~ Mirr's Holiday Giveaway ~
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~ Mirr's Holiday Giveaway ~

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December has come, and with it holiday cheer! To celebrate, I've decided to create another giveaway, similar to my summer giveaway.
While I did deeply enjoy my last giveaway, 60 days' worth of giving proved to be... very difficult. I decided to shorten the timespan, but increase the number of daily giveaways! Instead of just AlaCash and Training Sessions, why not give away AlaCash, Training Sessions, items, and bones?! I'm... probably going to regret this decision, but let the giveaway begin!

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Beginning December 1st, 2017, I will be giving away $1,200,000 AlaCash to one player, 1,200 TS to another player, 12 items to a third player, and 3 bones to a fourth player, per day for a total of 12 days.
The last day I will gift will be December 12th, 2017.
In total, I will be giving away $14,400,000 AlaCash, 14,400 Training Sessions, 144 items, and 36 bones.
A total of 48 players will receive something.

Just like my last giveaway, I greatly encourage you to pass on as well. Maybe it's something(s) simple, maybe it's off-site/offline, maybe it's just some kind words, give a little something!
Feel free to post below what you passed on! Perhaps your little somethings could help to inspire someone else.
Whatever you are or aren't celebrating this season, happy holidays from this little idiot to you~

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I had no requirements for my last giveaway, but I believe it will be best to implement some for this one so that multiple types of players can receive something most beneficial to them.

- have played for a minimum of 12 days
-- have played for less than 365 days*
*(implemented to help newbies specifically, rather than older players that likely have a deeper, more complex understanding of the Alacrity economy, or than older players that may already have/had a decent bank amount)

- have played for a minimum of 12 days
-- have at least 1 dog with 350+ Total Potential remaining, or several dogs totaling 350+ Total Potential remaining

- have played for a minimum of 12 days

- have played for a minimum of 12 days
-- not have an upgraded account or upgraded linked side account

This goes for all of the giveaway tiers, but the bone one especially:
you do not have to upgrade your account if you do not wish to; this is merely a new addition to help players that are no longer upgraded or have never been upgraded, to have the option to upgrade if they choose to. I will repeat: these are gifted bones, you do not have to use them for upgrading if you do not want to, of course.
Same goes for the TS used on dogs, AlaCash, and items.You do not have to use the items or the bones; you can sell them for profit. You can use your AlaCash to buy bones, you can do anything you want with any of these gifts.
- These are gifts, do with them as you please. -
- Do not shame/harass/belittle/etc. anyone who chooses to profit off of these gifts. -
- Nobody is allowed to tell you what you may or may not do with your stuff--this giveaway aside--whether it's a gift, a dog you bought from someone, or anything else; if someone does for any reason, you have the full right and/or responsibility to report them, if you so choose to. -

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
All that aside, it's question time.

Q: How do I enter the giveaway?
A: There is no entering involved. I will be picking all the winners on my own.

Q: How do you pick the winners then?
A: I will be viewing the online users page, the all advertisements page, as well as Chat A. I likely won't check Chat B, Roleplay Chat, or Sales Chat, but I will pretty much be checking anywhere I can for active players.

Q: How can I increase my chances of being gifted?
A: Just be active! I will be mostly relying on the online users page, but you don't have to be online at the time to be selected. If you are really interested in being selected for my giveaway, just be an active member of the Ala community! Aside from just being online in general, post in chat, advertise, put yourself out there and let yourself be known as an active member.

Q: Is your giveaway biased?
A: For the most part, no. Friends/acquaintances will not be selected sooner than fellow strangers. My giveaway is quite geared towards newbies, rather than older players, so in that sense, yes, it is biased to be most beneficial to newer players. I also will not be selecting any players currently blocked, though I don't see that being an issue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

List of players gifted:

December 1st, 2017:
Alacash: #43398
TS: #35459 (dog #327776)
Items: #42685/#42531 (Aquarium Background, Aurora Borealis Background, Brown Rat, Day Mountain, Easter Bunny, First Aid Towel, 3 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Soapy Bath Tub)
Bones: #43596

December 2nd, 2017:
Alacash: #43849
TS: #43775/#33840/#33420 (dogs #362219, #362218, #361244)
Items: #36016 (Aurora Borealis Background, Day Mountain, Eerie Mountain, Falling Cherry Blossoms, Grassy Knoll, Halo, Heavy Snowfall, High Reaches Background, Insta-pups, Scholar Collar, Timestop, Timewarp)
Bones: #42661/#42865

December 3rd, 2017:
Alacash: #43865
TS: #43704 (dog #360354)
Items: #42663/#42660 (Marshmallow Peep, 10 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar)
Bones: #32259/#32237

December 4th, 2017:
Alacash: #43626
TS: #41315 (dogs #347526, #348851)
Items: #43346 (Brown Rat, Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Cream Egg, Normal Duck Family, 5 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Timewarp, Timewatch)
Bones: #43886/#43829

December 5th, 2017:
Alacash: #43901
TS: #43746/#43936 (dog #361633)
Items: #43541 (Easter Bunny, 8 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Timewatch)
Bones: #40749/#40756

December 6th, 2017:
Alacash: #43841
TS: #43210/#43330 (dog #362486)
Items: #42213 (Easter Bunny, Piglet, 8 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader)
Bones: #36285/#38464

December 7th, 2017:
Alacash: #42021/#42066
TS: #40362 (dogs #349399, #362772, #362773)
Items: #42962/#43361 (7 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Timestop, Timewarp, Vaccination Tags)
Bones: #43803

December 8th, 2017:
Alacash: #42694
TS: #42692/#41715 (dogs #361653, #350607, #350604)
Items: #31652 (First Aid Towel, Rebirh, 7 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Velociraptor)
Bones: #34263

December 9th, 2017:
Alacash: #26675
TS: #40305 (dog #362045)
Items: #30801 (First Aid Towel, Inuit Yurt Background, Igloo Background, 4 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Snow Flurries, Snow Fort, Timewatch, Toy Canoe)
Bones: #18748

December 10th, 2017:
Alacash: N/A
TS: #28847/#28273 (dogs #321701, #254766)
Items: #29664 (Barn Swallow, Chocolate Bunny, First Aid Towel, Insta-pup, Lilac Bunny, 3 Revitalizers, Rhino Plush, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Timewatch)
Bones: #34625/#34631

December 11th, 2017:
Alacash: #43937
TS: #36798 (dog #362765)
Items: #11646/#11649 (Chocolate Cream Egg, First Aid Towel, Magical Rubber Ball, 4 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Snowy Owl, Spirit Bear Cub, Survivor's Martingale Collar)
Bones: #9874/#19933

December 12th, 2017:
Alacash: 2 winners to make up for the lack of a winner on December 10th.
#43795 and #16801/#916
TS: #18901 (dogs #226313, #362260)
Items: #11855/#14978 (December 2010 Monthly Bag, First Aid Towel, Insta-pups, Magical Dog Whistle, 2 Revitalizers, Scholar Collar, Shop Reader, Steampunk Pony, Survivor's Martingale Collar, Timestop, Vaccination Tags)
Bones: #43767

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