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Summer 2024 upcoming features
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Small items getting done
These items will be incrementally polished over time. but mostly over the next month they will be cleaned up and finished.
  1. finish polishing dogs 2.0. in particular breeding will be moved over to the new system. this is complex , b/c the breeder code I wrote is larger than the entirety of the dogs system, but was one of the first changes I made and is not very compatible yet with the more recent updates. as such, its still tied to the original legacy system / my version 1 module system
  2. Kennel 2.0 - make kennels behave in a simiar fashion to dogs 2.0, and tie this area more cleanly to dogs for easier navigation.
  3. login 3.0 - make the switch to a new login system that allows for AJAX style logins.
  4. Single Page App - finalize the features, fully test and polish it up and set its state to 'always on' by default. I currently leave it off b/c I dont want user experience to be damaged if it bugs out.
  5. shops move all into the new system , including the donation credits shop. add more admin tools here so bobbi cheryl and I can quickly update the content to provide quality updates
  6. Admin and artist tools -- finalize this for regular content additions
Big ticket items
Each of the projects will take considerable time. Each will get done, however I want to prioritize based on players desires. Please letme know in the comments and in the polls on which you want me to work on first!
  1. Game maps, design your house, farm, kennel locations etc
    I've developed map software. this software can be used to develop the following:
    1. a 'world map' - Alacrity can grow beyond just your pups. Land could be purchased, towns developed, Players could build collaberative art projects.
    2. interactive minigames - agility trials could be much more than 'enter your dog and your done. player input could take a hand in determining the winner of a trial.
    3. placable dogs and visible obstacles / objectives in the obstacle hunt minigame I developed.
  2. client side dog editor/ general purpose image editor
    I can use the map tools I've developed to make An interactive dog editor. This is tied to the map system above, but it can be done separately to the current system as well.
    This would apply to the following:
    1. dog rendering in the dog page. (drag items to where you want them to go, resize without re loading the image, hide/show etc. stretch , tint opacity, you name it.
    2. special items like rainbow cupcakes, forbidden cupcakes and other dog components
    3. possibly custom accessory makers
    4. design new types of actors (houses, other pets, kennels)
  3. User shops and auctions
    This is a pretty straight forward project. It will be somewhat time consuming however due to the lack of reusable code. the existing shop and auction systems are not very re-usable.
  4. Redo the inventory and item catalogue
    This is a complex project. The player inventory system has been rennovated far as I can take it without doing a total overhaul.
    Going this route yields the following:
    1. Dog page inventory system will be integrated fully, you will be able to equip / remove seemlessly.
    2. MAJOR speed improvements
    3. Enable players to do a lot more with their equipment.
      • You have a Firecracker biscuit. Its cute! Do you want to eat it? How bout put it into your portrait instead?
      • Item X has a special ability +2 health when equipped. Once per day it can grant +100 energy to a dog of your choice
    4. enable players to use their equipment on things not just related to their dogs, and somewhat kennels. Future uses can entail, use items on dogs, the handler, kennels (properly) , houses, on other items (like combine items together, or enhance) and more

07-12-2024 at 7:31 PM
There is a feed all button in the kennel for vip users. In order to enable it, you must donate 15 dollars or more.

It lasts for a year. It stacks, so if you donate twice, then you’ll get 2 years , etc

07-12-2024 at 3:28 PM
The work you're doing is so appreciated! Quick question/suggestion. Is there any way for us to get a faster system to feed dogs? I am tired of the constant:
Feed one bag
Whoops! No more of this item, although you have 700 other ones in stock
Have to re-open the page to feed


Feeding each dog individually, having to press the same button over and over

It'd be cool if there was just a button to feed each dog as many servings as they need and then move on to the next dog and do the same! I also understand if this isn't doable


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