Lovely Real Life Babies (Post your own!)
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Here at Prized Pups forum category, we have many threads to show off our collections of many kinds...
We have customs, ghosts, low IDs and glitched collections...
So what are we missing?

That's right! we're missing a thread for our real life LOVELY pets!

Now before moving on, let me warn you of Forum Rule number two!
2) Images posted in a thread should not stretch the page.
Therefore "if a picture is larger than the page, the image should be resized or a link should used. "

Keep that in mind and you'll be fine!

~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~

What you can do here!

• Admire beautiful pets
• Learn more about different pets
• Present and be proud of your babies
• Discuss and give advice
• Have fun!

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Presenting your pets!
Let's all do this in a nice and organized fashion shall we? C':
Here on this thread we'd love to learn more about YOUR pets!

Here's a basic posting format!

Name of Pet

This is only the basic skeleton of how you present your pets! Feel free to add more or take things away as you see fit! Remember forum rule number 2! Images posted in a thread should not stretch the page!
Recommended size for this thread would be: Width 476, Height 316 pixels

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Illu's Pet!

Name: Shushi
Gender: Female
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 4 years old (2012)
Color: Salt and pepper
Interesting Facts:
• Originally her coat was pure black and white, through the years it kind of faded O.O
• Favorite toy is a squeaky horse toy (poor thing...)
• Deathly scared of boxes
• Worships my dad
• Won't do tricks until she sees treats OTL
About: Shushi was bought in 2008 as a four month old puppy, about the size of her small donut toy! We were very excited as she would be our very first dog companion ever *U* Few weeks later she was diagnosed with a serious sickness and went into operation. Luckily she survived C': she's as healthy and happy as ever now!

Shushi, like all Schnauzers, is very, very smart. But smart in a sneaky way, she knows we can't resist her eyes and always uses them to woo my father into treating her with food xD When we're not around she claims the couches and leaps onto tables to steal leftover food. She's very lazy and spends most of the day lying in her bed and staring at us. The stubborn dog also refuses to learn any more tricks, therefore only knows how to give a paw, high-five, dance and lie down. Despite her lazy personality, she's a very gentle and kind dog (only to humans though...) and will always hold a special place in my heart C':

08-30-2012 at 11:02 AM
WOOT prepare for mine!! :D<br /> <br /> <img src="" border="0" height="300" width="300"><br /> Name of Pet: Violet Petunia<br /> Gender: F<br /> Breed: Akita Inu/Shiba Inu/Chow mix<br /> Others" She was adopted by us 10 years ago, and has been a part of the family ever since.<br /> <br /> <img src="" border="0" height="300" width="300"><br /> Name of Pet: Coconut Malibu<br /> Gender M<br /> Breed Maltese<br /> Others" My little terror, as I like to call him. He's ridiculously stubborn and doesn't want to do ANYTHING you tell him to, but that's one of his charms. He is 4 :D<br /> <br /> NO IMAGE<br /> Name of Pet: Tweet and Prince<br /> Gender F and M<br /> Breed: parakeet<br /> Others" my two parakeets. Tweety is full yellow and Prince is purple and white. THEY NEvER SHUT UP.<br /> <br /> <br /> <b> AND MY BOYS &lt;3 </b><br /> <img src="" border="0" height="300" width="300"><br /> Name of Pet: Buddha<br /> Gender: M<br /> Breed: Veiltail betta<br /> Others" He is my first ever betta and currently lives alone in his 2 gallon tank. I've had him for 7 months now (yay) and is such a snnob sometimes xD I like to think of him as the old man that yells at everyone to get off his lawn.<br /> <br /> <img src="" border="0" height="300" width="300"><br /> Name of Pet: Pudge<br /> Gender: M<br /> Breed: Super Delta Betta<br /> Others" He is my second betta, and the biggest handful so far. He likes to get himself in trouble and currently has 3 rips in his fins to prove it. He lives with Squirt in my 5 glalon. Ive had him for 3 weeks.<br /> <br /> <img src="" border="0" height="300" width="300"><br /> Name of Pet: Squirt<br /> Gender: M<br /> Breed: crowntail betta<br /> Others" My third and newest betta who has been with me for a week. He is the brightest of the three and has the biggest personality. He zips around the tank all day and just loves, loves, LOVES watching me. <br /> <br /> I'm sure that within the next few months, another betta will be added :D

08-24-2012 at 7:07 PM
<img src=""><br /> <b>Name</b>: Eli (short for Elijah) - racing name SS Sleepy Ardani<br /> <b>Breed</b>: Greyhound<br /> <b>Age</b>: 2 years<br /> <b>Color</b>: Uh... Marbled Rye? xD He's kind of a weird brindle - mostly fawn/red, but with brindle lines like someone threw paint at him. He's also got white paws, a white chest, a white tip on his tail, and the streak up his nose.<br /> <b>Interesting Facts</b>: He may be a big dog, but he's a total wimp. He's slowly learning to not panic about things like mailboxes, but he's still got a thing about noises in the woods and hardwood floors. And he's a bit of a prissy thing, too. Positively refuses to step paw in wet grass, grass, or mud. And he licks things. <br /> <b>Bio</b>: Eli was raised to be a racer, but he failed miserably. He was in 8 races and his best placement was a second place finish. I adopted him in May, brought him home on May 18, and celebrated his second birthday on May 19! Since he's never been in a home, he's having to adjust to everything and it's really hilarious watching him discover stuff. He loves all sorts of people - young, old, tall, short, friendly, mean, etc - he wants to befriend absolutely everyone! He's my silly little 2 year old pup.<br /> <br /> <img src=""><br /> <b>Name</b>: Petyr Baelish (Petyr or Pete or Big Guy for short)<br /> <b>Breed</b>: Rat? xD<br /> <b>Age</b>: Just over a year<br /> <b>Color</b>: Agouti<br /> <b>Bio</b>: Petyr's a super laid back rattie. He loves cuddles, gives kisses, and puts up with me very patiently! I met him at the county shelter when he was surrendered, held him and cuddled him for a few weeks while he was waiting for a home, and finally decided that I couldn't leave him there and adopted him myself. I love him very much.<br /> <br /> <img src=""><br /> <b>Name</b>: Renly Baratheon (Renly, Rennie, RenMan, Renfield [the character in Dracula who eats flies - Renly eats almost everything he can get his little hands around], or Fat Man for short)<br /> <b>Breed</b>: Rat!<br /> <b>Age</b>: Almost a year<br /> <b>Color</b>: Siamese<br /> <b>Bio</b>: I adopted Renly from a local breeder to be a buddy for Petyr. Well, two neuters and multiple failed intros later, Renly is my solo rat - he just dislikes other ratties (Petyr in particular, but other rat smell makes him poofy :c ). Renly's my little weirdo. He takes food and then stops to think about if he actually wants it or not. He begs and begs for attention, then panics when you try to give him attention (he's okay if you take him to a different room and then cuddle him). He's just... strange. And neurotic. And I really think he's crazy. But he's mah little boy.<br /> <br /> <img src=""><br /> <b>Name</b>: Myka<br /> <b>Breed</b>: Rat xD<br /> <b>Age</b>: 8 months<br /> <b>Color</b>: Black with some rusty spots<br /> <b>Bio</b>: Myka is my newest little girlie! Since both my boys are neutered and Petyr desperately wants a friend, I adopted her for him. We're just starting intros so hopefully all will go well and Petyr will finally get the snuggles he so desires. So far, Myka seems like a real sweetie. She's still nervous around humans, but she doesn't panic as much anymore and seems to like hiding in my hoodie.<br /> <br /> <img src=""><br /> <b>Name</b>: Leya<br /> <b>Breed</b>: White's Tree Frog<br /> <b>Age</b>: 9+ years<br /> <b>Color</b>: Sometimes green, sometimes brown<br /> <b>Bio</b>: Leya was my second froggy. I'd had her "sister" Yoda for a few months and decided I wanted another one, and when I saw that Leya was missing a finger on one of her hands, I couldn't resist bringing her home. She never grew to like me as much as Yoda did (Yoda would hang out on my shoulder and ride around with me [I kept a spray bottle handy to spritz her with]), but Leya has always been awesome. She's ornery, always hungry for more crickets, and willing to snap her little froggy mouth at your fingers if you get in her way when she's hungry!
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<img src=> <br /> <b>Name:</b> Cooper <br /> <b>Breed:</b> Kooikerhondje Mix<br /> <b>Age:</b> 1 year, 9 months.<br /> <b>Color:</b> Brown and white with black tipped ears. :) <br /> <br /> <br /> "Hi, I'm Cooper! I'm an agility puppy. I love the table and the tunnel and the dog walk and the jumps and everything! I love maple syrup, but my person only lets me lick it off her fingers. And I love ice cubes, and going bobbing for ice cubes in my water bowl. Sometimes I blow bubbles, which makes my people giggle, but it's fun! Speaking of fun, I love going down to play in the river with my people and my big brother Balto and my sister Mist. I love hopping and splashing in the river and catching the ripples! My people say every day how much they love me and how lucky they are, and that I'm the cutest, best puppy ever. But I know I'm the luckiest puppy ever and every day I show them just how much I love them, with all my kisses, waggles and cuddles."<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <img src= alt= /><br /> <b>Name:</b> Mist <br /> <b>Breed:</b> Australian Cattle Dog/Schnauzer mix<br /> <b>Age:</b> 1 year, 6 months.<br /> <b>Color:</b> Black with blue ticking :) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> "Hi there, I'm Mist! I was adopted June 24! I was shy and scared at first, but now I love my home, especially cuddling and playing with my brother, Cooper! My big big brother, Balto doesn't like to play with me much, even though I soso try and give him lots of puppy kisses! He plays knda rough though, so when he does it scares me. But I act all big and tough anyway. And I act all independent, like I don't need my girl or my mom but then as soon as they leave Istart whiiiiiining until they come back and I act all cool again. I love herding, especially my toys! Soft ones go in one pile, hard ones in another. And the other dogs at the park-playing chase is fun too but herding is the BEST. If it oI also love splashing in the river with my brother Cooper! My people call me an Australian Cuddle Dog, but that wasn't an option, so I chose Australian Cattle Dog. I'm the fastest agility puppy ever! I LOVE agility. I live for it. I really, really do. My mama calls me an overachiever because if I miss an obstacle I go over it again backwards and redo it. Also I do something my mom and girl call 'planting' if I think we're leaving somewhere awesome and fun too soon. Like agility. If there's just a water break and we head toward the door I PLANT and won't move anywhere 'cept back inside. I love to cuddle and will curl up tight and give kisses (I finally figured out how to use that HOOJ tongue of mine...they say all my food goes into my ears, my tongue and my legs). I'm a happy girl with a bunch of nicknames-mostly Mistery, Nutter Mutter and Crazydawg. C: Speaking of food....I LOVE carrots and lettuce but Balto refuses to eat it...I guess he doesn't realize the AWESOME YUMMINESS he's missing!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <img src= alt= /><br /> <br /> <b>Name:</b> Balto<br /> <b>Breed:</b> Golden Retriever<br /> <b>Age:</b> 10 years. :)<br /> <b>Color:</b> Golden :)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> "Hi there, I'm Balto! I'm the big golden boy. I have a brother, Cooper, and a sister, Mist. Cooper and I are the best friends ever, and our people say we're almost inseparable but me and Mist, not so much. She always tries to lick me, which I don't like and when I try to avoid that big long tongue she just tries harder. I do secretly love her, though. I love peanut butter and tennis balls! I may be ten, but I'm still a puppy at heart. One of the only things I love more than tennis balls is water. When I was a puppy I used to try to swim in my big water bowl and I still paw at the water in the park--it's not nearly big enough to swim in. The thing I love most of all, even more than peanut butter and tennis balls, is my family. "
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08-11-2012 at 4:53 PM
<img src=""><br /> <b>Name: </b> (left to right) Rocky, Louie and Bella<br /> <b>Gender: </b> Male, Male and Female<br /> <b>Breed: </b> Dachshund / Chihuahua, Beagle / Chihuahua / Jack Russell, and Greyhound / Catahoula Cur / Mountain Cur<br /> <b>Age: </b> 4 years (October 9, 2008), 4 years (August 5, 2008) and 3 years (August 22, 2009)<br /> <b>Color: </b> Black and Tan, Beige with black frost & 1 white paw, and Beige with black brindle and white underparts & paws<br /> <b>Interesting Facts: </b> <br /> <b>Rocky: </b><br /> -Knows 10 commands<br /> -Doesn’t compete, but trains for fun!<br /> -Loves to give kisses and is happy-go-lucky<br /> -Favorite game is tug of war<br /> -Walks off-lead<br /> -Sleeps about 16 hours a day<br /> <b>Louie: </b><br /> -Knows over 15 commands (including dancing)<br /> -Competes in agility, flyball, and obedience trials<br /> -Is a certified therapy dog and works with therapy dogs in training<br /> -Loves fetch<br /> -Walks off-lead<br /> -Loves medicine<br /> <b>Bella: </b><br /> -Knows 15 commands (including boxing)<br /> -Competes in agility, flyball, and police work.<br /> -Guards me when im sleeping, sick, or injured<br /> -Takes over my bed and loves to cuddle with ONLY me<br /> -Gets very excited every time she hears Ace<br /> -Can fetch me any food or drink I ask for (except the obvious stuff)<br /> -Never has walked on a leash<br /> -Can open doors by herself<br /> <b>About: </b><br /> <b>Rocky: </b><br /> We got Rocky from the animal rescue I volunteer for. He was from a puppy mill and had extreme hair loss when got him. Now you can’t tell he had a bad past! He is the baby of the household and the other dogs make sure he is safe and clean all the time. Rocky is my dad’s dog and everybody knows it. He is the “Manliest Dog” according to people around here! My dad walking the manly 15 pound stud Rocky is, is a sight to see!<br /> <b>Louie: </b><br /> Louie was rescued from certain death from a pet store that is closed because of animal cruelty. His nickname is Ochocinco (his birthday). He was the first dog of the household and is the King. (get it, King Louie xP) He is my baby and has motherly instincts. He really is a mother xP He loves to bathe Rocky and make sure he is safe!<br /> <b>Bella: </b><br /> I can go on and on with Bella XD She is my baby girl, my pride and joy, and my heart and soul. She is my life. Bella was rescued from an Amish Farm where she lived in the wild for the first 5 months of her life. When I got her, she was extremely fearful of people and somewhat aggressive. Bella has the wild dog instincts and hates to be petted. She only trusts me 100%, she somewhat trusts my family. (However, whenever she hears Ace talking, she perks up and gets very excited) Now, Bella has no aggression in her whatsoever. She is getting better with people but will never fully come around. She has made tons of progress since I got her. Bella is terrified of thunderstorms, but if she’s with me, she couldn’t care less about them. She has so many nicknames: Bellisima, Jelly Belly, Bell Bell, Petty Girl, Baby Girl and anything else I can think of! She is my girl &lt;3<br /> <br /> <br /> <img src=""><br /> <b>Name: </b> Brody<br /> <b>Gender: </b> Male<br /> <b>Breed: </b> Pit Bull / Boxer<br /> <b>Age: </b> 1 year (uncertain of birthday)<br /> <b>Color: </b> Dark brown with black brindle and white underparts, neck, and head. 4 white socks.<br /> <b>Interesting Facts: </b><br /> -Knows 15 commands<br /> -Competes in agility, flyball, and police work.<br /> -Bella is his girlfriend<br /> -Very happy-go-lucky <br /> -Plays constantly<br /> -Very protective <br /> <b>About: </b> Brody was surrendered to the rescue because he had a severe case of mange and the owners couldn’t pay for it. So we took him in, treated the mange, and he stayed with us. About 2 months ago, Brody needed surgery for a luxating patella. He is now fine and is the normal dog he was before! He HATES water and refuses (or tries to) to go in the bathtub / pool. He is extremely protective and is very in-tuned to energy. Brody is my Mister Man, my Brodmeister, and my baby. <br />
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<img src= width=476><br /> <br /> <b>Name</b>: Bear<br /> <b>Gender</b>: Male<br /> <b>Breed</b>: Border Collie x Samoyed (We think)<br /> <b>Age</b>: Almost Five years.<br /> <b>Color</b>: Beige? Tan? Something like that :P<br /> <b>Interesting Facts</b>: <br /> He learned how to speak on command in five minutes.&lt;/br > His favorite toy is his rope<br /> He has his own pair of sunglasses that he wears on walks :P<br /> <b>About</b>: He's our first dog and we got him December of 2011, a few days before Christmas. <br /> He also willingly takes his medicine :P
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