READ: Debate Forum Rules
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Ehm (#93)
(08-21-2015 at 6:38 PM)
Debate Forum Rules

01. This is a debate forum. It will contain posts about sensitive, controversial, and hot button issues. You are expected to conduct yourself in a mature and respectful manner regardless of your feelings about these issues, or the opinions presented by others.

02. This is a debate forum. It is not an argument forum. You are expected to present facts and supporting evidence. You are expected to make well thought out posts with meaningful content. Mudslinging, slander, and logical fallacies will not be accepted.
   Guide to logical fallacies.

03. Rule breaking, or otherwise improper, posts may be editing by moderators or administrators. Threads which are not considered suitable for debate will be moved to a more appropriate forum.

04. Threads that go off topic, or which have received multiple warnings to which the debaters did not comply, will be locked.

05. Anyone who repeatedly resorts to insulting others, their opinions, or otherwise just uses the debate forum to argue and be angry, will be banned from the debate forum indefinitely.

06. Do not reply to this post.



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