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Draconis Theory : New Dragon Sim
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04-22-2018 at 10:02 AM
Oh god it's that dragon game by wolf play...

01-13-2012 at 4:19 AM
Lulakay. The age limit is for legal reasons so the site doesn\'t get in trouble. If you get your parents permission to play you\'ll be fine. No one goes around asking members how old they are, though I wouldn\'t go and post your age all over the forum. <br /> <br /> The 3 account limit is per household and each account must be played separately. You can\'t transfer dragons, gold, ect.. from one of your accounts to another one you own. If your friend gets and account she should sign up for it at her house. Otherwise the account will count toward your own 3 account limit. If she logs in at your house then your accounts would be temporarily linked and your account would not be allowed to interact. Once she login from her own computer they would no longer be linked.<br /> <br /> Nope I am just a member. I am a Mod on another site run by the same admin though. <br /> <br />

01-6-2012 at 6:37 PM
but but but butt..... I\\\'m 13 years 7 months and 3 weeks old and I\\\'ll be 14 in 4 months 1 week and 3 days! I don\\\'t wanna wait that long o.o Dragons are so EPICCCCC! br /> Roar. <br /> /stares at calander/<br /> TIME,<br /> whyy you no faster!<br /> Well then.. /plops on the floor/ I\\\'ll just sing to pass the time >:D LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA<br /> Sorry...just....I was sick early today, and after I get better from being sick I get hyper. Really hyper. <br /> LA LA LA LA LA<br /> Do <br /> do re do <br /> do re me re do<br /> do re me fa me re do<br /> do re me fa so fa me re do<br /> do re me fa so la so fa me re do<br /> do re me fa so la ti do ti la so fa me re do.<br /> Sorry again, I\\\'m taking Choir as an elective. Apparently I can reach a lot of notes without even knowing what I\\\'m doing XD<br /> Hm...maybe I talk alot when I\\\'m hyper too.<br /> Or type.<br /> At school I don\\\'t talk at all<br /> Well I talk, but rarely<br /> but once I\\\'m home I\\\'m hyper.<br /> Why am I still typing?<br /> Lulu,<br /> why you no post?!<br /> I don\\\'t know why you no guy, I don\\\'t know.<br /> FERB I KNOW WHAT I\\\'M GONNA DO TODAY!<br /> Fastforward to my 14th birthday -.-<br /> OMG OMG I met P&F on New year. I took a photo with them :P <br /> Jelly?<br /> I wonder how long this post will be.<br /> I wonder if you\\\'ll actually read this whole thing.<br /> Oh by the way your link is broken.<br /> I\\\'m 13. What kind of website is made for people 14? I\\\'ll tell you. A website that hates Lulus XD jk its looks cool.<br /> I am so tempted to join anyways. Its what I do most of the time XD<br /> I joined Zwinky when I was 7. XD<br /> When you say 3 accounts per household, do you mean 3 per ip? Cause when I join in 4 months my BFF Loves dragons too but she is two months and one day younger than me but the point is that we go over to eachothers houses all the time. Why am I asking this now? I\\\'ll forget about it by 4 months XD<br /> Not about the website, about my question.<br /> Dude. Your Joining thing doesn\\\'t even ask for an age. <br /> Sorry, my friend got me into saying dude.<br /> Do you like work on this website or something or is it just something epic that you joined?<br /> omgomg I wantt my Clan name to be \"lulukay is epic\"<br /> I think I should post now..<br /> But I don\\\'t want it.<br /> But If I make it too long...the world might explode!<br /> I\\\'ll probably edit half of it out anyways after I see how crazy long it is. <br /> Well..<br /> here we go..<br /> Clicking reply..<br /> I\\\'m gonna do it.<br /> *Click*<br /> OH NO WHAT HAVE I D-
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