Custom breeding Pair give away
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I have decided to go a custom dog giveaway! All you gotta do to enter is to still be Active to the game! and tell me your favorite breed and tell/show me your favorite Male and female dog!

{First prize}
-Custom male and female of your choice!
-Bunny companion (ensures 4 puppies per litter)
-15 Revitalizers
-scholar Collar

{Second prize}
-Custom male and female of your choice
-Bunny companion (ensures 4 puppies per litter)
-10 Revitalizers

{Third prize}
-Custom dog of your choice
-5 Revitalizers

{fourth and fifth prize}
-Custom dog of your choice
-2 bones


#5 entries is a must for the giveaway to happen!
#You have to be Active and play
#Show me or tell me about your favorite male and Female in your kennel
#One entry per person, no Alt accounts


Date of the giveaway will be may 10

Grump (#30801)
05-13-2020 at 5:40 PM
Congratulations to everyone !

Molam (Chibi Nyanko) (#30131)
05-10-2020 at 6:30 AM
Alright! the "Winners" has been chosen!<br /> <br /> To make this as fair as possible i took help from my WSS in real Life, i wrote all your names on a piece of paper and folded them, for easy pick up, then i told him to pick up a piece of paper, when i read the name, i Went in to your Profile and Checked if you had been on the last week, if you hadnt, i asked him to pick up Another piece of paper! so here it is!<br /> <br /> ~~~~Drumroll!~~~~<br /> <br /> {first price}<br /> SUNDEW!<br /> <br /> {Second price}<br /> GRUMP<br /> <br /> {Third price}<br /> SHADOW RAYNE!<br /> <br /> {Fourth price}<br /> KUMA INU!<br /> <br /> {fifth price}<br /> SHYWOLF!<br /> <br /> <br /> Thank you for all your Amazing entries! If you see this, and you havent won anything, just send me a Private message and we will se if we can whip up a Comfort price for you &lt;3<br /> <br /> <br /> -----------------------<br /> <br /> You who have won! remember to sent me a Text with Codes of The dog/dogs youre getting and ill fix that.<br /> <br /> HAve a nice day everyone!

Kuma 🐾 Inu Collies 💜 (#26878)
05-6-2020 at 1:04 PM
Thanks for doing this giveaway, this is great<br /> <br /> My favorite breed on Ala has pretty much been stuck on the Border Collies, I love them so much and plan on doing some custom lines at some point. The coats on them are great and fun to play with, I've been getting some pretty neat looking pups out of the current canines that I have, but wish to expand drastically.<br /> <br /> - Female, Daisy, bought from another user(can't find them)<br /> <br /> - Male, unnamed, bought from CatLovers recently

shywolf (#46689)
05-6-2020 at 11:10 AM
Thank you for this giveaway! :3<br /> <br /> I keep going back and forth with what my favorite breed is, there are a lot of cool ones! But the breeds that caught my attention first were the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.<br /> <br /> I'm still playing around with trying to breed the coat characteristics I want, so I don't think I've achieved an all time favorite pup yet. Though out of the dogs I currently own, my favorites would be :<br /> <br /> my male border collie <a href="">Aaron</a><br /> <br /> &<br /> <br /> my female papillon <a href="">Heather</a>

~Sundew~ (#46278)
05-5-2020 at 8:12 AM
I would have to say my favorite breed is definitely the borzoi. (Those goofy-eyed pups are so cute!) My favorite female is name Zeppelin. She was my first ever custom and she has rainbow eyes. (Which sadly none of her pups have inherited.. One day... :')<br /> My favorite male borzoi is named Soap. Soap was given to me by a dear friend when we did a litter swap. He is super glitchy and was my first glitched borzoi. I now consider glitched borzois my specialty, but he's the one who started that. He has a pretty low tp and not the best coat but he's my favorite. <br /> He's on my side, and one time got in an accident and I didn't catch it until it was too late. I decided to buy a 130000 ala cash rebirth to revive my 40tp inbred glitched borzoi. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! =)<br /> <br /> Soap:<br /><br /> <br /> Zeppelin:<br />

Grump (#30801)
05-2-2020 at 3:45 PM
Gosh this is so sweet ;; I haven't seen you in so long! This is quite a way to come back haha. I hope you're around more. &lt;3<br /> <br /> This is definitely hard to answer. I have such a complicated love relationship with all of my dogs I own, I think. It's all in their own special ways. I especially can't decide on my favorite breed. <br /> <br /> I've always came back to the Shetland Sheepdog, even after trying to get away, so I suppose that is my true favorite.<br /> <br /> I guess I can confidently say, my favorite female would have to be <a href="">Herself</a>. I was inspired to make her sometime during middle school after I read Lassie Come Home.<br /> <br /> My favorite male.. after brief thinking, has to be <a href="">Marodör"</a>. I absolutely adore all my foundies I've worked with, but this guy hit me hard when he passed away. I mentioned it in chat and within ten minutes Katta had remade him as a custom. It was the sweetest thing ever, and I'm still forever thankful for her.
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2020-05-02 15:45:40 by #30801

Wolftrainer (#46602)
05-2-2020 at 2:53 PM
Hi there! Yay a giveaway, my favorite dog has to be a German Shepard, i have one named Elizabeth and i just love her normal look, i also love the brindle on dogs<br /> <br /> Elizabeth..<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Also my favorite male<br /><br /> <br /> Thanks so much for the chance!
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2020-05-02 14:54:23 by #46602

Rilee’s main (#6081)
05-1-2020 at 7:08 PM
My favourite breed is definitely the husky.<br /> As for favourite dogs.... it is really hard to choose buuuuuuut.....<br /> Female has to be my grey ET pup (ET dogs have no eye colour.... just show their base colour!)<br /><br /> <br /> And male (located on my side... because I have them split for breeding)<br /><br /> I love his vivid colour pallet... such an eye catching combo<br />

WinterWolf32 (#46724)
05-1-2020 at 9:37 AM
Hi! thanks for the give away! My favorite breed is the German Shepherd just because I think the patterns or coats they can get are so beautiful! <br /> <br /> <br /> My favorite female is my mascot <a href="">Kashmere</a><br /> <br /> My favorite male my very unique looking pup <a href="">Diesel</a>

B (#46592)
04-30-2020 at 7:36 PM
Thank you for doing a giveaway, that is so kind!<br /> My favorite breed on Ala is the Great Dane. My female is Fruity Pebbles, simply because I adore her coloring! Although, if I had a custom I would create more realistic coloring. She can be found through the first link! My male is Diesel. Despite not having a super high TP, he is a pup from my first litter (since being back on Ala)! I also adore his blue eyes with his coloring. He can be found through the second link. Thank you again!<br /> <br /> Female:<br /> <br /> Male:

SeaShark12 (#46480)
04-30-2020 at 6:23 PM
Thanks for doing this give away! My favorite breed of dog are the American Pit Bulls.<br /> <br /> Favorite Female:<br /><br /> <br /> Favorite Male:<br />

sun’s side (#46256)
04-30-2020 at 6:05 PM
Thank you for doing a giveaway!~ <br /> I'd have to say my favorite dog here on ala is the German Shepherd, considering I have about 90 of them (oops) I love all my dogs but I'd have to say my favorite female is my first custom that I made, Ida. And my favorite male is my pup Ares. I love the smooth blended look that you can get on GSDs, hence why these two are my favorites. :)<br /> <br /> Ida:<br /> <br /> Ares:<br /> <br /> Thanks again for this amazing opportunity! &lt;3

BeautyMyBaby (#12554)
04-30-2020 at 5:43 PM
My favorite breed on Ala is definitely the Border Collie! Although I am a glitch breeder this one is one of my favorites because I love the classic collie look!<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> If I were to win a custom thought it would probably be a glitch :)

DarlinKitten (#46903)
04-30-2020 at 5:02 PM
Hello! Thank you for doing a giveaway!<br /> My favorite breed here on Alacrity is the German Shepherd! My female is Opal, she is my first high TP GSD ever and I love her purple eye glitch. My male is Ace, he's a handsome dog, making him my favorite male GSD. <br /> Thank you!<br /> <br /> Female<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> Male<br /> <br />



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