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using the art from alternate breed
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Why dont certain items appear on a given breed?
Currently alacrity functions on items designed specifically for a breed. This means a lot of equipment just wont display on newer breeds, unless we specifically recreate the art for that breed. Thats why you dont see certain items on different dogs.
I've jimmied in a breed override for accessories and companions.

This was done to make New breeds compatible with old content.
  1. Breeds may now have a 'failover list' (system configured, yet to be fully completed), which will search for alternate breeds / ears / tail configuration. This means less broken items, and more items for new breeds (of which we shall have many)
  2. PLAYERS may now override the display options for individual accessories and companions. under v3 display options for a particular item, you input the Breed ears tail combination and it will try to use that breed combination for your item!
So for example, if you wanted the art from the Great Dane for your border collie, you can enter "Great Dane" under the breed. and it will pull the art from the great dane instead of border collie.
Why would you want this?
Sometimes if you want to move the art around on your pups, the original art was designed to interact with the dog in some fashion and when you move it, parts of it are missing
now you can find a dog which has the full art, and use that instead!


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