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Animal Acres - Multi-creature sim game in Affiliate With Us
Lokiva (#13425)
(05-27-2011 at 10:02 PM)


Have you ever wanted to breed horses, dogs, and cats, all at the same time? Animal Acres allows you to do that and more! You can choose from multiple different breeds from multiple different species all at the same time!

Choose from:
~Guinea Pigs

~Winged Wolves

With several or more breeds for each and every species, the opportunities are limitless!

There are also goals to complete. Such as 'own a horse' or 'own a mythic' along with 'own 10 dead animals', etc. Find the species and breed you wish to specialize in, make friends, own the best animal across AA, but most of all, simply enjoy the game.

The link at the top or bottom will take you straight to the registration area. Please add me as your referrer if it doesn't automatically state my ID #. My ID # is 90257.


Also, the next 30 people to refer me will receive 500 money from me and a random animal on AA.

For 70 people after the next 30, I will give 100 money and a random AA animal.

There will be more special deals (in addition to this one) that will come up every now and again.

Posted By
Rubina (#44558)
(04-22-2018 at 7:51 AM)

Derp. I already have an account. XD

I'm Rubalina :D

Posted By
Circe (#3977)
(07-2-2012 at 10:31 AM)

This thread is old, but the site isn't! I need referrals, and Lokiva isn't active on either of these sites anymore, so I will keep you updated from now on.

Since this was posted, more goals have been added, as well as new species. AA (as Animal Acres is otherwise known) now is home to Vampires, Phoenixes, and Goats! Our community has grown, and the site is following suit. With new features in the future, we aren't planning to slow down anytime soon. Please, come join us! :)
If you do join us, always feel free to contact me, and actually, please do, at #43963. As always, check the help boards for quicker info (I may be delayed), or join us in chat. Chatting will be one of your first goals anyway.
Hope to see you soon! :D

Posted By
Lokiva (#13425)
(05-29-2011 at 4:01 PM)

Here, I'll message you doglover on how to buy animals, ^^

Posted By
doglover (#14327)
(05-29-2011 at 3:18 PM)

How do you buy animals? I can't buy from other players but I don't know why.

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