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🐶Sherlock’s ART GIVEAWAY🐶
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Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that I have some free time on my hands so that I can hold a contest. Since ala is gaining more players it seems like a good time to start celebrating! I will be holding a contest for a free art giveaway! Yes you heard me right a FREE art giveaway! I am a graphic designer and mainly do logos but I also enjoy creating other digital images, so let’s give it a try. This contest will be starting August 20th 2019 and will be ending September 6th 2019 as long as I get 6+ entries.


**1st place wins a graphic image of a character, pet, or animal of their choice.**
**2nd place wins a signature of their username with color and design( small add ons like flowers, or paw prints.)**
**3rd place wins a basic signature of their username with color**


Favorite color:
Tell me about your pet(s) Or favorite animal:
Character/mascot(if you have one) or animal you would like an image of:
How long have you been playing Alacrity:

I don’t have many reference images uploaded for you all to see my work, but I have a few on my profile so if you would like to see what I can do visit my page. So let’s have fun with this contest! Very glad to see so many of you are coming back.

08-19-2019 at 9:55 PM
<b>Username:</b> Grump<br /> <b>Favorite color:</b> Honestly I bounce around between blue, pink and red.<br /> <b>Tell me about your pet(s) Or favorite animal:<br /> </b><br /> I have quite a few pets, 8 right now not including fish. I could write pages and pages of descriptions about these guys but I'm gonna keep this short. I've got 5 dogs, and 3 cats. A 9 year old chihuahua, 7 year old golden retriever x lab, a 6 year old pug x boston terrier, 10 month old GSD puppy, 3 year old heeler x lab (not really ours but he's been with us since December), 10 year old DSH, 10 year old DSH and 3 year old DSH. I've had all these guys since either a few months old or 2 years old so they're all special and dear to me (besides my sisters cat, she hates me). They're all sweet animals with all their own little quirks and faults, it makes it hard to single out one without mentioning the others.<br /> <br /> Favorite animal would have to be just canines in general, hate to be stereotypical. I guess I also really love Moose.. or any deer. Also love bovines.. <br /> <b>Character/mascot(if you have one) or animal you would like an image of:</b> Ugh I have way too many characters I need art of aha. How about <a href="https://toyhou.se/4764165.church#16069824">this guy</a>?<br /> <br /> Edit; Could I change it to a pet? I can gather some pictures if so.<br /> <br /> <b>How long have you been playing Alacrity:</b> Roughly 7-8 years.<br /> <b>Hobby:</b> I dont really think I have any, I'd like to say I do but I'm not in the place to say right now.<br /> <br /> Edit: forgot to link the character<br /> Edit: Coding
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08-19-2019 at 7:33 PM
Username: Oddball1234<br /> Favorite color: red<br /> Tell me about your pet(s) Or favorite animal: I have a mixed breed male dog named Killian! He's 2 years old and my baby &lt;3 He's such a goofball and loves to cuddle<br /> Character/mascot(if you have one) or animal you would like an image of: The only character I have is Toukon. He's the first dog I got on Ala when I joined. <br /> How long have you been playing Alacrity: ummm November will make 9 years on Ala for me<br /> Hobby: I play video games a lot. Range from all different kinds.

08-19-2019 at 7:08 PM
Username: GucciFlipFlops<br /> My favorite animal: my doggo boss^^<br /> Animal I would like a picture of: My puppo boss<br /> How long ive been playing: umm idk maybe a month or 2?<br /> Hobby: I love to swim and be outdoors but I don't really have a hobby<br /> <br /> Thank you so much for the opportunity! (idk if I didn't this right lmao)
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