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The Big Bad Bug Thread
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Check out this thread before you report a bug! We'll list known bugs here that we're working on as we discover them. When we fix bugs, we'll move them to the fixed section for a week before we delete them.

Please remember if you have a bug not on this list, to report it! Taking advantage of a site glitch or bug by keeping and not reporting issues like getting multiple items, getting bones you shouldn't have won, or having a litter of 8 puppies, is against our site TOS and can be a reason to ban you from Alacrity immediately.

General Bugs:
-Letters like öäå do not show in messages.
-Crons may still be wonky for a bit longer, we're fixing this right now!
-Dogs occasionally change sex magically
-Some companions give the wrong effect
-Auctions give the cash winnings in bones instead of cash. ($80,000 winning bid becomes 80,000 bones.) Submit to the bug hub to get the cash and have the bones removed.
-Older monthly bags sometimes give out the wrong items, please submit to the bug hub to get the right items

Art Bugs:
-Up to date

Recently Fixed:
-New Icon system claims icons are bigger than 175x100 even when they aren't
-Viewing past week user records
-Icon not showing in sidebar chat
-Cron issues since server transfer
-Apostrophes create slash marks


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