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[Just warning that my english isn't good, so, uh, yeah, here goes nothing.]

A few moments passed without a single word from both sides, the dark wolf sighed in defeat and tossed over the small mouse that he had managed to hunt a few minutes prior, he could get something bigger later if he was hungry enough.

"Good wolf, maybe i'll throw in a good word for you back at my skulk." The fox smirked, grabbing the mouse by the tail and turning to the side for a moment, but then stopped and looked back at Phaedra as he opened his mouth to speak. "Why would i need a good word from your filthy family? You're all liars and extremely persuasive, if i know any animals like that." His tone was aggressive, yet he didn't care if the fox decided to not support him after all. "Because when the night comes that the next wolf takes over the main title all of the factions will meet at the Mondreinigung to decide who takes over the pack, if you gain the votes from most of the factions, you become the next Star of your pack. You'll have a hard time gaining the trust of the other factions, but we're foxes, as you said... we're somewhat easy to persuade. Good luck."

Two steps into the misty trees and the fox had disappeared, the last thing Phaedra even saw was their smirk through the fog. He only hopped that the fox was right and that they weren't going to betray his trust. Knowing that he spent too much time out of the Home Base, Phaedra turned tail, having to scent his own trail back to the prairie so he wouldn't get lost on the misty woods.


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