Hecmom's advert:
Easter Pups for Sale or Trade... Frozen Curs, Corgi, Papillon, Shibas, and Borzoi. Message me to Haggle!
Entire Inventory for Sale for USD
Started By
I accept Paypal or Venmo, USD ONLY. Contact me on Discord: xxcshepardxx
I will not respond here. I only get on to post adverts.
Make an offer for most items, I haven't played actively since 2020 so I have no idea what anything is worth anymore. I will not be updating the photos to reflect the current inventory. This inventory list is accurate as of 8/20/2023. Please message me to inquire about current availability. This also does not include items on pets as I do not have the time to remove items from dogs.
Monthly bags are:
$3 each Regular $25 for 10.
$4 each Super $35 for 10.
$5 each Ultimate $45 for 10.
I will not sell my Amur Leopards or Chances for under $50 each. PERIOD.
Aviator Caps can go for $15 a piece. Willing to negotiate.
Also images won't load so you'll have to click the links to see items. Sorry. There's a lot.


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