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Hello, welcome to my thread. If you enjoy, love and/or breath super heroes this is the place to be. Recently I have been watching the TV series called Young Justice. It's a good spin off from the original Justice League TV series. But instead of the heroes mostly adults Young Justice involves young teens/kids. Ages ranging from 10-18.

I figured why not start up a super hero RP. But which one I didn't know for sure what I wanted to do. At first I was going to create my own story plot, nothing like Marvel Heroes or Justice League. Then I got the idea since watching Young Justice why not fan base it of the show.

Only difference is the characters. Yes some old faces such as Batman, Red Tornado, Flash, Aqua Man will be involved. The twist is: The teen heroes will be your very own characters. Robin, Aqua Lad, Kid Flash and all them will have moved on elsewhere. So our characters will now take over Mount Justice and learn from the best. Of course again a lot of the other original characters will be appearing from time to time.

Since this is just the sign up page I won't be posting any of the details just yet. The story plot/idea will be on the main Role Play thread. If you don't know too much about the Justice League or Young Justice and feel that you need to do a little research first before signing up, it's alright. I would rather wait for start the RP then rushing people to join. This way the RP can run a bit smoother.

Some Rules:

1- The Role Play's that I create are story based. If don't like writing paragraphs, following the plot/others then this RP isn't for you. Detail is needed, if there is no detail then it becomes a confusing mess.

Example of what not to do!: *punches rock* Ouch! That was dumb. -walks away-

Example of what I expect!: John Joe walked into the kitchen. There was just enough time before going to school to make breakfast. He pulled the eggs, cheese and ham from the fridge. Scrambled eggs was sounding good. Also, it was simple to cook and to clean up.

2- You may create 1 to 2 characters. I recommend only 1 but if you think you can handle role playing two its up to you.

3- No copying apparel, powers, and features of already created super heroes. Be creative!

4- Also, when signing up please at the end of your character sheet write at least a two paragraph or more example reply. This way I can see if understand the first rule.

Character Sheet:

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Skin Color/Tone:
Hair Color and Style:
Weight and Height:
Everyday Appearance:
Super Hero Appearance:
Background Story: (optional)
Super Powers:
Super Hero Nickname: (To keep you true identity a secret) ;)

Example Character: (to give you an idea)

Name: John Joe
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 9/14
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Gender: Male
Skin Color/Tone: Caucasian, lightly tanned.
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color and Style: Sandy brown, short cut but long enough to style. Usually gelled into spiky hedgehog look.
Weight and Height: 190 pounds, slender strong built. 5'11" in height.
Personality: Easy-going, loyal, often times clumsy, a quick thinker, and well mannered.
Everyday Appearance: Typical t-shirt and jeans type of guy. Partially worn out shoes. Sometimes wears sun glasses. If cold or rainy outside he'll put on his school's football jacket/jersey.
Super Hero Appearance: Simple slip on one piece suit. Yellow in color with red sleeves and leggings, yellow boots. Has exploding volcano printed on the chest (color red). Wears headphones to protect ears from explode sounds. And wears goggles with scatter proof lenses, goggles matches the super suit.
Background Story: (optional)
Super Powers: Can make things explode on contact.
Super Hero Nickname: Backfire

Example Story Summary: (please use this idea to write up the two or so paragraphs at the end of you character sheet)

It was a beautiful day outside so you decide to go on a walk through the park. Suddenly, a group of thugs corner jump out in front of you. What do you do? Use your powers against them or use other methods that you know to defend yourself? Or run away? Call the cops? It's up to you to figure out the best solution to this problem.

✍Silent Story Writer (aka Silas) (#5944)
09-15-2015 at 5:16 PM
Oh and another Rule I forgot to mention: When joining this RP you need to reply within every three to four days. I don't want to start this RP and it dies off right off cause no one is replying. I don't want to wait days to weeks on end.



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