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Right to kill things?
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Is it really right to kill things? Why is it really need? Things die of old age and natural things daily. And like Kit said in the chat, about how animals fight over pray, can't they just share? Or go somewhere else? The biggest thing I'm really trying to get at is HUMANS killing animals when there's other ways around things such as putting things around your house to stop the animals to come in to gardens and such. Making a garden for them and having another for you. Or picking your food early? (That's what we're doing because we have bunnies that live in the backyard xD my house is like a zoo). So... are there anyone else out there like me thinking it's wrong for humans to kill or does everyone think it's right?

07-4-2015 at 12:36 AM
(I know this is old but I'm bored and would like to put in my 2 cents.)<br /> <br /> I hunt and fish so I see no issue with humans hunting animals. Everything needs to eat, I chose to eat meat which comes from animals ranging from chicken to elk. <br /> <br /> Its been debated over for many years but we've hunted animals for billions of years, they are still around though. A lot of people will say hunting is the reason for animal extinction however its not, its poaching that's the issue. A Hunter only hunts when an animal is in season and will only take their legal amount. A poacher will hunt whenever they want and take however many they want causing issues with population. I live in Pennsylvania an there is an overpopulation of deer and turkey. Deer are <b>everywhere</b> along with turkeys. However they are hunted each year by thousands of people and each person is able to get 2 deer (if you get bonus tags then 3). Not everyone gets their full 2-3 deer but still, thousands of people taking anywhere from 1 to 3 deer per person. Then add in the thousands that are killed by other animals, die naturally, and get hit by cars but through all of this there is still to many. If hunting of Whitetail Deer was to become illegal here it would only be a year or two and all farmers would be out of business and food prices would sky rocket. This would lead to more people in poverty around here because nobody could afford to buy food. There would be less jobs because all the factories that food goes through would go out of business putting thousands of people out of jobs. It would kill our economy, something as small as that would just kill us, Whitetail cover every inch of PA, it would affect the entire state. But then here is the kicker, it wouldn't just affect us it would affect our forests, all of the animals in those forest, and surrounding states. There would be more deer so more plants would be consumed wiping out forest, this would then kill hundreds of other animals and most likely cause multiple species to become extinct. Now with all the starving deer looking for food they'd spill over into all neighboring states which would then flood them with more deer than they can handle. Do you see where I'm getting? Not hunting would be a very bad.

07-31-2013 at 4:27 AM
I think this can go both ways for me. I think killing for sport, or boredom is a little over the top personally. A lot of people out here where I live, because it's the country, will often kill things on their land just because they saw them or wanted to. <br /> <br /> Though if given a fairly good reason, I see nothing wrong with hunting. We have bobcat, mountain lions, deer, raccoons, opossum, armadillo, and last week a few bear sightings were placed just 1/6 of a mile from my house. With living on a farm with farm animals you have to be careful about such animals, because all animals do hunt, whether it's for crops or for other animals/prey. The only bad thing about this is that often certain species carry disease, and/or tend to really just be a mess. The last thing needed would be for a skunk (who are avid rabies carriers) to give something to our rabbits, or any other animal. Just last year alone we had over 15 cases of rabies coming from skunks who were giving it to cattle! That alone would be a good reason to keep down the skunk population, and perhaps other populated animals as well.<br /> <br /> As Cat Steaks said too, it's necessary for our survival to use what resources we have, and those (in my opinion) include animals. Plus overpopulation of a certain animal, can be problematic as well.

07-2-2013 at 3:04 PM
I like to think, in general, I respect life forms on this earth. I never have hunted simply for sport. But I have animal skins on my wall. I have animal tooth necklaces, and squirrel tails. Why do I respect life then, you might ask? Because everything I kill I eat what will provide me nourishment, and give thanks for its life. I keep things from every life I take to remind myself of the animal it belonged to once before, so I can always honor it for providing me with a full stomach. <br /> Animals arnt anything like they are in the cute little Disney cartoons you may or may not have watched as a kid. They lack reasoning or emotional responses that us humans do. This is because that portion of their brain is, for the most part, vastly under developed when compared to us.An animal won't move somewhere eles over a small bit of competition. Animals don't have a problem canibalizing or severely injuring their fellow animal. Animals care only for their own survival, and that of their posterity. They don't see reasoning as we do, they only see survival. That to them, it their only goal in their existance, to survive and pass their genetics on to their offspring.<br /> Making a garden for them is rather impractical. They will take all the you give them, then take all that you have because they don't feel appriciation, and will simply take what you provide and what you have. I have real world experince with this. I grew up on a farm. It doesn't work. While their need to be some rights given to animals, it seems as if sometimes people put these beautiful creatures over the benefit of their fellow man. If you think that I don't have a clue what I'm talking about, have you ever used pesticides? Those kill bugs. Do you care for the life of the bugs you have just killed? Have you ever set out ant traps? If you have, do you care for the lives of those ants you have killed? Most likely not, because they arnt cute and fuzzy like rabbits or squirrels. I don't use any of that. I use natural repelants that will bring them to no harm. I bet only a handful of animal rights activists do that.
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06-23-2013 at 12:16 AM
To be honest, <br /> <br /> No, I do not see a problem with humans killing animals.<br /> <br /> The only problems I see is when people hunt and kill animals simply for "fun," including those that poach and shoot endangered species.<br /> <br /> Other than that, I don't see a problem.<br /> <br /> I have a population of white tailed deer that live in in my area, and I can assure you that more deer are killed by cars here than they are by hunting (aqccording to what I've been told by my dad). <br /> <br /> As Welshie and Clay said, the ecosystem needs to be maintained. I think its ignorant for one to think that if humans were to all leave animals alone, that the world would someone do well on its own.<br /> <br /> Ca you imagine having a species of eagle die out because of the ban on hunting deer? <br /> <br /> Let's say the animals become so overstocked in some areas because of their new increased population, and not only do they take over more space, but they also take more resources, leaving other animals to die out. <br /> <br /> These are all some things to consider before asking "is it okay?"<br /> <br /> Leaving mother nature to do her work could do more harm than good, in my opinion.<br /> <br /> Hence why I don't see a problem.

06-21-2013 at 3:15 PM
It becomes our problem, however :( Point Pelee National Park suffers from an overpopulation of White-Tailed Deer, because there just aren't enough coyotes to eat them. They have to open culling seasons to cut down on the numbers.<br /> The deer eat the vegetation and either starve or contribute to erosion and floods on the farmland.

06-21-2013 at 11:44 AM
That's their problem not ours. And most of the time we've taken over their treff. so yeah it's hard for them to keep the polution under controll

06-20-2013 at 9:47 PM
No, because they don't populate fast enough.

06-20-2013 at 9:29 PM
Because WE"VE killed them

06-20-2013 at 9:29 PM
In many areas, deer are actually over-populated and there aren't enough native predators (like coyote) to eat them.

06-20-2013 at 7:55 PM
Cat;<br /> Really most things have enough things that eat them. Like deer, there's linxes foxes wolves and other animals. Those animals keeps the ecosystems stabilized and the ecosystems can stabilizes it's self.

06-19-2013 at 10:18 PM
Humans killing things is necessary for the survival of species and to help keep ecosystems stabilized.<br /> Animals like the otter, lynx, wolf, were saved by trapping, and the populations of deer, coyote, dingos, feral cats, wild dogs, etc are all managed by trapping/hunting them.<br /> We need to kill animals in order to help them. For example, the wild dogs and feral cats in Australia are devastating the natural wildlife there and are the cause for many animals being put on the endangered list. If we didn't kill the dogs and cats, we'd have no chance at ever balancing out the natural ecosystem.

06-19-2013 at 4:06 PM
I'm mainly speaking about HUMANS killing is wrong >.>

06-18-2013 at 11:05 PM
First of all animals fighting over food, water territory, etc. is a NATURAL INSTINCT to survive in the wild. Obviously, if you're an animal living out in the wild, you're going to have to fight for survival. It's just how the natural world works. <br /> <br /> However, I do not believe humans have the right to kill an animal "Because it'd look nice on my wall" or "Just for fun." There is just no reason behind that to me. But if it were to balance an ecosystem out, I'm all for it. Ever heard about Yellowstone many years ago with no wolves and way too many elk. With the top predator reintroduced, sure the prey loses their life, but it ensures survival for all of the other organisms in that ecosystem.


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