Art Mascot give away!
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Hey all! It is so amazing to see all of you playing and I would like to add some More fun to it. I am going to be doing an art give away! Yes completely free just like normal give aways! I was going to do a giveaway last year but I didn’t get as many replies as I would’ve liked so hopefully this time it is different. I will be adding an end date to this contest whenever I figure it out, but for now please submit your entries! The sooner the better.


Okay now let’s get to the prizes:


One digital image of your mascot(don’t worry if you don’t have an idea for one), person/pet/animal/shape/ whatever your heart desires(: this is a fully colored and shaded image , unless you suggest otherwise.


One signature , your username , fully colored with designs!


A silhouette image of a pet , favorite animal, plant, person, whatever you like!

**Now the application**

Username :
Favorite pet or animal:
Favorite thing about ala:
Favorite colors:
What character you would like to be designed
And any details about said character:

05-17-2020 at 9:22 AM
My favorite animals are rats.<br /> <br /> My favorite thing about Ala is the amount of very nice people willing to help players out.<br /> <br /> My favorite colors are either green or some sort of indigo color.<br /> <br /> I think I would like a rat to be designed although I know there are already rats in the game I just find them to be in awkward places on the dogs



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