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Breeder Bugs
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Breeding Bugs
Breeding Bugs 1/clean up the description message:
type(normal) dogs Breeding lessor #432424 (48383) and lessee #432423 (18687)

2/ failed pregnancy error message, but main still reports as pregnant.

3/ approval message bitch not in heat is appearing twice (on offer?)

4/ breeding requests shouldnt be decremented if acctkind = 1

5/ requests to breed with this dog goes to wrong id
, profile link is wrong

6/ display cooldown timer on dogs that arent ready to breed on owners dog page

7/ format the pregnant with pups text to something better looking, accounting for singular or plural pups

backend cleanup notes 1/ track accessories like heat cookie etc and ensure all work properly and in the same place

2/ ensure effects get processed before constraints, so things like heat cookie can be tested properly without breeding (will have to check this doesnt cause other problems

3/ heat cookie is checked in dog. need to port over and setup the effects system from ala2
4/ track this exception down and fix it
alert(breeding request does not exist) == correct
afterwards, the error trap debug code 'Caught exception: no match found'
appears plain text

5/ recovery date is hardcoded. need to move this to a config

03-27-2023 at 1:58 AM
added. needs formatting to look proper

03-26-2023 at 11:13 PM
Adding when a dog is in heat on it's page and when it's bred, who to and when the pups are due.


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