Selling Everything For CS/Goatlings/Dappervolk
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Hey there. I'm not very active on this site anymore, so I figured that I'd go ahead and sell what I own to people that would find more use in them. All dogs + wo items are also for sale. If you'd like to purchase an item that is currently being wo , go ahead and ask :> Taking offers on everything, as I'm not sure what costs would be appropriate for each item. I'm accepting: CS pets/Chicken dollars (priority site), Goatlings ADs/items/SS, and Dappervolk items/potatoes. Here's what's in my inventory: Armadillo Plush x 2 Bunny Ears Ca ivale Plush Christmas Toys Cupid Puppy Ghost Dog x 2 Halloween Cat Haunted Hill Background Running Panda Shepherd Shop Reader Silk Bow Snuggle Bunnies Witch Cape Witch Hat // Wo Items: Dove Wings Scholar Collar Skeleton dog Lounging White Tiger Perched American Mink Dapper Tophat Nature Spirit Alacrity Collar Bleeding Heart Dove Reindeer Antlers Nidhogg Hel Background Geometric Architecture Background Plague Doctor Mask Hellhound Teeth Ovinnik Dartmoor Beast // As previously mentioned, all dogs are also up for sale!

11-15-2022 at 1:16 PM
Literally what the heck... why's it formatted that way...whatever...


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