (and Gotham) suffer his cruelty. He thrives on tormenting the batman, causing him a lot of pain and suffering. He can mentally destroy anyone, including his girlfriend Harley Quinn who was once his physiatrist in Arkham Asylum. He drove her insane, and she helped him escape the Asylum. He is abusive towards Harley, he knows she wouldn't- and couldn't- leave him. He has neon green hair, bleached skin and multiple tattoos across his body. He is often seen wearing heavy gold chains around his neck.

Summary: A mob boss with blood lush. A gangster clown and a Supervillan.

Age: Nobody knows except him. He is estimated to be between 25 and 35 years old.

Nicknames: Mr. J, J, Clown Prince of Crime and Puddin' (Puddin' being Harley's Nickname for him).


Full Body:


Bio: Jack is a massive muscular male hyena. He has a tattoo on his left ear which is the Jokers tag.
He was rescued from a test lab along with his sister, Jester, when they were 6 months old.
Their Manes were already bleached and Joker dyed Jacks mane Green and Purple.
Jack wears a green and purple collar with a solid gold buckle, along with a Tag which has his name with 'Joker' on it.
Jack is Jokers partner in crime, and never leaves his side. Jack is fearless like his master and would do anything for the Joker.

Summary: A male hyena with a strong Russian accent and aggressive voice. Green and purple dyed mane with a tattoo on his left ear to cover up the lab number.

Age: 3 years old

Nicknames: Jacky and Jacky-boy.

Joker's Garage


Side view:


Front View:


Rear View:




Custom Pistol:


Custom Knife:



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